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  1. Thanks Leopard20 I actually overlooked it several times while searching before. I feel like an idiot 😖
  2. Is there a way to change the menu key from "y"? If there is I can't seem to find it, by the way thank you so much for making this. I've used your older version for so long and appreciate you keeping up with this.
  3. gerhart

    Arma3 Videos

  4. gerhart

    Arma3 Videos

  5. Yup I'm getting this too. Everything is slowly showing as corrupt in the launcher
  6. lordfrith got to say I love the art style you have going. The only problem I have right now is the new dropbox link isn't working for me.
  7. gerhart


    I believe there are 14 different locations you can spawn at and it is random. Yea the nights for arma are screwed right now as they are way too dark even on a full moon night. If you don't feel like adjusting the mission yourself then your best bet is to hide from that first patrol and start looting. I had to open up the mission and adjust the time so that I could at least see and this lead to me adjusting more and more until I just gave up and starting making my own lol. I personally don't like the animations your character goes through at the start because I've been murdered so many times right when you finally get control of him. Hell I was even run over at one time and only took 3 steps.
  8. gerhart


    That is exactly the same reason for me so I too would like to know. Thank you Jimmakos and cdn_biggdogg for the suggestions. Haleks thanks for the information and I do have another question. When setting up a mission what does the preset do when choosing one of those options? Is there a way to include the weapons/ammo of Apex to the looting system.
  9. gerhart


    Haleks I believe I may have found the issue with my exploding vehicles. I couldn't get a reply from the person with the same issue so I just started eliminating scripts and then running the mission. It seems as though zbe caching was causing the problem. I have some other issues that I don't know if anyone else has come across, for instance, items such as maps, compass and watch will disappear from my inventory. I was actually collecting maps as I came across them and not only was the one in my equipped section gone but both of the others vanished too. I don't think the goats at my ranch ate them but I did shoot and gut them to be sure. . . nope but I ate well that night :D
  10. gerhart


    Thanks for the advice I shall give that a go the next time I edit something in the mission. EDIT: Haleks I sent a pm to someone because I seen in a different thread they were having the same problem. I want to check with them to see what we may have in common that may be the culprit.
  11. gerhart


    PM sent Haleks If the link doesn't work let me know
  12. gerhart


    I put that at 100% and no explosions. Two things I noticed at my normal 10% is First: The vehicles are on the ground but look suspended with the suspension system extended until, it looks like, the physics kick in for them. Here is a pic in the Editor on how it actually looks in game before that kicks in. Second: Even the vehicles with the code this setVariable ["owned", true]; are blowing up. The vehicles the wreck spawner is putting in are ok but I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the effects some of the wrecks get on them. You know as the wreck spawner uses actual wreck props,at times, and places them on the map, sometimes it gives them a fire effect for ambience. Watching the video and watching in game while it happens it looks like that effect is being placed on them and they explode from the damage it causes. Here is the list of mods I have installed while making the mission: CBA Ravage 3den Enhanced CUP vehicles CUP units CUP weapons chums buggy bike by Kerozene While actually playing the mission add these to it: ASR AI bcombat Arma enhanced movement RYD incognito TRYK's multi play uniforms Advanced towing WW aimenu
  13. gerhart

    3den Enhanced

    Just wanted to let you know that this fixed my issue, thank you. EDIT: Hmmm spoke too soon. . . . works on a chair but not on the bench :blink:
  14. gerhart


    As far as the code, yes I have. When talking about the 10%, the way I understood it is 10% of all vehicles, both manually placed and module placed, have a chance of not having anything wrong with them. All the rest will have something mechanical screwed up on them. The only vehicle that doesn't get touched by the module, nor does this bug affect it, is the bike mod I have installed by Kerozene. I've had every single vehicle go up in smoke within looking distance, as I could see smoke farther away, with the exception of code protected and that bike.
  15. gerhart

    3den Enhanced

    Neither, just the mission maker when he/she is making the mission. EDIT: oops not fast enough lol