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  1. What is this mod? This mod was created to satisfy our need of any sort of progression in our COOP group. The mod is inspired by the RPG-like passive skill system in Escape From Tarkov, although much simpler. We wanted to create a progression system that would give players something to work towards, independent of the mission, a system to reward playtime and gameplay. This mod is primarily intended for units and groups that play coop missions. This mod is not intended for public PvP gamemodes. Although it will work, abusing the system can be easy so it is not recommended. DOWNLOAD LINK How does it work? This mod is client-side (for now). It works by tracking player's actions trough events, and saving their progress. IMPORTANT Note: Effects of progression are applied in real time, but for performance reasons, they're only saved upon death or when the Progression menu is opened. The Player will always have an action in their action menu called "Progression menu" which will open the menu that shows all of your progression. In this menu you can see the progress of your passive skills, as well as acquire rank promotions and combat traits. Combat traits are a part of vanilla Arma, but they're normally linked to the selected character that you're playing (I.e. Combat Life Saver has the "Medic" trait). Our system tracks all score gained by the player. The score is used as a currency when you're acquiring combat traits or a rank promotion. Acquiring a combat trait while you already have one or more, will heavily increase it's price. Higher ranked players get discounts on combat traits. Here's a table of costs for rank promotions: Passive skills Our passive skills are Recoil control, Sway control and Strength. Recoil control is a self explanatory skill. It is leveled over a long period of time by firing any handheld weapons. Sway control is your character's ability to keep the gun steady while aiming. It is normally leveled by performing certain actions such as resting or deploying your weapon. Like recoil control, this skill is also leveled over a very long period of time. Strength affects your character's ability to carry heavy gear, and it's impact on stamina. Higher level strength will allow you to carry more gear without decreasing your stamina as much. Passive leveling of this skill is super slow, much slower than the other two skills. The best way to level strength is by having a workout. You can do this trough the Progression menu.
  2. Can someone @ me when there's a new download link?
  3. Is it possible to contact Battleye to have them whitelist it?
  4. Great work, I've been looking forward to something like this. I have a small wish/request tho: Make an option to have VAM limited to vehicles in a certain trigger. That way you can have a customization station in a base.
  5. Mr. Rad

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Wow that timing. I started developing my own mission inspired by DCG and now you decide to come back xD
  6. For editor it doesn't create any dependencies to the mission. As for Zeus, im confident that only the Zeus needs the mod but I could be wrong.
  7. Garrisoned units still somehow manage to start moving around instead of staying where they should be.
  8. Yes, like i said i tried trough both Init.sqf and debug console
  9. I have a bug to report. I am unable to disable the mod trough the init with dam_injured_ai = false; publicVariable "dam_injured_ai"; It also doesn't work if i execute the code trough the admin console.
  10. Mr. Rad

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Will BO1 studio consider developing a module based rearm and repair station that would allow pilots to choose their aircraft loadout on the fly while the mission maker can set up these stations on airfields and USS Freedom and choose which services and weapons are available. The loadout functionality added with Jets DLC is awesome but it would be even better if those could be chosen on the fly instead of before the mission.
  11. Mr. Rad

    3den Enhanced

    @R3vo Sorry i didn't see the notification in time to test the script you told me. I also uncovered a small issue in one of my missions i made. 3den is supposedly reporting that in code _this setFeatureType parseNumber (_value) the value expected is a boolean while the value received is a number. However there was no indication about where the error occurred so i couldn't investigate further. I saw that the property was Enh_featureType so thats why i think this is one of your properties and not vanilla.
  12. Mr. Rad

