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  1. Interested to see how the PSQ-20 turns out. Do you think you'll be able to get a realistic enough representation of what a user would see IRL?
  2. Been waiting for something like this; love the missing bricks on the rooftops. One suggestion would be to include loopholes in the structures and maybe a few building models which are partially demolished eg.
  3. omL

    Arma 3 - EUTW

    Then eventually EUTW is left with one first person server which is never populated. I hope they stick to their guns.
  4. "Experience true combat gameplay in a massive military sandbox" Never seen Arma referred to as a tactical shooter.
  5. omL

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    How do I get my hands on this? It seems like the file is no longer on file dropper.
  6. omL

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    SU-230 = 5.56 SU-230A = 7.62NATO M150 = M4 carbine (14.5-inch barrel) 5.56 AN/PVQ-31A = M16A4 (20-inch barrel) 5.56 *NOT IN RHS AFAIK* AN/PVQ-31B = M4 carbine (14.5-inch barrel) 5.56 Think the TA31 is just calibrated for 5.56 + doesn't come with a killflash ARD as standard.
  7. Last pic looks a bit like an airsoft loadout
  8. It's the only example of anyone using semi-transparent optics in a game that I know of, what's your issue with me linking that?
  9. My issue with the holosight (and pretty much all sights in Arma and most FPS games) is that the housing of optics and such just takes up too much of the screen. I mean the great thing about these kind of optics is that you can keep both eyes open very easily and have an amazing field of view whilst your brain pretty much ignores the rest of the optic and superimposes the reticle on target. A good shot of how it kind of looks : Good example of it in a very old game :
  10. If you just want to place objects this might work (requires Ares) : Create a blank mission with two zeus slots. Open the mission and edit together, when you're done just export the mission file.
  11. He's packing a lot, don't embarrass him
  12. omL

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Love the new muzzle flashes :)
  13. omL

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Very light, short range, single-use AT weapons like the RPG-26 or the M72 LAW/AT4(kinda light ) would be welcome. I know they aren't tanks but I think they are very important factors in the survival of tanks, especially in urban combat.
  14. PVS-21's and PSQ-20's; come on RHS :D