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  1. Hi all, So i'm trying to add at this script who is in the init : My goal is the players can recruit all IA frendly unit, but when they are in the anim they cannot move. i tried the _x call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim__terminate; but it's not working thx
  2. dalia


    You can add addaction and launch a randomized mission or maybe, more fun, you need to contact a civilian in a town for take mission, with all your modules, go take the task will be dangerous allready. Or/and add a general who gives missions but maybe more combat mission than the civlian tasks. I use with your modules, socom modules, who gives missions in menu.
  3. Hi, did you continue of work on it, it's very good, but i have a trouble with attack mission : when the task appear all is ok, but it's stop after 30 sec, i put classname on the module like you told us to do.
  4. dalia


    Hello pierre, I give a try to your modules, and it's great, i hope you will be integrated more tasks modules
  5. It was long to test all but i find all : so : WEST : (cup= CUP_B) (R3F=B_GEN) (SOG=VN_B) all heli : heli : CUP_B_AH1_DL_BAF,CUP_B_AW159_RN_Blackcat,CUP_B_Merlin_HC3_Armed_GB,CUP_B_SA330_Puma_HC2_BAF,CUP_B_UH1D_armed_GER_KSK,CUP_B_AW159_GER,CUP_B_412_Military_Armed_AT_HIL,CUP_B_AW159_HIL,vn_b_air_ah1g_02_usmc,vn_b_air_ah1g_05_usmc,vn_b_air_ah1g_06_usmc,vn_b_air_uh1c_02_04,vn_b_air_uh1c_05_04,vn_b_air_uh1c_04_07,vn_b_air_oh6a_06,vn_b_air_uh1c_01_02,R3F_AH6_CE_ARMED,R3F_LYNX_MA_ARMED,CUP_B_AH64_DL_USA,CUP_B_AH6M_USA,RHS_AH64DGrey,RHS_MELB_AH6M,RHS_UH1Y_d EAST : (spetnatz = O_R) (CUP=CUP_O) (SOG= VN_O,VN_I) heli : vn_o_air_mi2_04_05,CUP_O_Ka60_Grey_RU,CUP_O_Ka50_DL_RU,CUP_O_Ka52_RU,CUP_O_Ka60_Grey_RU,CUP_O_Mi24_V_Dynamic_RU,CUP_O_MI6T_RU,CUP_O_Mi8AMT_RU,CUP_O_Mi8_RU,CUP_O_Mi24_D_Dynamic_SLA IND : (I_C,I_L,I_E,I_CUPARMYASIA heli : CUP_I_AH1Z_Dynamic_AAF,CUP_I_Wildcat_Digital_AAF,CUP_I_412_Military_Armed_AAF,I_Heli_Transport_02_F,CUP_I_Ka60_GL_Digi_AAF,CUP_I_Mi24_Mk3_AAF,CUP_I_Mi24_D_Dynamic_AAF,I_Heli_light_03_dynamicLoadout_F,vn_i_air_ch34_01_02,vn_i_air_uh1c_02_01,I_CUPARMYASIA_Mi_8MTV3_01,I_C_Heli_Light_01_civil_F,CUP_I_UH1H_armed_TK_GUE,CUP_I_Mi24_Mk4_UN,CUP_I_Mi17_VIV_UN,CUP_I_Mi17_UN
  6. I think something is wrong, i want delete all vanilla arma units but i have again after this, i suppose it's the classname are not good.
  7. i found in the doc, i"m discovering this mod :)
  8. Hi your mos is incredible, thanks for do it :) So i found an issue, i have a error message when tpw want delete heli, line 1311 error. I have a question too, tpw spwan units for battle, is it possible to use specific units? thanks
  9. dalia

    [SP/CO] Force Through Game Mode

    Oh nice thnak you, i modified the cfggroups name but i have error message how why spawn is impossible.i know there is trouble with rhs name cfggroups but i don't know pass them !! greetings
  10. dalia


    Salut a tous, J'ai un souci avec OPEX, j'ai beau avoir mis tous les mods, je n'ai pas la version complete lors de l'initalisation, est ce dut à la derniere maj ou l'ordre des mods, je n'ai aucun dlc activé et aucun autre mod en plus. I have a trouble with opex, i cannot play the complete version, i DL all the mods, desactivate all dlc and no added other mods, but during the ini of the mission i have the light choice merci
  11. dalia

    [SP/CO] Force Through Game Mode

    I make a portage of your mission on the st george island https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2627823242
  12. dalia

    [ MAP ] St. George Island

    Salut, superbe carte j'ai fait un portage de la mission force throught sur ton ile : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2627823242
  13. dalia

    [SP/CO] Force Through Game Mode

    i tried your missions and it's very fun to do, i tried to put RHS units but it doesn't work do you know how spawn them? Thx
  14. dalia


    Hi all, i have a trouble with an error in warlods, so i put RHS & SpR addon, this last work well but RHS cannot be bought in the menu, other yes only infant RHS canot be bought. Description.ext Someone know what about this? Greetings