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  1. Sumrak

    Namalsk for Arma 3

    Congratulations to Lappihuan and the team! Thank you for making this happening, I am glad that there is now proper Namalsk in A3 available for everyone :) By the way, this is effectively fourth game/title Namalsk has been ported to (if you dont count Minecraft :P).
  2. Good to hear, thanks again! :)
  3. I have been trying to repro this situation many times in both mp and sp versions without any luck. Are you using newest possible version of Namalsk Crisis? Can you try it if it is happening in different order of completing the objectives?
  4. Thanks all! As always, thanks Foxhound! :) As for the ns website, I will make it more clear that you need to click on the actual box, not on that steam game link. Thanks :) Glad you like it. I will try my best in a3, but it wont be an easy task since these things take patience and A LOT of time, but I've learned a lot last years with a2 and nc, so the development cycle should be smoother :p Thanks, I'm glad its working, let me know if you have any more problems as you continue.
  5. Thanks, well, I am not done yet in here :P Namalsk Crisis version v1.15.4 (Update 2.4) This update is for users, who own Arma II Combined Operations. It comes with two packages, one is full (does not require any previous mod installations), second is update (requires 2.X updated modfiles). This update is focused on ironing things out, making the gameplay on Namalsk a lot better. Comes with a lot of MP fixes for coop campaign and 4 COOP missions by JTS. It also contains a lot of model and texture improvements made mainly by Vilas (Thanks for help mate!). Changelog: Added: 4 COOP missions by JTS (Escape part 1,2,3,4) Changed: "BrokenNVGoggles" no longer occupies NVG/Binoc slot Changed: Improved init phase on client-part of Blowout module Changed: "fn_dzn_breathfog" - speed of breathfog has been decreased (to prevent weird looking effect when wind is strong) Changed: "fn_dzn_snowfall" - no longer requires is in building check pre-compiled Changed: Lowered strength of ambient colour module effects (Effect: Namalsk cold color, Effect: Namalsk default gray color) Changed: Finalized the way mutants work in MP (everything should be correctly visible and broadcasted now - but again, it requires a functions manager for MP) Changed: Lowered zombie damage Changed: Several other little things in ns_modules.pbo Changed: Few minor details on sat texture for Namalsk Changed: Few minor details on surface texture for Namalsk (Tara island and some other locations have more grass now) Changed: Balance changes in different campaign missions Fixed: Several objects positions on Namalsk Fixed: A LOT of issues related to the custom models (geometries, shadows, textures), used by Namalsk, making them less exploitable, safer and better looking (Credits goes mainly to Vilas for help!) Fixed: An issue at the start of Blowout module (client-part) Fixed: An issue with "missing static object" for campaign mission 1,2,4,22a (SP and MP) (caused by waypoint attached to map object, which are constantly changed by map updates) Fixed: An issue with mission 5 (MP) not being playable (only intro-scene previously) Fixed: An issue with (not-game-breaking - appears only when ns_dayz present) mission dependency on ns_dayz addon in mission 6,7a,7b,8,10,22a (SP and MP) Fixed: Minor script issue when entering Vorkuta in 10th mission (MP) Fixed: Issues at the start of mission 12 and on Sabre point (MP) Fixed: Part of 12 mission has been redone for MP version to be more logical and enjoyable from 2-player perspective (MP) Fixed: Issues at the start of mission 13 (MP) Fixed: Data download from mission objective laptop should always work now (MP) Fixed: Issues at the start of mission 15, issue with AI often not following their waypoints and improved mission flow to support 2-player perspective (MP) Fixed: Init of mission 17 (MP) Fixed: False notification about player not following orders in mission 18 (MP) Fixed: Minor sync issues