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  1. The most recent update has bugged interaction with civilians. You can no longer interact with them so you can't get any vital information from them. This is very problematic for missions depending on this interaction.
  2. Holy crap that was quick lol. Thank you for the reply and for your fantastic work. I'll see if he can do that, again thank you for everything
  3. Would there be a way to attach this to the player so as to not fill the map with trigger points? I'm asking this because I have a friend making an insurgency mission with Alive and this would be a fantastic thing to add to the mission. Either that or a script that would replace all on mission start for the whole map?
  4. Hey EO I know you said you retired from this mod but would you consider putting your special touch on a mod that is not being worked on any longer, with permission of course. The mod would be this one from the workshop. I absolutely love what you've done and actually have your mod as one of my requirements for my mod Martial Law. Even though I really like the Frith's Ruin mod and have that as a requirement, I am considering replacing it with the other that I linked for the more realistic look. If you were to get permission to give that magic touch to that mod that would be even better, that's if you would even like to do it. . . . come on you know you want to😉 Anyways sorry trouble you but I just know that your work would look fantastic on that mod. Stay Safe
  5. That's great to hear. I believe the issue with some mods having multiple versions still in their folder is Steam not properly deleting files/folders if they have been removed from the mod. Also if the author changes the name, for instance Vcom being named after specific versions, I don't think Steam will delete that and will just add the newer version as it's own entity but I may be wrong on that. Again nice to see you have it fixed
  6. I've deleted all previous versions and I have no issues @avibird 1
  7. Not sure I can help as I use this for my shopkeepers and such and it works fine (group _unit) setVariable ["VCM_Disable",true]; I have not witnessed this at all but the mod uses Ace. Wish I could help you but I really don't know what the issue would be.
  8. @avibird 1I am using Vcom and Lamb's in a mod and they work great together. Here is the Steam page for the mod and if you would like to see the Git here is the link to that. In the current Steam version I am using an older Lamb's and Vcom but this is changing in the upcoming update. In the Dev version I've already update to the latest Vcom and it's still working fine. Right now I'm getting ready to attempt to update to the latest Lamb's to see if there will be issues but I've got my fingers crossed that all will be well. I've been really impressed with how well these two play together so far and have many people mention that to me as well.
  9. Does anyone know where I can find the licensing agreement for Vcom or permissions. I've look on the Git, armaholic and Steam but I can't seem to find it. I would like to update it in my mod, Martial Law to the latest one and would really like to have the full consent of the creator. Here is the link to my mod on steam Steam link and the Github for it Martial Law Github
  10. gerhart

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Hi nkenny, I don't expect you to remember me but I mentioned awhile back that I had replaced the danger.fsm in a mod with yours but an much earlier version and wanted to know if that was ok. You agreed and said for me to have it up on Github, that has been done by a gentleman that is helping out with the mod. I came to ask if it was ok for us to update to your latest version as I don't want to just do this without your consent. Here is the link to Martial Law (the mod) on Git Github for Martial Law and here is the link to the Steam page Martial Law Steam page. My Martial Law mod is built off of the foundation of a mod by the name of Overthrow with permission just so you know it's all legit. I can't express how much I love your mod and how much it is a game changer.
  11. gerhart

