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  1. Bravo BI. This was seriously one of the best campaigns I've ever played, despite it's shortness (took me ~2 hours). The backstory, how your choices had consequences, the whole morality of it all. The Redacted was by far my favorite mission. Not going to spoil anything, but it really drove a message home. Really good job BI. Well worth the money I spent.
  2. caboose816

    Best Arma3 DLC yet

    I voted Apex, but that's just because of the content it added. Aside of that, I'm going to have to go with Laws of War, the campaign (which I just finished) was one the the best campaigns I've ever played, even though if it was the shortest (took me two hours).
  3. caboose816

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Great to see this! So much content that I think should have been included in the base game. Downloading now.
  4. caboose816

    Arma 3 Aegis

    This entire mod makes me happy. Looking forward to the full release! Amazing work!
  5. Is the artillery system still undergoing a rewrite? I know this was the case a while ago, but even with the latest builds (release and test) manually placed guns fire a maximum of two rounds, no matter what I choose.
  6. caboose816

    15th PLA 45th Airborne Division

    Do you have any screenshots to post? I've been looking for a good, modern day PLA mod.
  7. Seeing this has made me super excited. Since the release of Tanoa I've been looking for a authentic PLA faction mod. Good luck guys! Congrats on the release!
  8. caboose816

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Found another bug. When using the enableSimulation command on units with pre-placed waypoints, they tend to forget where they were supposed to go when they have their simulation turned on and just stand there. Tested in vanilla and it worked perfectly. Used both the script and .pbo versions as well.
  9. There's a problem when hand-placing the V-44 Blackfish and syncing it to the combat support module. When you hand place it, put in the code in the init, and sync it to the combat support module, the system spawns two Blackfish on top of each other, resulting in a pretty interesting explosion. This doesn't happen when you just use the regular transport support module. The Y-32 Xi'an works just fine.
  10. caboose816

    PLA Forces

    Great mod massi! Plan to use these on Tanoa for a South China Sea type mission. Thanks for making it.
  11. caboose816

    Apex Preview, issues with campaign.

    Try on stable first, dev/preview is still in testing and will have some bugs. Also, are you using any mods? I get that error when I try and load a save-game using any CBA type mod.
  12. caboose816

    What I dont understand about Arma

    You'll get that behavior on KotH and Life type servers. People griefing. If you want to play public, try playing Invade and Annex. It's a gamemode that basically requires teamwork and cooperation. If you want to fly, join a servers Teamspeak, hop in, and start flying.
  13. I think it has to do with different peoples idea of balance. Thermals can be considered OP, because they give whoevers using them a massive advantage. In MP (TvT, Exile, Wasteland, Life, etc) whoever gets them turns into a basically all seeing God. The thing is though, Arma strives for realism. It tries to be to infantry what Microsoft Flight Simulator is for planes. The US Gov has even contracted BI to provide training simulators. In war, it's not supposed to be fair. One side has a advantage, one side is "OP". Otherwise, all war would end up being WW1 trench warfare and a continuous grind until one side runs out of people. There isn't balance in war. Arma tries to compensate for this by making the main factions near-peer. The three main factions, NATO, CSAT, and AAF, have some type of thermal optics. If players want balance, the mission maker needs to take that into account and try to make their mission to how their players want. In verses MP, if the group decides that thermals are okay, then throw them in. I have no problem with thermals, because war isn't fair. But then again, I play mostly SP, and my group plays co-op MP, where no one will gripe if they get killed by a player using thermals.
  14. caboose816

    AI mods still needed?

    At it's current state, vanilla is pretty good. And from what I've been seeing from the videos of Apex, it's getting better. I've been using vanilla on a campaign playthough and it's working pretty good. They still don't throw smoke as often, but it's better then it was. The biggest issue I've had with AI mods is they mess with waypoints and sometimes cause the AI to do weird things in SP, which is mainly why I ditched most of them. VCOM is being updated right now though, and I'm really looking forward to it. ACE and SP don't pay to well together, so I would stay away from that combo.
  15. caboose816

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Excited to see this updated. Watched all the new videos, looks really good.