in mission 18,20,21,22a,22b (MP) Removed: Redundant data in ns_modules.pbo + Contains all previous changes from the previous 2.X updates, more info about them here http://download.nightstalkers.cz/ns2/nc_changelog.txt. List of files (nc_pathfinder4_full.7z): \@NC\Addons\namalsk.pbo \@NC\Addons\namalsk.pbo.NST.bisign \@NC\Addons\ns.pbo \@NC\Addons\ns.pbo.NST.bisign \@NC\Addons\ns2.pbo \@NC\Addons\ns2.pbo.NST.bisign \@NC\Addons\ns_anims.pbo \@NC\Addons\ns_anims.pbo.NST.bisign \@NC\Addons\ns_fraction.pbo \@NC\Addons\ns_fraction.pbo.NST.bisign \@NC\Addons\ns_missions.pbo \@NC\Addons\ns_missions.pbo.NST.bisign \@NC\Addons\ns_modules.pbo \@NC\Addons\ns_modules.pbo.NST.bisign \@NC\Addons\ns_music.pbo \@NC\Addons\ns_music.pbo.NST.bisign \@NC\Addons\ns_mutants.pbo \@NC\Addons\ns_mutants.pbo.NST.bisign \@NC\Addons\ns_plants.pbo \@NC\Addons\ns_plants.pbo.NST.bisign \@NC\Addons\ns_rocks.pbo \@NC\Addons\ns_rocks.pbo.NST.bisign \@NC\Addons\ns_sounds.pbo \@NC\Addons\ns_sounds.pbo.NST.bisign \@NC\Addons\ns_ui.pbo \@NC\Addons\ns_ui.pbo.NST.bisign \@NC\logo_arma2nc_ca.paa \@NC\mod.cpp \Keys\NST.bikey \MPMissions\01escape.namalsk.pbo \MPMissions\02escape.namalsk.pbo \MPMissions\03escape.namalsk.pbo \MPMissions\04escape.namalsk.pbo List of files (nc_pathfinder4_update.7z): \@NC\Addons\namalsk.pbo \@NC\Addons\namalsk.pbo.NST.bisign \@NC\Addons\ns.pbo \@NC\Addons\ns.pbo.NST.bisign \@NC\Addons\ns2.pbo \@NC\Addons\ns2.pbo.NST.bisign \@NC\Addons\ns_missions.pbo \@NC\Addons\ns_missions.pbo.NST.bisign \@NC\Addons\ns_modules.pbo \@NC\Addons\ns_modules.pbo.NST.bisign \@NC\logo_arma2nc_ca.paa \@NC\mod.cpp \MPMissions\01escape.namalsk.pbo \MPMissions\02escape.namalsk.pbo \MPMissions\03escape.namalsk.pbo \MPMissions\04escape.namalsk.pbo Installation: Extract content of the downloaded archive into your Arma II OA folder and confirm overwrite (if you are using update package). Launch Arma II OA with -mod=@NC parameter. Download: Namalsk Crisis, Update 2.4 [any/none to v1.15.4], 709MB, 7z archive nightstalkers.cz ftp Namalsk Crisis, Update 2.X -> 2.4 [v1.15.x to v1.15.4], 288MB, 7z archive nightstalkers.cz ftp Also, more info here http://www.nightstalkers.cz/en_index_nc.php?menu=en_nc_down - download section was redone completely so it will hopefully will be more clear about what you need to download etc. :) Enjoy! Sumrak, leader and creator of Namalsk Crisis campaign & Nightstalkers: Shadow of Namalsk modification sumrak@nightstalkers.cz http://www.nightstalkers.cz http://twitter.com/#!/Sumr4k
  6. Hello, thanks a lot! :) Welcome on forums! I will try to have better English in my next project + some voiceovers too - one of my keys goals, but I will have to keep in mind the amount of texts and radio messages, hopefully that wont be a problem since it will contain mini-campaign, definitely not large one as Namalsk Crisis, but it will be more complex though :) Thanks for the report, I will try to replay that mission again, but I was already testing that, I haven't got any issues in that mission in my tests, well, we will see. Oops :) yes, it is possible to tone down these effects, but only by editing the source files. Well I can take a look on that to see what the overall difference would be and if it would still reach desired effect. Hello, I think, you should not merge arma2 and arma2oa folders, you should put @NC folder into operation arrowhead steam folder and then run Combined Operations. Namalsk Crisis should appear in expansions submenu ingame and you should be enable this mod inside game itself (that is the easiest way of running some mod I guess). But I may be wrong, I dont have much experience with steam as I own normal retail. Also, download this - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14194 and then update with this http://www.nightstalkers.cz/down/index.php?soubor=nc_pathfinder_u3, first is full package for the newest big release and second is newest update for it, your version 1.00 & 1.10 is only in case you dont have OA (CO..). Hello, thanks :) I will try to have things sorted out, but as I said