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Hey nkenny I just wanted to let you know that I've replaced the danger.fsm in my mod with your very first version and it is fantastic. I mentioned this in here some time ago. The only reason I haven't updated it to the latest is . . .well I just don't know how to lol. My mod, Martial Law, is based off of the foundation of Overthrow but much more intense. I just wanted to thank you for your mod and to ask you this. If I can figure out how to update Lamb's Danger.fsm in my mod to your latest version do you mind if I do so? I believe I seen somewhere on here that you wanted to keep track of your mod or something like that and I had already blended your first version into my mod when I seen that. Here is the Steam link to the mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1999204379 so you know what it is in. Your mod is a game changer and thank you for it
  12. Here ya' go https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/releases just keep scrolling down 😉
  13. Hello, I hate to say this but I'm here on behalf of an issue I've got since the most recent update. I'm making a mod based on the Overthrow mod and in that the player has the ability to use a work table to craft items. I have it so that the player could craft several things and among those were IED's, AP mines and tripwires. Since the update everything that dealt with explosives is somehow messed up and I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to maybe explain what changed so that I could fix this ability in my mod. Here is the code that worked previously and if needed I can produce screen shots of what the menu looked like before and after the update. By the way thank you for the great mod and I'm sorry that my first post in this thread is me asking for help. class CfgMagazines { class DemoCharge_Remote_Mag; class IEDUrbanSmall_Remote_Mag { ot_craftable = 1; ot_craftQuantity = 1; ot_craftRecipe = "[[""HandGrenade"",1],[""HandGrenade"",1],[""HandGrenade"",1],[""HandGrenade"",1],[""OT_Steel"",1]]"; }; class IEDLandSmall_Remote_Mag { ot_craftable = 1; ot_craftQuantity = 1; ot_craftRecipe = "[[""HandGrenade"",1],[""HandGrenade"",1],[""HandGrenade"",1],[""HandGrenade"",1],[""OT_Steel"",1]]"; }; class IEDUrbanBig_Remote_Mag { ot_craftable = 1; ot_craftQuantity = 1; ot_craftRecipe = "[[""CA_LauncherMagazine"",1],[""CA_LauncherMagazine"",1],[""ACE_Cellphone"",1]]"; }; class IEDLandBig_Remote_Mag { ot_craftable = 1; ot_craftQuantity = 1; ot_craftRecipe = "[[""CA_LauncherMagazine"",1],[""CA_LauncherMagazine"",1],[""ACE_Cellphone"",1]]"; }; class ACE_FlareTripMine_Mag { ot_craftable = 1; ot_craftQuantity = 2; ot_craftRecipe = "[[""FlareWhite_F"",2],[""ACE_rope12"",1]]"; }; class APERSTripMine_Wire_Mag { ot_craftable = 1; ot_craftQuantity = 2; ot_craftRecipe = "[[""HandGrenade"",1],[""HandGrenade"",1],[""ACE_rope12"",1]]"; }; class APERSBoundingMine_Range_Mag { ot_craftable = 1; ot_craftQuantity = 1; ot_craftRecipe = "[[""HandGrenade"",1],[""HandGrenade"",1],[""ACE_SpraypaintBlack"",1]]"; }; };
  14. @lv1234 most of these issues were taken care of in a recent update, at least for me. You might want to join the VA discord and see if there can be a solution found. There is more discussion and activity going on in the discord and more people tend to go there rather than this thread. You may find more immediate help in there.
  15. I got it figured out so this can be closed or locked whichever you choose
  16. I've tried so many different things such as ["Rocket" = ""CA_LauncherMagazine"",1], ['Rocket' = ""CA_LauncherMagazine"",1], [Rocket = ""CA_LauncherMagazine"",1] and with it reversed among other versions but I just can't figure it out. Does anyone have any idea on how to get that to read "Rocket" for the CA_LauncherMagazine in the recipe? Someone also mentioned to me about maybe using a child class but after searching online I really can't find anything that tells me how to get the child name. I used the Eden config viewer to get what I have now and I only see 'parent' I don't see child. I'll give another example of a recipe that works but I still need to find a way to change the name in the menu for the player. Here is one for an IED that uses (any) hand grenades as an ingredient. In the recipe on the menu screen it reads "m67 fragmentation grenade" or something to that, for every hand grenade no matter what it is. I would like for the "HandGrenade" in the code to read hand grenade in the recipe menu so the player knows they can use any hand grenade and not just an m67. Again I went with the most common denominator, which is "HandGrenade" to get the maximum result since this is using RHS and it has many varieties of hand grenades and to include the vanilla ones. Man I hope I'm not confusing anyone with my jibberish. class IEDUrbanSmall_Remote_Mag { ot_craftable = 1; ot_craftQuantity = 1; ot_craftRecipe = "[[""HandGrenade"",1],[""HandGrenade"",1],[""HandGrenade"",1],[""HandGrenade"",1],[""OT_Steel"",1]]"; };
  17. Hey all I need some help on getting something to read correctly. In Overthrow there is a crafting table that the player can use to craft items. I've got everything working right except for what the player actually is able to read for the ingredients needed for the recipe. Here is the code that I am using but I need "CA_LauncherMagazine" to read as "Rocket" in the menu screen the player sees. The recipe actually works and I had to use "CA_LauncherMagazine" so that the player could use almost any rocket for the ingredient. As you see in the image the 1x is blank afterwards and I need for it to read Rocket. I appreciate any help class IEDUrbanBig_Remote_Mag { ot_craftable = 1; ot_craftQuantity = 1; ot_craftRecipe = "[[""CA_LauncherMagazine"",1],[""CA_LauncherMagazine"",1],[""ACE_Cellphone"",1]]"; };
  18. gerhart

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I've been using your mod in the mod Overthrow and notice that the civilian AI "try" to find cover but get stuck running in place. Now Overthrow has a danger.fsm in there so I was wondering if you think that there may be a conflict between the two. It also has vcom scripted into it but there was mention that vcom shouldn't be an issue. I would really appreciate your advice/suggestions on this
  19. Thanks Leopard20 I actually overlooked it several times while searching before. I feel like an idiot 😖
  20. Is there a way to change the menu key from "y"? If there is I can't seem to find it, by the way thank you so much for making this. I've used your older version for so long and appreciate you keeping up with this.