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  1. Lucasam

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    This only needs to run on the server correct? Can't wait to try it!
  2. I've been having this issue aswell, though its not 4 second hitch, more like a .5 second delay....buts still effectively eliminates me using them. I assumed it was a mod incompatibility or bad load order.
  3. Lucasam

    [Terrain]: Archipelago

    Looks amazing man, can’t wait!
  4. Thanks for filling us in, good luck with everything! Whatever happens, I’m sure you’ll crush it just like with your sound work!
  5. Haven’t had crash on Khe Sanh since the delta update, using jemalloc 👍
  6. Lucasam

    Faces of War [WW2]

    There’s a mod called iron front, use that. It’s so annoying to see people whine about the time it takes to make quality content....imo take as long as you please.....we have plenty of great ww2 mods to use for the time being.
  7. Can’t wait to play! Have you worked on the huts at all? I noticed a significant performance decrease between the last update, which saw foliage being tamed back and a big improvement on the roads. But any of the civilian areas my fps tanks way worse than the last iteration, an easy 5 fps difference with same mission. Only thing I can think of is the huts. I do play 4K and I thought it was just vram maxing out(gtx 960 4gb sli, not really by choice, the bit mining community stole all the good GPUs this time last year). But I jumped on a 1070ti Black Friday deal, and while performance is much better (up 7.5 gbs vram usage in some instances, stuttering gone!), the frames are still terrible in the civilian sectors.
  8. Lucasam

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Its really cool, but screws those of us who run sli...I def prefer rhs’s 2d options. If bi could fix its sli compatibility issues it would be awesome
  9. Cool shit man! Care to expand a little bit, maybe without revealing anything too sensitive? Like is going to be stand alone still, or integrated in RHS GREF? Etc...
  10. Lucasam

    Enhanced Helicopter Dust Efx Mod

    Thank you so much for your mods, all your work seem like small simple changes but are experience transforming, and very much appreciated!!
  11. I get this too, and I think this is an ifa3 issue...I think I recall a team member fixing this, but then had a falling out with ifa3 and demanded his fix he removed alongside the rest of his content. i could be confusing stories though, my memory is terrible
  12. Amazing work! The fade from high rpm back to idle on the T34 is absolutely incredible!!!
  13. Steam auto update is unwanted by me, so my rig stays offline, I just use my laptop and flashdrives to fine tune my Arma experience
  14. Does anyone know if the tank dlc and/or encore update broke anything with unsung? I haven't read or seen anything about, but i know it's broken quite a few mods like RHS, and im trying to decide to update from 1.78 (I think lol). Its works really well with minimal bugs atm and i want it to stay that way... i only update arma when i know my favorite mods are compatible. Thanks for the update, super badass seeing new developers join unsung! Especially excited with acquisition of Song bin tanh, such a terrific map that could use some fixes and loving, i think its in GREAT hands now!
  15. Fantastic! Lately I've been getting into flying CAS than the normal ground pounding and have developed a real love for this aircraft. With the new 4k setup i put together a few months ago, its MUCH more apparent what is receiving your time and attention...I can't wait to see this in game =D Sorry if this has been addressed, i swear i read something of this nature long ago, but i cant find any info searching back...or its in the main thread. But are you fellas keeping the current system of having different models of the same aircraft for different loadouts, like HBMB, CAS, HCAS, etc...and all using different class names, or moving too a modular system like dynamic loadout for a single model? I would think it would really help cutdown on the mod size(Not that i give a ****, but i would imagine it being a concern in certain regards). As always, awesome work guys, thanks for sharing with the community & world your art.
  16. I'd love to see Korean war forces, that's one conflict I've always felt that was missing from our communuty. I'd personally like to see your interpretation of ARVN forces pre 1965 using iron front or faces of war if it would interest you. Regardless, thanks for your work, I use all your overhauled vanilla factions, they're really well done!
  17. Yea the je Malloc seems to work best for me aswell. I can get crashes in just vanilla arma using default though, stay away from default.
  18. I too am having these issues. It started out randomly greying out the combat logistics, then progressed to always greying out to the point I don't even bother putting that module in anymore. But now the c2 module is acting up when you go to select the players for tasks. I assumed it was a mod conflict, I run a TON of mods, but laptop does the same thing and it's vanilla aside from alive and cba.
  19. Yea I’ve had no issues with da krong, if anything, the performance is better, I can leave everything on ultra now.
  20. Appreciate it, but I figured it out! For anyone else with this issue: Open your mission with delta loaded in the 3D editor. Go to attributes, click on general (I think it’s general, I’m not at my at my pc right now). Uncheck the binarize scenario, hit ok, and save it. Alt tab out of it, go to your mission and you can now open your mission sqm with notepad or whatever you prefer (I use notepad++), find the dependency and delete and save it. Close out of Arma, now you can load up with echo and rock out. Stabo rig looks badass, can’t wait to use it....should provide some good laughs. Also digging the new m60 sound!
  21. Thanks man, I’ll give it a go tonight!
  22. Good to hear I’m not the only one with the uns_uniform error. I was going to redownload it today thinking maybe I had a corrupt file, I can’t open any of my old missions, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to delete that requirement. I read somewhere that you can through the 2d editor, but I can’t firgure out how to get to it, all my missions are binarized, and I had no clue that was something to avoid until googling about it last night. If anyone could offer advice or help it’d be much appreciated!
  23. Was there anymore work done to the maps such as khe sahn for this release?
  24. Growing up, the Vietnam war has always fascinated me, maybe because it was such a touchy taboo subject around here, tones used were similar when talking about porn or abortion....finding any information or media on it was difficult. Games were difficult aswell, the best only dealt with WW2 or modern or fictional settings. I guess I just want to say thank you to the whole unsung team, past and current members for what unsung is today. Arma 3 + Unsung mod is the best damn Vietnam war game ever made, and not by a small margin if you guys weren't aware. The amount of detail and historical accuracy is astounding....it's obvious that there's a real passion behind this project that is still driving today. Thanks guys, keep being awesome!
  25. Sorry it was right there in the op, I was so excited to see vcom's static deployment being used with non-vanilla faction that I skipped ahead lol Cant wait to see what else you do, especially with your excellent Asian faction!