earlier, it will take some time in these days as I have too much things to work on and modding is unfortunately the minor thing to work on currently. I am not saying I am not doing anything, there are some thing prepared, but the progress is slow :| I would love to reveal (finally) the information and some pictures from my next project (arma3 project), but it is facing the same fate as Namalsk Crisis currently. Also, I've got some questions about the porting Namalsk Crisis into Arma 3, my final decision is that I won't be porting it into Arma 3, sorry, tbh, I'm tired of porting this again :D (ofp->arma1->arma2) and I feel that Namalsk Crisis fits well into Arma 2, my next project will have its own place in Arma 3 :)
  7. Oh, yes, the cutscenes (and not only them), lets say, the campaign is composed from missions with pretty different age, which does have some kind of impact from the design point of view and even story-wide impact, the whole campaign should be more consistent than it is now. But we have to deal with the way it is currently done, because changing this at this point would be not really the smartest idea, - Yes, this is something I would want to definitely improve with my next project and I would want to experiment even with the voice acting, because I think it is really missing there :/ I will remember you and if I will have some texts for my next bigger project, I will let you know :p I really appreciate any kind of help, which would make my English better.. we've been trying to improve it Namalsk Crisis, but it is really hard to do for that big amount of texts. - Thanks :D that's really nice to hear, well as I said earlier, I cannot wait when I will start with my next project (from the story and coming mini-campaign perspective) so much things I've learned with Namalsk Crisis, can't wait to apply all of this properly and not just building upon the older missions. Thanks for your points! :) I will be doing all I could possibly do to make my next bigger thing better! Yup, there are serveral reports, I know about this and I will try to solve everything as soon as possible. DayZ has little to no impact on this, its more like I don't have time because of work and last year in school, with my final year-work, its pretty intense last few months. Priorities are unfortunately somewhere else currently. Anyway, some good news also, Vilas has helped me with fixing & improving models on Namalsk (+ also prepared some bonus stuff). Be prepared, that next update for Namalsk Crisis will include them (so it will be a bit bigger). Unfortunately there is no ETA for it currently, refer to ↑
  8. - I may/may not remove them soon :D (we will see) - That will be because of changed surface mask, mainly on Tara island, there is a bit smaller grass density, I have this in mind and will try to do something with that. - You probably mean mainly my models (not stalker ones) - I am still trying to improve my modelling / graphics skills, but it is hard task to manage all the things around models (my priority was/is mainly to make them working correctly in the actual gameplay) This is doable through the island config - but that means it would be changed for all missions ever created on Namalsk => all missions could have different light conditions because of this change (can't do that at this stage). Of course, you dont have to own DayZMod to run Namalsk Crisis.
  9. Trust me, IF I would have enough time, the coop version would be playable just like singleplayer version. But the thing is, it is time consuming to test even singleplayer version. Testing and debugging coop is even more time consuming and requires other people involved (my brother). So that's why I called it as experimental from the release date of coop version. I will do my best to improve the status of coop version with the next point release (which will come with some model fixes too). I will continue to keep an eye on this thread and also try to find some time to improve things using beta builds (like the last one I've released few days ago).
