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  1. @Psychobastard Would it be possible to add a paramater to the settings file that could change the level of medical knowledge needed to heal based on side? I'd like to simulate every US soldier being able to administer simple first aid to downed units, whereas the insurgents I'm facing, I'd like only the medics on their side to be able to pick people up. Any assistance would be appreciated!
  2. DEV614

    ASR AI 3

    Hey @Robalo , is there a way to remove the burst behavior with the MGs that ASR has added? I prefer the longer bursts of vanilla AI, but love everything else about ASR. I'd be very appreciative for any assistance :)
  3. Hey @icebreakr , is there any plans on trying to find a fix for the AI pathfinding along concrete bridges? They make it all the way across until the very end, literally like a foot from the road before they start ramming into the side of the bridge.
  4. DEV614

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    my hopes... my dreams...
  5. Yes sir. Mad Cheese is aware of the issue and is currently working on revamping the poly method. Hopefully a fix will arise soon!
  6. Hey @mad_cheese, every time I try to use the HC suppression system with AIC, they reach the waypoint and an error message pops up in sidechat reading "Oops something went wrong. No poly detected"
  7. DEV614

    Advanced AI Command

    Hey duda, could you share the code you used to add actions to the waypoint menu? I'd love to try my hand at adding a speed and combat setting to the waypoint menus, instead of the group menu. EDIT: I found the code in the github but can't seem to find out how to get the code to fire off upon waypoint completion instead of immediately :(
  8. Yes sir, that's exactly what I mean. I typically set up missions commanding a platoon with various elements, so being able to command them through your interface would be awesome compared to BIS clunky high command system, though Igitur's High Command Converter mod remedies most of the annoyances/left out features.
  9. Hey Leopard, great mod here! Is high command support something you may be interested in implementing in the future or is that out of the scope of the mod? I love the interface, and it would be awesome to implement something at a platoon level.
  10. I would definitely be interested in the terrain analysis/AI information sharing! I'm glad to see you active again, your mods have always complimented any mission utilizing AI so well!
  11. The ALiVE autogenerated tasks are known to have a bug here and there. All you have to do is manually complete or delete the task through the C2ISTAR tasking menu, and if you want a new one either wait for one to autogenerate or make one generate yourself through the same menu.
  12. DEV614

    [Release] Incon Airpower

    Hey @Incontinentia , could this script be used to target static objects such as buildings or editor-placed objects?