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  1. Hi, sorry if this has been asked but I've searched low and high and can't seem to find what I am looking for. Is there a sample of the camo used by the AAF available?
  2. echoj7

    Dynamic Frontline PvP mod

    It checks mods in my workshop dir, but can't find them, shows 0/70 (For RHS, Cup etc) even though they are downloaded and installed from Steamworkshop.
  3. Sorry if this has been asked, but how to edit the enemy composition around objectives? And where do I edit AI skill/abilities?
  4. Tested it for a couple of hours with a light amount of mods (ASR, EM, CBA, MCC, ARES) and not a lot happened. Ton's of civvies spawned but very few enemies appeared and when they did, they didn't drop intel.
  5. Hello, I am about to embark on my first Arma 3 mod, nothing too fancy just a simple reskin of the AAF to better suit my group's needs. My question is, however, a little bit involved. My plan is to create lots of variations of the same uniform texture and use a script to randomly apply that texture to the soldier, for example instead of having a dozen entries of the same Rifleman I would just have one. I have seen other addons (A PMC one that I can't recall) that applied a random uniform each time a unit was placed. Would you be so kind to help me out? Cheers
  6. Though I love this program I do have a frustrating problem with it, every now and again changes made to the addon groups won't save. I spent an hour the other day arranging the addons closed the program, came back later and changes hadn't saved. Is there a way to save changes?
  7. echoj7

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    Yes, for the stated reason to use privately without the need for CUP. It's a pretty straight forward and logical request.
  8. echoj7

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    Why would I need to rephrase my choice of words, opinion is subjective. Anyways I wasnt asking pook to redo the addons, merely point me in the right direction to edit it for my own needs.
  9. echoj7

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    Is there anyway to change the CUP requirement, we don't use it on our server because there is superior addons (RHS, HLC etc) and because of its size. I'm quite happy just to substitute the CUP crews/setup for vanilla atm.
  10. echoj7

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    Great stuff but for some reason only a handful of the vehicles /sites are in zeus; PAC3, NASAM and NASAM2 for Blurfor and S125 + mobile for OpFOR (I have CUP factions, weapons and vehicles installed)
  11. Enjoying this mission, a couple of thoughts; Is it possible I can integrate ALiVE for ambient AI, War room and tasks? Or would that brake the missions/performance? Can you add a parameter for OPFOR type (or point in me in the direction of where to change the OPFOR) Cheers!
  12. Hello, couple of questions. I've been trying to donate via paypal using the link on the alive site, however paypal times out when using that link, who can I donate to? Bit in depth this one..... So I've set up a local dedicated server and headless client using a fairly powerful mac running windows 7. Works great mostly but the issue I have with the Ai on the HC sometimes do several odd things such as completely ignoring player presence (but engaging other ai), vehicles crew will sometimes vanish but leave empty vehicles, lots of banding/warping. The warping can be described as the ai will move a few paces forward then walk on the spot and then jump back several places. This is all using the inbuilt Alive HC stuff. The network is wired and just between my PC, router and laptop. Any ideas?
  13. echoj7

    ALiVE RHS | Cold War

    Sounds good, can't wait!
  14. t-800a, thanks however the client (me) and server (my dedicate) both had bcombat and cba. I put bcombat into debug mode on both client and configs sqf.
  15. echoj7

    3CB BAF Units

    Love this addon, quick question as you SJ mentioned updated vehicle pack, will Mastiffs eventually be added. I know theres a mod that adds them already but I'd love to see the 3CB treatment on it! Cheers, sterling work fellas.