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  1. I have put that old pre-release as a stable release now for those who still want to use it. https://github.com/Arkensor/A3LOG/releases/tag/1.8
  2. Arkensor

    Changes Related to the Licensed Data Packages

    I have been told it takes a while until the BI assets are split from community ones. So we will have a wait a little longer until the data packages will be released.
  3. Arkensor

    Changes Related to the Licensed Data Packages

    I am not sure why there is so much confusion. All post's in this regard state the following: This is not about data packages aka "All Licensed Data Packages previously released under [...]". That's meant specifically for the DayZ mod that is licensed under DML-SA that is subject to the license change to extend the "Arma only" clause to "Arma and DayZ only". This is again reinforced by this statement: Previously DayZ mod exclusive data under DML-SA is then allowed to be used in DayZ SA and Arma under the new ADPL-SA license. What Julien says here is that the license does not allow DayZ SA <-> Arma 3. Neither Arma 3 nor DayZ SA have a license that allows and use of the content like that yet. That does not affect anything else. The intention for it is to allow the use of the released data packages and the unused DayZ mod assets. Primarily for the DayZ modding community but Arma 3 can make use out of what has not already been ported by CUP as a nice side effect because there is no reason to specifically exclude Arma 3 from the license. That would just make things complicated again. You could previously already remix the DayZ mod but it was never allowed to make use out of that for any other game than Arma 2. That has been changed now. For BI it's free content they release through the work of modders, just like it happened with CUP. There is no reason for BI to restrict the use any longer now that both Arma 2 and DayZ Mod are essentially dead compared to the highest player count record.
  4. Arkensor

    Edit tools themes

    Yes, I have seen that file as well. Maybe its used if people want to customize their layout by dragging things around. Not sure if that is even possible atm. I usually leave things how they were so I can follow tutorials when I need them without needing to look where I moved things compared to a tutorial screenshot. If you find something that would, of course, be very nice. I would appreciate it the "old" tools get a fresh design ;) Good luck
  5. Arkensor

    Edit tools themes

    I don't think that is possible. The GUI looks like its made with some sort of "old" GUI framework (Maybe not even that) and it also looks like its all hard coded. It's not only the design that matters but where when what is on the screen etc. All the view logic and with that the design is compiled into the program as it seems - for example, this is the case for the Terrain builder. While I generally do think that user interfaces should be nice and simple, but also good looking - in reality, 99% of GUI based programs are created in a functional way. the typical windows gray in gray look ... Reliability and efficiency are the no 1 priority. Nobody paid the developers something to make them pretty. You get used to where things are and forget about the design very soon if you working on something. I also think that they do invest in making the programs more visually appealing. Look at the launcher or publisher. But I think this only happens if they got the resources for reworking the program. Often this will be done when they need to update a lot or rewrite the program from scratch. I did not develop the tools so I can not confirm with 100% guarantee that there is no option for having some sort of theme file, but from my experience on how those programs are usually written, I really don't think so.
  6. Arkensor

    Class shared data

    You could go for something like getting the condition value from Class1 with GetText( configfile >> "yourclass" >> "condition" ), call compile that to evaluate if that is true or false and then combine that with && and your second expression.
  7. We will be looking into this, but the redesign had including mission files in mind too. We just need to wait to see if everything is fine, and then we might be able to scan the entire arma3 workshop, not only mods.
  8. Your server gameport MUST BE 2302, any other port does not seem to work atm. This has been reported by many server owners, which all had to switch to 2302 in order to have their server online again.
  9. You need to be more precise than that and describe me what you mean by >it does not start< I would suggest if something seems to be broken, that you redownload it and change the options step by step to see where you might did something wrong. Also i would not suggest addon the addons and dlls into another @mod folder
  10. Arkensor

    Get road type?

    @syhrus, you deserve a medal for that idea. Even though I might not stick to your code 1:1, your idea of checking the size of the road element solved a problem I had for ages ... I would have never thought about something so simple but effective to identify a road type. Little troubles with road crossings etc aside, this works very reliably! Thank you for sharing it!!! If I come up with an improved version regarding scripting speed or reliability I will post it here.
  11. Hey there, let me try to help you on that: _vehicle = _this; // for use within the mission.sqfm _vehicle = cursorObject; //When you look at something and want it to be added there _vehicle = (vehicle player); //When you sit in the vehicle and you want to add it to it _vehicle addEventHandler ["Engine", {hint format["This vehicle: %1, not as the engine state %2",str(_this select 0),str(_this select 1)];}]; When you want to kick everybody out if the engine is turned off, for example, do this: _vehicle addEventHandler ["Engine", {if(!(_this select 1))then{{moveOut _x;} foreach (crew (_this select 0));};}] I hope that hep you out Regards Arkensor
  12. Hey there, we are currently moving onto bigger servers, in order to serve in-depth pbo scanning soon. We will look into any problems as soon as possible. What's the issue you get? Regards Arkensor
  13. Hello @Pinguin Bronson, based on your code example: onPlayerconnect { [format["%1 connected", _name],"connectionlog"] call A3Log; }; This would do the job.
  14. Arkensor

    cutRsc and Updating Variables

    Hey, with an idc of -1 you can not identify the dialog class anymore, thats why you need to asign a unique value to it. Something like 12321 and then use this idc only for that dialog. You could use it in mutliple ones because of the namespaces, but that way its easier for you to track down which script interacts with which dialog. You could add an onEachFrame evenent handler, which would be as real time as it gets, but i think updating it every 1 second or .5 second is enough. So something like: [] spawn { while{true} do { //do the control work here sleep 1; //sleep 0.5; }; }; should do the job Regards Arkensor
  15. Arkensor

    cutRsc and Updating Variables

    Hey, you need to make a function / loop in this case that updates the value inside the cutrsc via ((findDisplay) displayCtrl 101) ctrlSetText "Mmmmmoney"; you need to add that idc 101 or what ever to your "CashDisplayControl" element. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ctrlSetText https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/findDisplay https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/displayCtrl That should do exactly what you want :) Regards Arkensor