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  1. This campaign is beatiful. I would like to ask for help. There is very good transport/attack script for helicopter. I never found out template of this script on any website. Please, can you help me what is the name? or link or just template mission of this fantastic script? Thank you in advance.
  2. Altis last offensive Description: After conflicts in Libya, Syria and Iraq, terrorists settled on the Greece island Altis. Their escalation was fast and uncontrolled, until now. You are the best Altis Air Force pilot providing air support together with NATO air and ground units. Biggest offensive in European union ever from end of Altis civil war. Expect heavy military vehicles, artillery and epic action mission. Official DLC required: HelicopterDLC Addons required: No addons needed Specials: Two different endings If you like my creation you can support me. Thank you. Steam workshop: Altis last offensive
  3. tom4_atpl

    [SP] I am pilot

    I am pilot Description: You are commercial pilot in AIRTAK Airways operated on Altis island. Flying as a captain on aircraft An-2 made in Russia. AIRTAK Airways are know as precise airline operator which strictly fly under ICAO and EASA rules and laws. Do not forget that airspace above greece island Altis is divided to civil corridors and military restricted zones which are prohibited for all civil traffic. Early morning you are flying scheduled flights between Altis airport. Nothing important, just routine flights. Safety situation on Altis after war is almost "perfect" just some terrorists and thiefs at non-controlled zone which is marked on the map. Official DLC required: HelicoptersDLC Addons required: STEAM link NON-STEAM link Specials: IMPORTANT: Fly with ATC and mission instructions! If you like my creation you can support me. Thank you. Steam workshop: I am pilot
  4. Greece anti-terrorists Description: A highly trained special Ops soldiers are sent on a mission to eliminate terrorist cells across the reservation. We are sending our best Private Military Units operating under NATO and European Union. Your mission is to establish peace and save all civilians and especially Nicos. Be prepared to contact with non-uniformed terrorists units. Official DLC required: MarksmenDLC Addons required: No addons needed Specials: Virtual Arsenal available If you like my creation you can support me. Thank you. Steam workshop: Greece anti-terrorists
  5. Hi guys, in the mission showcase -> fixed wings you are supposed to destroy 2 artillery vehicles. Meanwhile you can see at least one with "special" videoscreen via live video streaming on your right side of screen. Please check the picture. I was not able to find that sciprt in the mission editor. Please can you help me how to make this video or some script. Thank you very much for each answer.
  6. tom4_atpl

    3d object editing

    zgmrvn: Thank you very much , I owe you one beer!
  7. tom4_atpl

    3d object editing

    Hello guys, I am novice at creating/converting 3d models to arma 3 via Object Builder. Normaly I create and edit 3d objects and textures with AC3D editor which is fine for me. Question How to set "borders" to object, because when I created any object, in game you can go throught it. You can see it visually but practicaly is it possible to walk throught it and fire with no problem. I want make some complex structure where you can walk and go inside. Thank you very much for help, bye. Tomas
  8. tom4_atpl

    EDEN delete addons

    Check game integrity by Steam SOLVED problem! :) Thank you very much for your help guys, enjoy the game.
  9. tom4_atpl

    EDEN delete addons

    Thank you for advice, I am going to try it, but I think that main problem is that "arma" changed deffault names for these deffault vehicles. But will see, thanks
  10. tom4_atpl

    EDEN delete addons

    Hello guys, please would be possible to help me. Obviously Arma after latest update changed names for some their standard objects/addons. Because of this I am not able to open my personal mission which I used to create for very long time and I like it. I have two options: 1.) Delete these objects from mission. (I do not know how, because when I delete this objects from mission.sqm , mission is broken and is not possible to open in editor) 2.) Transfer mission from 3d version to 2d version (I do not know how, if it is possible) Or please if is anybody able to delete these objects on the picture from my mission I would be very thanksfull! Here is the mission : http://www.megafileupload.com/791x/LHD_20mission_203D.Stratis.rar Thanks for your help.
  11. Hello guys, I tried flyinheigh 0 but it did not help. When put heli or aircraft on board of LHD, it have gear retracted and engine on. Do you have any other plans please? Because in 2d editor is easy to set special "nothing" and put required height, but in eden editor it is not possible and I can not create mission in this mod. Thank you very much :)
  12. Hello guys, -->>question about steam workshop problem After some time I see that if the author of the mission/addon/item which I subscribed, delete his content from HIS steam workshop, this will automatically delete that item in my Arma 3 "scenarios,addons,...", and I lost that content/mission/addon. I played some workshop mission with addon and suddenly I lost both of it. Is there any way how to block automatic delete? Thank you very much. :)
  13. Hello, Is there any way how to organize your missions/scenarions in steam subscribe missions? After long time I have a lot of un-completed missions that I never play or a big number off missions that I already completed but there is no "green done sign". It would be great to organize it or just to mark it on my own that I know which scenario I played or never played. Thank you.