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  1. Nicely done as always Sab 👍......oh !! do I see a P40 Kittyhawk ?
  2. Thank you b3lx , much appreciated.
  3. I love these new palms in the western sahara cdlc, but I cant seem to find them in editor ?? would like to add more to my missions were are they located ?
  4. Hi Lexx, Just purchased this CDLC, very nice and love the new terrain well done. I was playing around with editor to check out some assets, were are those new date palm (phoenix canariensis) located ?..cant seem to find them. thank you.
  5. Looking really nice, I like the radar Jujurat
  6. Opteryx.. your are a 3D Picasso when it come's to your work , absolutely amazing looking detail and work you pump out. Well done. 👍
  7. Beautiful looking map jujurat !! ...love the bocage. 👍
  8. Superb work Gunter !! 👍 ...with the tools you had to play with, you did the best you can and they look great. Thank you for your time and dedication to your mod, I love it, especially anything WWII. All the best.
  9. Dogone

    Flying Legends (WIP)

    Looking really nice Sab well done. 👍 Hey Sab, I remember a while ago you had a Douglas dolphin in one of your mods ? it was the closet model to a PBY Catalina, will that (dolphin) ever re appear in the future ? Thank you.
  10. Dogone

    Flying Legends (WIP)

    As always Sab fantastic work. thank you sir. My two favourite mods
  11. Dogone

    Naval Legends (WIP)

    Love your work and dedication Sab, thank you for ongoing effort and time. Models looks awesome, one of the best mods out there.
  12. Looks great guys....that 152 mm howitzer...WOW !!
  13. Dogone

    Flying Legends (WIP)

    Love your dedication Sabre... and your mod !! looks great.
  14. Hello .kju Will do....dont want to lose my work.
  15. Ok thank you for the tip.