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  1. Pokrishkin7

    Soviet Armed Forces

    No Unfortunately. This is version 1.4, and version 1.2 was a medical bag in a backpack slot, the shape of border guards. Actually I have the company of a frontier post in the Far East - and the real story of the attempt to contamination of our border towns from China in the the mid-80s - if I'm not mistaken natural plague. Hardly a second Damanskiy not happened. К слову можно по русски... 🙂
  2. Pokrishkin7

    Soviet Armed Forces

    Sorry, but the authors do not accidentally left version 1.2? The update you've removed a lot of elements, as a result there was a crash in my company, I created three years. Alas, I have not made a backup of the old version, and the changes in the update mode became for me a very unpleasant surprise. It is impossible, I get the old version of your mod?
  3. Pokrishkin7

    Soviet AF Pack

    If I understood correctly from earlier posts in this thread, then the An-28 will be released as a separate mod. The interest was to him, so he proposed an addition. And if there is no An-28 at all, then it is impossible to put the config on it separately - for the early versions of your mod on the Net are available, with the An-28 in the archive, but without a record in the mod config.
  4. Pokrishkin7

    Soviet AF Pack

    POOK, in its time in the early versions of the mod of the 'Swedish armed forces' was present light An-14 "Clod", and in the versions of the bomber as well. The model was not without flaws - but in general, quite beautiful and functional. In the latest versions of the SFP mod, this device is not used - it is removed from the mod. Maybe it makes sense to ask the authors of SFP this plane for the An-28 mod? As a completely logical addition: the An-28 is the direct descendant of the An-14.