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  1. narrowsoul


    I'm having two issues: 1. AI spawning in sectors right in front of players. OPFOR will plain just pop in right in front of your eyes and I haven't been able to figure out a common factor in it. 2. Helicopters landing in stupid spots. I'm playing a custom version of the larger Tanoa mission, I simply replaced vanilla BLU and OPF units with ctrl+f in the .sqm and edited the description.ext to include RHS units. When I order a helicopter while holding the airfield (the helicopters are set to require an airfield to purchase), it tries to land in a street or a clearing in the jungle, never one of the nice open places of the airfield. Is there any way I can set a landing location? Thanks! edit: I thought of a solution for #2 right after posting. I put helipads down on some open concrete at the airfield and the helicopters went right for them in testing. Seems like something that should be in the mission by default?
  2. narrowsoul

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    I made a custom Warlords scenario using RHS, with US Army as BLUFOR, Russian VDV as OPFOR, and one of the GREF factions as independent. I have two issues: one is that the enemy factions are not spawning basically any vehicles, whereas in the vanilla scenario independent forces have some sort of APC/MRAP at each objective basically. Is there a way to tweak that? The second issue is that OPFOR are not advancing at all. I had my scenario set to not by default fill slots with AI because I have the players organized into teams instead of each player being a team leader, with the intention being that players will play as a team and only recruit AI if they are playing alone or with low numbers. Do OPFOR need to have AI slots enabled in order to actually spawn and move troops?
  3. narrowsoul

    [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    Man, you're my hero. Been tearing my hair out trying to get a simple pylon respawn script working but then I stumbled across this and it's all I wanted and more. (Well, minus respawning with pylons, but being able to pick them via a window and set priority is even better!)Thanks a million.
  4. The script works beautifully for the mission I'm trying to do, thanks. I do have one issue, and that's that I'm trying to use ALiVE CAS with this script, which doesn't work very well because the script respawns the vehicle instead of ALiVE doing it. Is there a a way I could set this to only respawn empty vehicles? Thanks again. Edit: Obviously I mean vehicles that are empty at the start of the mission, I have only a very thin grasp of how scripting works so I'm not sure when exactly the script decides which vehicles are respawnable. Either way, I just want to exclude some vehicles from respawning so if you had any idea how I would achieve that I would appreciate it.
  5. narrowsoul

    Project OPFOR

    I'm getting a similar/same error as afevis when trying to use ALiVE + Project OPFOR on 64 bit. Any ETA on 64 bit support? Or if rebuilding extensions for a mod like this is even necessary?
  6. There's a much easier way actually, if you enable viewing hidden folders there should be a !Workshop hidden folder in your Arma 3 directory.
  7. narrowsoul

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    "Sign in" button at the top of the screen was not responding, although I'm signed in now that I signed in on the forums. Tried deleting a unit, typed in the name, the delete button goes to a little loading circle, shudders for a second or two (yes, the button shudders/shakes/vibrates) on my screen, and then goes back to being "Delete" with nothing changed.
  8. narrowsoul

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    I'm still having the bug where it tells me to purchase Apex even though I own it, is anyone able to get it working when they're updating with the Game Updater? Also wondering if it's my time zone, I'm in Hawaii which is basically the furthest from GMT you can get, will post back tomorrow if it works for me then. EDIT: People are reporting on reddit that Tanoa is only working if you have the dev branch installed to your primary install location. So now I'm using Game Updater to make a second install of the stable branch... Whew. Arma.
  9. I would suggest adding a tooltip or something that explains that, as many people are probably going to be like me and assume something is broken and try and delete files to get them in the right place. :) Thanks for the fast replies, terribly sorry so many people are bad sports about the inevitable temporary problems caused by making great updates to a great game.
  10. Thanks. Now my question is, why is there still an option to change the install location of workshop mods if it doesn't do anything?
  11. I have another issue related to this. I went into the launcher and changed where my Steam Workshop mods should be downloaded back to /Arma 3, but the mods were not copied back to Arma 3 like they normally are in the launcher when you change directories. Then I hunted down my Workshop download location and deleted all of the mod folders, thinking the Launcher would just reacquire them. Instead, all of the mods are corrupted, and when I unsubscribe and resubscribe to them, they just go right back to being corrupted. Any ideas?
  12. narrowsoul

    [WIP] CUP Frigate Retextures

    This looks great! Any chance of posting it to Steam Workshop as well?
  13. narrowsoul

    Altis Special Police Unit

    Hi! Would it be alright if I uploaded a version of this mod that includes the RHS USF .pbos to Pw6? The one that's up now uses HLC, and our group uses the RHS version and I would like to have Pw6 as an option for getting our mods. Thanks in advance!
  14. Do you mean by scripting? +1 man, thanks a million. I came across that mod in my searches but figured I was having issues since my friend was telling me he had everything and never said anything about this mod.
  15. I can't find hardly any buildings in the editor. One example is here under Structures (Commercial), I can only find a billboard when I know there are way more structures than that available to most people. Ideas? Happens in vanilla as well, checked that when I realized that would be the first suggestion from here. Thanks in advance, would really like to be able to get some things done in the editor.