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  1. hkurban

    Targeting improvements

    This is probably a stupid question, but what do I need to do to get custom aircraft to use targeting pods? I've added the proper ballisticscomputer values to the weapons configs, and that works, but I can't get the targeting pod view "optic" view to come up. I can't find it in the A3 Sample files on steam. I tried driverWeaponsInfoType = "RscOptics_CAS_01_TGP"; as that was the most obvious thing I could find in vanilla aircraft configs, but no luck. Note I also have a copilot/turret gunner responsible for the bombs on this aircraft, and I tried "TurretInfoType =" with the same result. In the past I was able to get gunnerOpticsModel/driverOpticsModel to work, but not with any display data like the orientation indicator as seen in the Targeting Pod.
  2. Hello, So I am trying to set up some elevated sidewalks for a map I am working on, and this problem is giving me a severe headache. Ideally I'd like AI to treat it like any normal ground, able to run around, go prone, come on and off at will without having to follow a pathway LOD and go into the slow "tactical" pace used when pathing through buildings. It's not a complex model, just some simple geometry about half a meter high, designed to be modular. At first I wasn't sure if what I wanted was possible, but I ran some tests in Zeus on a few objects, and came across one particular object, called "Castle Step" (Classname "Land_Castle_01_Step_F") which was roughly the same dimensions of one of my sidewalk pieces. I placed it down, and lo and behold, AI walked across it like it was part of the terrain. They ran, sprinted, knelt, went prone, did everything normal AI do. I even placed a bunch of these objects down in a line on either side of a road, and the AI walked on them just as often as on the street. I'm 99.9% sure this is not the pathway LOD at play. The AI movement is too varied and dynamic. The problem is, I'm not exactly sure what is happening. My first assumption was the Castle Step just used a Geo and Roadway LOD without a Path LOD. I tried this with my sidewalk piece, and while AI will cross it when there is absolutely no other option, they avoid it at all cost. I unfortunately can't open up this particular model since it's binarized, so I can't figure out what's at work here, and I've tried searching the forums to no avail. If anyone has any idea how to achieve this effect, I would greatly appreciate the help.
  3. Custom optics were removed from the MA5 assault rifle series in order to get ammo counters to work properly. There will be a fix for this in an update in the near future.
  4. Nice vehicle. Gonna make some MPs very happy. Look forward to seeing your progress on this one.
  5. hkurban

    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    Almost in time for Canada Day too! Cheers.
  6. hkurban

    A3 Map: Golan [WIP]

    Nice. I scoured google earth for places that would make great arma maps and would also be geopolitically significant enough to warrant a battle. This was one of the ones at the top of the list. Glad someone is tackling the area.
  7. hkurban

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I'd actually been interested in possibly tackling an FVL/JMR mod in the future, preferably with some people who have more experience managing flight configs, but with the current projects I've got that's a long way out, at least for me to get involved. These are the aircraft I'd considered for such a project: Karem TR-36TD in the heavy lift/utility role Bell V-280 Valor in the medium lift/utility and DAP roles Sikorsky/Boeing SB>1 in the medium lift and attack roles Sikorsky S-97 Raider in the light scout/light attack roles AVX unnamed JMR entry (I nicknamed the Battlebus) in the Medium Lift and Attack roles Bell/Boeing QRT in the ultra-heavy lift role AVX OH-58VX in the light scout/light attack roles Agusta Westland AW-609 in the light/medium lift role I'd researched and collected some details on these craft a while back but I'm not up to speed on the most recent developments. I hadn't gotten as far as to which factions get which aircraft, or if this would be a BLUFOR only thing, but a lot seem to fall into place, like the V-280 looking distinctly NATO, while the AVX utility craft looks absolutely bizarre and alien enough to fit in with the CSAT visual style.
  8. Needs a version with spraypainted devil horns. JK man, nice work.
  9. "Moving"? No, the Innies won't be "moving" from OPFOR but there may be other ways to accommodate in the future. If you're really itching to have green Innies though, all you have to do in the editor is make a squad of innies, group them to an INDFOR soldier with higher rank than any of the innies and set the INDFOR soldier's probability to 0.
  10. There is definitely a chance. I've done an in-depth look about a week or two ago into various UNSC ordinance in the games and books to see what's feasible. Some things like C-7 foaming explosive would take considerable effort to do right, but others are fairly straight forward. The magnetic attach capability of the T-14 mine would take some effort as well but might not be impossible. Mines and explosives are definitely a must, though, especially when dealing with an insurgency that favors ambushes and guerrilla tactics.
  11. True there are certainly some distinct advantages/disadvantages over the different designs. Also did some digging and found a reference to a 440mm cannon of some sort mentioned in Ghosts of Onyx. Should be a fun concept to play with. Maybe a UNSC 2S4 Tyulpan or planetary equivalent of a coastal gun? Edit: on second thought the MAC stations are those coastal guns, but you get what I mean.
  12. yeah but that triple tread pod though. I think the Fox cannon should suffice, so don't worry, you'll get your King of Battle moment. 175mm, smaller profile and lighter tonnage than the Rhino SPH, so its logistically easier to get around, and to me it looks more visually interesting than the glorified scorpion mutation that is the Rhino. I personally won't be making a Rhino any time soon. I can only speak for myself and not the other devs, but most of their priorities are also elsewhere.
  13. hkurban

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    I suggest learning how to manipulate smoothing groups and hard/soft edges. Not sure how to do it in Blender but in 3dsMax its fairly intuitive. There are ways to manipulate it in Object Builder/Oxygen but it doesn't afford as much control.
  14. The Fox Cannon is currently a planned asset as per the first page of this post. The Rhino is currently not. The Rhino's plasma cannon was built using technology recovered from the Harvest campaign, so it wouldn't really fit a pre-contact conflict.
  15. hkurban

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    I've seen this rationale pop up for not including women and children before and it really doesn't make sense to me. I understand and respect people being sensitive to certain issues, but it's no reason to exclude it for everyone. If you want to avoid seeing women and children being killed, don't play any user created missions that include having them in harms way. In the editor either don't spawn down women and children or give them the variable "this allowdamage false". As for me, I'd prefer the game to allow a true full sandbox approach to depicting warfare, and while you could rationalize it in a number of ways, it seems a bit immersion breaking (and creativity limiting) that an entire city is only populated by guys of identical build wearing shorts, sandals and fedoras. Women and children in warfare is a very real thing, not just as civilian bystanders and refugees but also as active participants. The fact that you and many other people have a sensitivity to seeing women and children in danger is one of the very reasons terrorists will use female and child suicide bombers, because they know a soldier might hesitate to shoot a child more than they would to shoot a "military aged" male. ------------------------------------ Bringing it back around to the discussion of the map: I'm really liking the look of some of the things planned to come with this map. It looks like we'll get a lot of new assets to play with as map and mission makers, ranging from verdant jungle overgrowth to what looks like several brand new urban buildings. My concern though, is whether these assets will be available regardless of DLC status (just like objects from prior DLCs are available to mission makers regardles of DLC). It would be a shame if only people who bought the DLC could play on islands made with models from the DLC.