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  1. Oh, something I can actually help with! The Biki has an excellent resource for custom leaflet textures, link is here. The Biki is an excellent resource for all scripting stuff BTW, but seems to be a pretty standard process: If it's for a mission, it's a matter of adding/creating a description.ext file in the root mission folder, and including the following code (on top of the description file above everything else if you already have one!) along with your *.paa texture file. class CfgLeaflets { class Custom_01 // Configuration for 1Rnd_Leaflets_Custom_01_F { text = "Text of the leaflet"; // Text shown when previewing the leaflet full-screen. Ideally should be localized, so even player who cannot read the image can get the information texture = "myLeaflet_ca.paa"; // Leaflet texture shown when previewing the leaflet full-screen } }; There's steps in the link I provided above to get them into your mission. Hope that helps!
  2. Mug Runcher

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Yeah, it was a dev branch change just today. As for the gun size, it does seem to be smaller to me, still:
  3. Mug Runcher

    Camo Default on Weapons

    So after watching the live-stream, it does seem that there will be a fair few 'plain' variants of the DLC guns, and not just camo. Hoo-ray!
  4. Mug Runcher

    Camo Default on Weapons

    Yeah, they got added in later but the fact is, they're there now. Different colour variations are somewhere in the backs of the minds of the asset developers, I'm sure. Maybe one will see OP's post and whip up a texture ASAP! ;)
  5. Mug Runcher

    Camo Default on Weapons

    How do we know that it doesn't include a black version, though? They did it with the heavy snipers (camo and black variants) so it is a possibility. I can understand where you're coming from though, the Rahim is a good example of that.
  6. Mug Runcher

    Community challenge as advertising

    So two new pics got released. A battle-rifle in that German round, and an MMG in .338 Norma Magnum. Very interesting, but no bolts :/ EDIT: http://arma3.com/assets/img/challenge/05_arma3_marksmen_NATO_MMG_BL639KTm.jpg <-- The gun markings and the bullet say one thing but the box underneath says another. Is it .338 LM or not?
  7. Mug Runcher

    Community challenge as advertising

    I agree. I think the next two pics to be released with be MMGs and then, fingers crossed, we'll get some kind of bolt action. Just looking through the pictures again I never realized that .300 Win Mag was in the ammo list (or that German calibre) so I have hope yet.
  8. Mug Runcher

    Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    Also, the houses that have spots where you seemingly get "caught up" of "fall through" the seam between the wall and the floor. There's a few of the shop models where I can see this being a hassle when resting a weapon.
  9. Mug Runcher

    Ukraine General

    So I'm not the only guy that thinks this Graham fellow is kinda nutty? And I quote: "DISCO NOVOROSSIYA" http://youtu.be/VWdlYqmGuqM
  10. Mug Runcher

    randomWeather Script

    Would be kinda neat to see this change, based on the METAR data of Limnos Int'l, much in the style FSX does it. I don;t know enough about the weather scripting to know if that's feasible, but it's something I've been mulling over so I thought I'd throw it out there. Maybe someone smarter than I am can run with it. Tsk tsk! Edit: Looking into it, not a whole lot of data is shared by the METAR for Lemnos. Be good for clouds and wind, that's about it.
  11. Mug Runcher

    A Question about Lazy Evaluation

    Hey Lordprimate! I took a look at the biki (you've probably been there already but I'll link it for the halibut) and it does seem to be a feature inherent to && and ||, not so much to a specific command like waitUntil or what have you. Hope that helps! Edit: Also this link here might be of some use to you.
  12. Mug Runcher

    Respawn with Custom loadout

    Hi Dan! Taking a look at your code, I think the problem might stem from your use of the 'this' variable in your init.sqf. See, the thing with 'this' is that it's a self-referencing term. Take the init box of a soldier, for example: When you reference 'this' in the init, the engine automatically knows the code in that box refers to that specific unit. What this means in your specific situation is that when you've referenced the 'this' in the init.sqf, the engine doesn't quite know what you're referring to. If you name the unit you're trying to add the load-out to in the init.sqf, the engine knows to apply it to that specific soldier. Lets say the unit you're working with is going to be named simply Dan in the editor. You'd want your init to look like this: init.sqf null = [Dan] execVM "customloadout.SQF"; Dan addeventhandler ["respawn","_this execVM 'customloadout.SQF'"]; Kind of a lengthy and long-winded explanation, but knowing is half the battle after all. Hope it helps! Edit: Seems I hit the enter button to early. The other thing you'll want to look at is in your customloadout.sqf; You'll want to perhaps change all the 'this' variables into _unit, so that customloadout.sqf performs all those inventory actions on the unit passed to it from the eventhandler.