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  1. I assume you can take pictures of your unreleased content and put them on other forums. Just not these.
  2. Keep in mind, this is still WIP. USP will have various camouflage patterns.
  3. Thank you very much! Thank you so much, that means a lot!
  4. TINY UPDATE I suppose? @yevgeni89, I have chosen to remove all camouflages other than the main camouflage shown in the pictures above (flecktarn-ish one), and the Tanoan version of RealTree. With a focus on expanding onto other projects (fictional or actual SF groups), I have chosen to keep this project smaller in terms of camouflages. Currently there are sixteen unique textures of the Crye Gen 3 alone. Four berets, six opscore helmets (new model coming soon), three MICH 2000s (plain, updates coming later making it atleast nine unique ones). Having more choice in colour for all these things would lead to total nightmare for me to put everything together, and I assume it will turn down people from downloading my kit due to it being too big.
  5. SMALL UPDATE I finally got around to work some more on this mod, and decided to finish something I promised to a good friend some time ago. I figured it would fit the mod nicely and decided to include it. Thank you to RoadRunner for helping me put this thing together. We've both been working hard on this, and it's nearing completion to be tested. He'll include it in some of his mods, and I have given him full access to the sourcefiles. Now for the tiny grand reveal (MORE PICTURES TO COME); 3M Peltor Comtac IV Hybrids! Or as some people like to refer to them as giant hearing aids (not the disease). NOTE: HELMET AND UNIFORM NOT INCLUDED IN MOD. I have also worked on the Berets and one of them has been finished (modeled and textured), and is nearing completion to be added in a test package. This beret will belong to one of the two 'branches' of HICOS, the HICOS Commandos Marine (more pictures to follow as soon as it has been put in the test package). These will also be reshaped later to fit the Comtac IV Hybrids over them; The beret is currently Commando Green, with a gold anchor and black leather rim. Which will be tweaked and displayed once it is included for testing.
  6. SMALL UPDATE Due to recent critics and helpful input I have decided to change the digital camouflage pattern seen in pictures, which I'll upload pictures of later. Furthermore I have been working on finishing the PVS 21 model. It's not fully finished, but here is a new picture;
  7. Thank you for your input, if you would've read the description you would've seen that I stated them as being well funded. All uniforms have three (some four) versions of flatcolour in their shirt. 'Neon green' is not a camouflage I personally recognise and neither do any of the other people I've talked to. After your earlier messages I have tested out all colours at nearly every location in Tanoa, and found them overall to be working the way they should be. As per personal preferences you might have (I assume these come from an artistic point of view) I'll be willing to share my photoshop files with you, so that you may make your own design however you desire, rather than saying something has to go. Again thank you for your input, I appreciate your efforts and I'll surely look into it.
  8. They would be commandos and airborne then with their own colours and emblem. The idea behind HICOS is that it's more than one unit. Its like JSOC for example.
  9. And which of the three patterns would you like to have changed?
  10. Thank you, it will get an emblem soon. However I'm still debating on the colours. I feel like Maroon and Commando Green would be the way to go, and I guess I'll make two with different emblems. MINOR UPDATE Also, I have some more WIP models to show. Lately I've been working on a PVS 21 model which will be added to HICOS as an extra. I'm still struggeling with the overlay (If someone knows how to work scopemodels for them please let me know!). Overall the model is nearing completion and will be worked on a bit more to create a decent highpoly mesh to bake a normal map from. As for now I would like to share one of the eyepieces with you guys (can be found in main post too). Please note that the dots and circles are only for reference purposes and are nowhere near the actual end product; The final product will come in three versions, the regular plain PVS-21, one with a COTI (Thermal) module attached to it, and one with the CEHUD (Heads Up Display) module. Thanks to Baago we have worked together on some POCs to see how this would work in game, as per usual I would like to remind you that this is WIP and we are no where close to releasing the functions like this. Don't be worried that it doesn't suit your expectations right now, as we have no meaning of releasing the product in it's current state. Regular NVG (for reference) COTI Module (WIP)
  11. The colours still have to be tweaked a bit, would desaturating help fixing the issue? Or recolouring the camouflage pattern itself?
  12. The mod will be dependent on RHS USAF, for now that's the only depencency as I try to keep it light. Some models like RoadRunner's 6094 will be included within the mod itself, this has obviously been cleared with RoadRunner himself and he has given me permission to use it as a base for new pouch models.
  13. UPDATE I've been working on various new models with a main focus on clothing. There are several shirts, and a few pants that I have currently made and those will be included in the HICOS addon. In addition to this I have been working on new pouches for on the LBT 6094. Furthermore I have decided to also include vehicles, I'll be making several textures for aircraft. As well as adding my own vehicles such as ATVs later down the road. I understand there are some issues with the model as it's currently shown. It has been updated since and tweaked to look better. Image was chosen because at the time I had no better picture to display, and I'll make some more once the models have been included in ARMA.