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    Infinite Warfare Gaming

    Good day, i like to talk about my servers that im running and i will like to invite all of you that's interested to join one of my Dedicated servers. I have bean around for some time trying to help out the Arma 3 community, so i have the last 4 months running a Dedicated server, i started for many years ago with renting server at hosting company, but as that only gave me one server and not a loot of freedom i decided to rent a Dedicated server that i can do what i like. This is my server information: Dedicated Servers - 6 Core Server - Intel Xeon E5 1650 V3 32GB RAM This is the server i'm running right now: Server name: =IWG= BMR_Insurgency Takistan [MiamiServer](COOP) Address: Server version: 176143187 Required game version: 1.76.0 Map: Takistan Mission: BMR_Insurgency_v1.47.Takistan Players: 20 Server name: =IWG= Insurgency ALIVE [MiamiServer](COOP) Address: Server version: 176142872 Required game version: 1.76.0 Map: Fata Mission: Insurgency_ALiVE_v1M1 Players: 10 Server name: =IWG= UNSUNG - VIETNAM|ALiVE MiamiServer(COOP) Address: Server version: 176142872 Required game version: 1.76.0 Map: DaKrong Mission: Unsung_Vietnam_ALiVE_v1G Players: 15 Server name: =IWG= WW2 France Front ALiVE (MiamiServer)(COOP) Address: Server version: 176143187 Required game version: 1.76.0 Map: Colleville Mission: France_Front_ALiVE_V1G Players: 25 You can find us at Discord or our new Forum that we just make. Discord: https://discord.gg/9uKedUz Forum: http://community.sunrise-production.com/ Feel free to jump in and talk to us and share your ideas, i'm always willing to test out something new and can add to the server if it's good.
  2. Hi so wer do i get the KEY for the MK10 Landing Craft Utility ?
  3. CptDezusa

    Combat Realism Scripts

    How far have you come on this script ?will get a test soon to see how it works :)
  4. CptDezusa

    Combat Realism Scripts

    Hi, its looking good.. :)
  5. Yes this works.. :) thanks, traing to add this to my Alive server :)
  6. so i can add my login pasword to the server ?
  7. How can i write in this script so i can get admin privilege. is disabled now when i try to write login to server as admin `?
  8. CptDezusa

    [WIP] Terrain Diyala province Iraq

    Yes that's what happening..hmm, thats sad, i really like this map. I add it to my dedicated server yesterday on a BMR mission, but looks like i have to take it down.
  9. CptDezusa

    [WIP] Terrain Diyala province Iraq

    Hi after some time i get back to this beautiful map, but i'm getting some character glitch, like hanging up for a sec then back to normal when running. Do anyone else have the same problem ?
  10. I did a test and now it's working on the server, thanks for this nice sound mod..
  11. Yes 16 hours ago, but im not going to go back and forward with this, he will answer me if it has been fixed.
  12. Yes no problem , i thought that he will understand after i se that he posted a new update after my first respond
  13. Yes i know but i had a problem adding the server key to my server yesterday, no one was able to enter the server using this sound mod
  14. God morning, did you add this vs to steam also ?
  15. Hi i can also confirm that i can't connect to the server using the key, did the key change ?
  16. Hi if you are going to add the system to the EOS you need to go in to the EOS folder and in function you will see a setskill.sqf and line 12 and 13 have to lok like this. take the // of the line 12 than you god to go ! if !(AIdamMod isEqualTo 100) then {_unit removeAllEventHandlers "HandleDamage";_unit addEventHandler ["HandleDamage",{_damage = (_this select 2)*AIdamMod;_damage}];}; if (EOS_KILLCOUNTER) then {_unit addEventHandler ["killed", "null=[] execVM ""eos\functions\EOS_KillCounter.sqf"""]}; [_unit]call HG_fnc_aiUnitSetup;
  17. CptDezusa

    BMR Insurgency

    HI thanks man, realy nice
  18. CptDezusa

    BMR Insurgency

    Good day, thanks for clearing that out, to my first question, it is when you as a player you spawn outside of the airfield up north. East player sloot, but it's no problem i think.
  19. CptDezusa

    BMR Insurgency

    Hi man long time, nice to see that you still updating this good mission. I'm running a server in BMR Takistan and i'm wondering why the East unit spawn away from the Airport and also how can i fix that ? I also wondering about one thing i was looking into but can't figure out, is it possible to trigger the markers with helicopter. Thanks man :)
  20. So i officially started my first Exile server and i'm excited about the dedicated server i'm using to run the exile mission on, this is my first time running on a dedicated server as before i always rented servers but felt like i didn't get what i was hoping to get out of my arma game play. I'm a beginner to exile and going to try to learn more about Exile to get the best experience of this grate mod to arma 3. I see that it's a loot of server running Exile and zombie mod on, but this will not be a Exile Zombie mod but more militarized game play, Hoop to see som of you guys ther. This is how you can find the server. Server name: =IVS= Exile Server (Isla Duala) (COOP/PVP/SECTOR/RPG) Required game version: 1.72.0 Map: IslaDuala3 Mission: Exile Players: 0/20 Her you can find the update on the server. https://discord.gg/tTGsnqn PS: This is a work in progress so i'm hoping for some feedback and help on what the players like to see in a exile server like mods and missions.
  21. CptDezusa

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    HI, i tried this out on my mission yesterday and i was wondering if this mod will overwrite my initplayerLocal sway and Recoil?player setCustomAimCoef 0.27;player setUnitRecoilCoefficient 0.32
  22. CptDezusa

    Enhanced Movement

    HI, i tried this out on my mission yesterday and i was wondering if this mod will overwrite my initplayerLocal sway and Recoil? player setCustomAimCoef 0.27; player setUnitRecoilCoefficient 0.32;
  23. This is not working no more. If you get a new fix on it i realy like that. HOVER
  24. Her you go, you can use this on a dedicated server.. player addaction ["<t color='#fcf9f9'>Vehicle Drop Cost 18825$</t>", {["","O_T_LSV_02_unarmed_F","FncSupplyCargo1"] execVM "supply\supply.sqf"}]; player addaction ["<t color='#fcf9f9'>Vehicle Drop Cost 18825$</t>", {["","O_T_LSV_02_unarmed_F","FncSupplyCargo1"] execVM "supply\supply.sqf"},nil,1.5,true,true,"",'([18825] call HG_fnc_hasEnoughMoney)']; The only thing i got problem with is the box get duplicate all the ammo and weapons.