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  1. dalia


    Ahh ok, i thought the sqf was compiled in the pbo and was a mistake, ok i see, thanks for your help 🙂
  2. dalia


    Tried but didn't find the sqf
  3. dalia


    Hello Halek, i making a warlord ravage mission and i add many objects on the maps, so these objects cannot be loot, there is a script for add loot at this objects? thank
  4. Hi all, I try to import the RHS warlords mission to Bukovina island, after make the mission etc and modified description bla bla, i can play but, i had touble with assets list. So i have copy the RHS class list in description.Ext and use their Warlords init but i continue to have error and couldn't choose RHS units in the warlords buy menu. My description ext, i have an error who say : Line 1972:'/params.CfgWLRequisitionPresets':'.' encountered instead of '='....So i don't know why, it come from RHS and from asset i have this error : Error generique dans une expression File A3\Functions_F_Warlords\warlords\fn_WLParseassetlist.SQF[BIS_fnc_WLParseassetlist]..., line 109 Someone can help me? thanks
  5. dalia


    Hi, A big thank you for this mission, I go back to arma3 and I was very happy to find OPEX. One question, do you intend to add a goal as in a campaign, end up finding an enemy general and eliminate it, once all weapons caches found or after winning x missions or 90% missions after x number of missions or conquering the island, this is in my opinion the only thing missing to get into OPEX. thank you Salut, Un grand merci pour cette mission, je me remets a arma3 et j'etais super content de trouver OPEX. Une question, avez vous l'intention d'ajouter un but comme dans une campagne, genre finir par trouver un general ennemi et l'eliminer,une fois toutes les caches d'armes trouvées ou après avoir remportes x missions ou 90% de missions apres x nombres de missions ou conquérir l'ile, c'est à mon avis le seul truc qui manque pour s'imprégner dans OPEX. merci à vous
  6. Sad :), can we use your leader mission request easily in another mission? export these custom mission ? Thanks
  7. It will be very cool, with you mission we can make manythings. Mission from village are great and other stuff too. I think you can remove the time prestige gain, it's easy with it.
  8. Very nice mission, can you will add, hunger so we could eat goat :) and dog :)
  9. Hello, i would like modify 2 things in your fantastic mission : 1 : removeallweapons at all units we buy, do you know how do that? 2 : I would like these units and all created ennemi units execvm a script greetings.
  10. Hello all so i would like use EOS in my mission but i need all units exec one script when they spawns, when i put in openme it doesnt work. So where i can put a ExecVM "ConvertToArmedCivilian.sqf" in the script for all units use before spawn? Greetings I try to put this script to all unit spawned by EOS but i dont know why it's doesnt work, it works for unit on the map but not for spawned units. thnaks
  11. dalia

    UPSMON for arma3

    Same for me, if i put vehicle, i have this error. After i have many loop.
  12. Thanks, but i wanted in crate 1 random weapon and in backpack 3 randoms ammos and 1 random item, your script dont do that. It's for a surviving mission, you must search in house, ammos, medikit etc.. For survive.
  13. dalia

    Post Apocalyptic Units

    I tested today, it's nice unit, do you want new sound for gun?
  14. Perfect, thank you very much.
  15. Super travail :), Dites moi il me faudrait le class name des uniformes et des "chapeaux", vous pourriez me donner ca? C'est pour une mission. merci