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I just noticed that the Kamysh damage texture is broken. It's on dev-branch and on stable, so it might be broken for a while already. Can't see why that is happening, tho. The rvmat defined in damage class seems to be the same as in the actual model file. Yet, when damaging the vehicle ingame for more than 50%, the texture doesn't swap to the damaged variant.


/Edit: Kamysh is missing zbytek selection for the hull. Once that is added, damage should work again. I wonder when this got broken.. maybe with tanks dlc? 😄

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Hi, i reported a issue with the M2 Turret a little bit ago T164716 and it bugs me every time i see it. Should be a fast weighting fix of the rail selection to push into the 2.10 update. (i think it got broke when the issue was fixed where some bullets are left in the feeder when empty), if you guys aren't to overloaded allready obviously.


Thanks in advance

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Is it possible to add an event handler for changes about variable(s) set on objects?

something like:

_object/_unit addEventHandler ["variableChanged", {
  params ["_target","_var","_status","_previousValue","_newValue"];  // where status can be "added", "modified" or "deleted"


A kind of event handler for allVariables _object returning info.


Short example of use (player is F/A 181 pilot) :

vehicle player addEventHandler ["variableChanged", {
  params ["_target","_var","_status","_previousValue","_newValue"];
  if (_var isEqualTo "bis_wingCheckScript" && {_newValue isEqualTo bis_fnc_aircraftFoldingWings_automatedUnfolding}) then {
    hint "Fold wings is now possible from menu"



This EH could be efficient as well on every variables set on objects during scenario.



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On 4/30/2022 at 4:42 PM, pierremgi said:


1. The "rest of the group" depends on what you order. SEE VIDEO. For example, with a vanilla weapon squad, if the marksman (nbr4) is stuck (as shown in video)

    - on normal trip (no order), the units 2, 3, 5 & 7  follow the played leader, the units 6 & 8 stand by 4.

    - almost same on global regroup order: 6 & 8 are crossing the map for reaching stuck 4 !

    - on general move (whole group selected), ALL AI units are reaching stuck 4 !


2. I can't guess what "predecessor" (I called it deputy leader) is. Believe me in some cases there are 2 or more deputy leaders. Difficult to understand how things are working. Perhaps by native (declared in config) ranks for units forming a group.... Changing ranks by scripted code isn't successful. Creating own group with all private ranked units isn't successful. There is probably at least one FSM for this behavior.


The fact is, in game, you can't guess when a player will JIP onto a deputy leader, or when a deputy leader AI will be stuck in a house. Or when AI/played deputy will fall unconscious.

That will finally break all your grouped move order... or make AI crossing map for reaching this f..g deputy, for nuts.

This is utterly frustrating, almost as far as the fact these AI deputies don't stop to order ridiculous moves/get in/out/target, even for unconscious units (listen to yelling orders when player leader is unconscious) !!


To conclude: there is a need for AIs stopping their weird personal orders (deputy) and moves (subordinates) with a "simple" rule: CONTINUE WHAT LEADER PLAYED HAS ORDERED.

That way, the engine could be simpler, the AIs will obey (at least as ordered independently). It's far better than the present mess and probably Rube Goldberg machine, trying to maintain a fake formation, with a disastrous result, breaking immersion.



This bug is complete nonsense, compared to what the developers have done with NIGHT VISION! Verify NORMAL NIGHT VISION. I completely lost interest in the game, as I play constantly as a sniper. See how night vision is implemented in DCS World!


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