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    Zoom doesn't work?

    There are 2 *possible* fixes for this bug currently. One is to use the JEMalloc_bi with the -malloc= startup parameter. (For x64 add _x64 on the end of the command: -malloc=JEMalloc_bi_64) The other would be to use the performance build that is constantly being worked on by Dwarden. There are multiple ways to get this, so I would suggest you look them up and find which is best for you.
  2. Fraali


    Switching from the default memory allocator (TBB4Malloc) to JEMalloc in the launch parameters under the advanced tab has solved this problem for a few people.
  3. The _x select 4 is false on all the objects, so it should not run that code. (I'm working on it with him). I have tried doing what you said despite that and it still does not work.