    3den Enhanced

    @R3vo The export loadout to config tool exports the uniform as: uniform = ""; but afaik it should be uniformClass = "";
  13. I meant it as a feature request, sorry for bad wording.
  14. Is it possible to allow players to revive friendly AI?
  15. @lsd A few suggestions to improve the "Garrison" module: -All units inside a building should be grouped together because otherwise each group thinks for itself and it creates performance issues. -All units should have disableAI "PATH"; in their init to prevent them from leaving the building. This could also be an optional parameter when using the module just like Dynamic simulation. -CSAT Men (Special Forces) should be excluded from the list of units just like Pilots and Crew as it often ends up with having Divers and Snipers inside buildings. I love what you've already done with the mod btw :D
  16. A chapel turned into an improvised medical facility. Works for both Land_Chapel_V1_F and Land_Chapel_V2_F Land_Chapel_V1_F: [["Land_SandbagBarricade_01_F",[-7.16962,2.79291,-2.80992],271],["Land_SandbagBarricade_01_F",[-7.21979,0.0765991,-2.80992],271],["Box_I_UAV_06_medical_F",[-3.97717,-1.34644,-1.94533],260],["Land_BarrelSand_F",[9.04858,-1.93976,-2.60992],0],["Land_BarrelSand_F",[8.46008,-2.09882,-2.60992],0],["BloodTrail_01_Old_F",[2.34918,0.180664,-2.80992],93],["BloodTrail_01_Old_F",[-1.50116,0.233704,-2.80992],93],["BloodPool_01_Large_Old_F",[10.2017,-0.720398,-2.60992],0],["Land_Defibrillator_F",[10.6851,0.412598,-2.60992],342],["Land_Bodybag_01_empty_black_F",[9.58984,1.43237,-2.60992],112],["Land_WoodenTable_small_F",[-3.48218,-1.52924,-2.80992],258],["Land_Shoot_House_Wall_F",[2.42371,4.87109,-1.85992],0],["Land_Shoot_House_Wall_F",[-1.72552,4.88196,-1.85992],0],["Land_Shoot_House_Wall_F",[-1.6532,-4.72357,-1.85992],0],["Land_Shoot_House_Wall_F",[2.51587,-4.76184,-1.85992],0],["Land_Shoot_House_Wall_F",[-4.99115,-1.35779,-1.85992],90],["BloodSplatter_01_Small_Old_F",[-3.57892,1.75293,-2.80992],0],["Land_IntravenStand_01_empty_F",[11.2217,0.240112,-2.60992],155],["MedicalGarbage_01_1x1_v1_F",[-2.68451,0.0971069,-2.80993],0],["Land_Stretcher_01_sand_F",[10.4047,-0.887756,-2.60992],223],["Land_Stretcher_01_olive_F",[5.13257,-3.86652,-2.80992],269],["MedicalGarbage_01_5x5_v1_F",[9.14447,0.239868,-2.60992],0],["Land_PlasticCase_01_medium_idap_F",[-3.17285,-1.41473,-1.94533],320],["Land_SandbagBarricade_01_hole_F",[4.28455,2.89563,-2.80992],266],["Land_SandbagBarricade_01_F",[4.98486,0.431152,-2.80992],240]]
  17. Mr. Rad

    Ghost Recon CROSSCOM

    Why'd you sign all of the pbos with the same key and the key is nowhere to be found
  18. @lsdCould the same principle for interiors be used for garrisoning buildings with enemies? Use the modules to create AI on their positions in the building. There could be a basic NATO version, CSAT version and a version of the module where the mission maker would be prompted to put in classnames of the soldiertypes to be used as well as a parameter to choose the % of ai positions to be filled. That would complete the "Zeus and Eden" pack :D Anyway, love the interiors, splendid work!
  19. I love the custom virtual vehicle garage script. Its so nice to be able to spawn a vehicle, edit the livery and even set a dynamic weapon loadout for it. Is there a chance that it could be released as a solo script to be used by fellow mission makers? It would be so awesome to have it on custom made coop story missions.
  20. @chortles Please give him permission :D
  21. @Grumpy Old Man This means that i wasnt going crazy. I was sure that all the things in my mission were set up yet the action never showed up :) Im so happy that you found out i need to lower my weapon xD
  22. @xxgetbuck123Is there any chance that after you're done with FC37 -> F/A 35-E that you could update the F35B port by Chortles. I know that he said that anyone can modify it and i believe he has released or still has source files for it.