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  1. LordLoko

    Arma 3 - Middle Eastern Coalition

    Looks neat! Congratulations The original BF2 version had the GAZ-3937 "Vodnik". Will this faction have it?
  2. LordLoko

    Terrorist Organization Black Order

    Heeeey, back from the dead. Our unit uses this mod, it's great 👍 Good change of pace to shoot guys with modern western guns instead of yet another AK-armed faction.
  3. LordLoko

    Altis 90's

    Every time I look on this mod, everything is sooo good. So well thought it even has a Operation Gladio expy. Shame my unit doesn't use GM 😩 Keep up the nice work 👍
  4. Altis Armed Forces in 1991 respond to the Soviet invasion of the island in Operation CHRONOS. (Captured in-game in an operation by a Zeus POV). Mods: NIArms, RHS:GREF, UK3CB Factions, Task-Force Radios
  5. LordLoko

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hello. Is the Super Tucano supposed to be VERY LOUD? Around the 50:00 mark. Friendlies got ear blasted by the lawn mower from hell. They were around 300-400m away from the Runway. This thing makes the psychological effects from the A-10s BRRRTTT blush, it damages the minds of enemies and allies alike.
  6. LordLoko


    Project Awesome, my community, uses this map. This are some screenshots from a PMC ops we did against Boko Haram from project OPFOR. Loved your map and I hope you continue your excellent work!
  7. LordLoko

    3CB Factions

    Any plans to create a modern-day AAF? And a suggestion, maybe some UN infantry using western/NATO equipment as well? Most of the mods that add UN have them similar to the Arma 2 Chernarussian UN with AKs and Soviet equipment.
  8. LordLoko

    [Beta] Altis Armed Forces 2017

    Oof. Thanks for the help.
  9. LordLoko

    [Beta] Altis Armed Forces 2017

    How much does this mod requires RHS:SAF? The steam workshop page lists it as a requirement, but our unit don't use RHS:SAF (We have USAF, AFRF and GREF), does it actually uses assets from SAF or is it just listed there for reasons? Could anything be modified to run without SAF?
  10. A NATO convoy moving through Malden. Originally taken by our Zeus while we were testing the new Tanks DLC assets in a smaller more casual mission (Patrol Ops 4). Addons: RHSUSAF, Arma 2 Stryker pack mod
  11. Could you guys release an AAF and CSAT camouflaged uniforms for sale? I would love to play airsoft with an AAF camo BDU
  12. LordLoko

    Project OPFOR

    Is there any plans of using NIArms stuff? I feel some factions would make a good use of their stuff, specially the Takistan armed forces I feel they would be better using FN FALs then AKMs. Maybe not have NIArms as a depedency but include individual weapons from the pack?
  13. LordLoko

    [Beta] Altis Armed Forces 2017

    Wow, those units look amazing! Great addon
  14. Wow, amazing! Arma is in need of an awesome mountain warfare map. Incredible
  15. *Fotunate son plays in the background*