  10. Ok, guys, newest build of ns_missions.pbo (with sp,mp campaign) is available here. The most game breaking issue with mission 4 (in coop version, sp is OK) should be fixed with this build. I will try to go through other things in coop campaign too, but I have little to no time to do that currently :(
  11. This is a known issue, I will prepare a quick fix for you guys. Nice :) Thanks, APSI device should be not available in these missions yet, that's why I am removing it everytime. I have already discovered the source of mission 4 problem and it will be fixed soon. It shouldnt be that hardcore :) Do you have any other mods active?
  12. Hey guys, sorry, I am kind of busy last few days. :( No problem ;) Well I think I managed to remove this weirdness by commenting one line of code, coop players were killing each other :eek: (well, okay, their scripts..) There will be definitely next update coming up within like 14 days or so. Until then, try to use campaign cheat in the campaign menu, so you can unlock next mission. They are not dependent on each other, so it should run fine. Thanks :) Yes, they are :p Last update is still 2.3 (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?118731-Arma-2-Namalsk-Crisis&p=2266622&viewfull=1#post2266622)
  13. Namalsk Crisis version v1.15.3 (Update 2.3) This update is for users, who owns Namalsk Crisis v1.15 (Update 2 aka "Pathfinder") This update supports last week's release, adding some enhancements to the Blowout module and same as the previous updates, improving the overall gameplay on Namalsk. For more information about previous updates, refer to http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?118731-Arma-2-Namalsk-Crisis&p=2263836&viewfull=1#post2263836 and http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?118731-Arma-2-Namalsk-Crisis&p=2247823&viewfull=1#post2247823. Changelog: Added: Players can now recognize EVR/Blowout by certain signals (post process effects, sound effects) even without the protection device (under 5 minutes before its begin, only module version!) Changed: EVR/Blowout module is now generating longer default periods between each EVR/Blowout sequences (not in dayz mode) Changed: Driving a car on grass surface should no longer be faster than on road Changed: Bloodsucker have now more health (health of bloodsucker was somehow compromised (lowered) during the last year of Arma II development) Fixed: Locality issues with 'dzn_fnc_breathfog' - breath fog script will now end properly when other unit (not player) is killed + contains changes from [url="http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?118731-Arma-2-Namalsk-Crisis&p=2263836&viewfull=1#post2263836"]Update 2.2[/url] + contains changes from [url="http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?118731-Arma-2-Namalsk-Crisis&p=2247823&viewfull=1#post2247823"]Update 2.1[/url] List of files: namalsk.pbo namalsk.pbo.NST.bisign ns_missions.pbo ns_missions.pbo.NST.bisign ns_modules.pbo ns_modules.pbo.NST.bisign ns_mutants.pbo ns_mutants.pbo.NST.bisign Installation: This update is for Namalsk Crisis v1.15 (Update 2 aka "Pathfinder"). This update contains all previous updates (2.1, 2.2), so again, you only need Namalsk Crisis v1.15 (Update 2 aka "Pathfinder") or any other 1.15.x version. Extract content of the downloaded archive nc_pathfinder_u3.7z, extract it into @NC\Addons\ and confirm the file overwrite. Download: Namalsk Crisis, Update 2.3 [to v1.15.3], 97MB, 7z archive nightstalkers.cz ftp Enjoy! Sumrak, leader and creator of Namalsk Crisis campaign & Nightstalkers: Shadow of Namalsk modification sumrak@nightstalkers.cz http://www.nightstalkers.cz http://twitter.com/#!/Sumr4k
  14. Dont forget to leave \Addons folder there (in @NC), anyway, the instructions are telling you, that you should download full package of Namalsk Crisis, Update 2 - Pathfinder, so just go http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14194, download this and then download Update 2.2 here http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=1793. Yes, this can happen, its a part of nim weather mod, you can check it out in the full package here http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=7659 That shouldn't be that hard I think, anyway, I would love to rewrite those scripts completely from scratch, because I would make them a lot better this time, but there is little to no time for that, so I rather somehow improved the current.