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  1. Disgusting_Man

    Community Factions Project

    Hello! Can we expect update for russian SSO faction with all nice stuff that was added in last cup update?))
  2. Disgusting_Man

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Great mod! Waiting for 2.0! Thank you!
  3. Disgusting_Man

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Hello CUP Team! The last update is amazing! Really great job! Especially i like your weapons and accessiories. Huge progress in quality. Finally we have desert AK variants in good quality for russian SSO. I was waiting for it in Arma 3 for ages! Now in CUP Weapons i have practically everything i need. I have a few questions for you. How can i change reticle on PSO scopes to night mode? It's not working for me now. And please make it possible to use american long range scopes on russian AKs and SVD versions with rails. And i wanted to ask if it is possible to bring back M68 CCO version without lens covers as it was before update because i liked it a lot)) Thank you very much for your work!
  4. Disgusting_Man

    Russian Helmets Project

    Hi, 0Y0! Haven't been here gor a while! Amazing work on ZH helmets! Especially i like versions with cover and Goggles Bolle X800! I wanted to ask you if it is possible to add separate Goggles Bolle X800 model in face cover slot in VA? Waiting for ZSH-1-2MR))
  5. Disgusting_Man

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I am very happy to know that you are making T-64! Many people wanted to see this tank in your mod, and many people wanted to see RPK in your mod. So i wanted to say thank you for all that RHS Team bringing to the Arma community! We all appreciate it!
  6. Disgusting_Man

    Russian Helmets Project

    Understood! I think that i saw some ZSH-1-2 in EMR but you should know better and ofcourse it's your choise as creator))
  7. Disgusting_Man

    Russian Helmets Project

    Nice work, 0Y0! Waiting for your next release. And please, if you will make covers for zsh-1-2, make one in EMR camo))
  8. Disgusting_Man

    3CB Factions

    So if you are going to add Soviet Armed Forces in your mod, will there be fictional units or historical accurate?
  9. Disgusting_Man

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I support the decision of the RHS team. It's a good way for fans to say thank you for all the content we've been getting for free for a long time.
  10. Disgusting_Man

    Russian Helmets Project

    Hi, 0Y0! How's it going?) What are you working on now?
  11. Disgusting_Man

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Is there any specific agreement under which creator rights as the author of the models will be protected?
  12. Disgusting_Man

    3CB Factions

    Can it be fixed somehow?
  13. Disgusting_Man

    3CB Factions

    But in VA when you choose this uniform you can notice that armour settings are different from other forms in mod. Maybe I misunderstood you.
  14. Disgusting_Man

    3CB Factions

    Is it possible to reduce armour on Takistan Insurgent Uniform? It's just clothes with no body armour but it can take too many hits now.