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  1. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/180080-co10-escape/?do=findComment&comment=3446120
  2. Wow, you did it! Well done!
  3. I could share the Ewok dream with you but kids? Too many sick puppies around methinks.
  4. And they are appreciated 110%. You sir are all class.
  5. I believe he's saying he is being spotted immediately, not giving him any preparation time that is necessary for this mission.
  6. grub

    FDFmod 1.0

    You might have to just skip the mission Yeah so did I. I decided it was waay more fun without help lol
  7. Have patience...If they spent all their time appeasing everyone's desires they won't complete their free mod they're going to give you!
  8. Oh mumma! Tell me you'll upload a torrent somewhere :D I'll seed forever, I promise! lol
  9. grub

    Mana Island Fiji

    Just figured it would be something to do with the water levels maybe.
  10. grub

    Mana Island Fiji

    Hey prowler.wolf Just letting you know that we've been playing some Insurgency (great map for it, total chaos) on your map. We noticed that when you re-spawn your submerged into the terrain as if you were under water. It's not a game breaker though. Just letting you know, not expecting a fix :)
  11. Anything that you can fit into the Arma-verse in a mod, fits. Zombies, ponies, transatlantic cross dressers, whatever. The point is, people are buying Arma and BIS is finally getting some cash. So what if people only play DayZ. IMHO, it keeps the side chat conversations about Justin Bieber down on A2 public servers. I hope BIS release A3, then do an OpF and leave it for ages to be modded to the bug-house (no pun intended) while they work on A4 or something else. I could easily play A2 for as long as I played OpF. The point is, regardless of why people are purchasing A2, BIS are getting some long awaited kudos. The main thing BIS need to focus on now (and I highly doubt this will ever happen), is remaining a little fish in a big pond and not sell out. Much love BIS.
  12. Hmmm. You sure its not reloading the last game you played? (not suggesting you haven't checked) Strange issue I must say.
  13. Does it say resume on the server when you choose the mission? You may need to "restart" the game?
  14. Congratulations! Looks great, just awesome attention to detail as usual! Much appreciated. Good luck for the next round :)