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  1. [SP] Campaign Hunter Six - Malden Mission Inspired by HUNTER SIX - Special Operations Unit No Mods Required. Please read briefing/how to play carefully. Main and very well-known Hunter Six mission is famous and one of the best missions available for Arma 3. Hunter Six Malden story is based on this story, continues and trying to bring new interesting and funny action moments. Special operation unit will operate on the smaller island and assisting AAF with the main task. During which you will cooperate with locals, fight with rebels and help AAF. Your main task is important but you need to gain enough intel to be able to get more information how to be successful. Key Features: -You have your team and you are deciding for the specific unit for that day. -If you die, mission will be lost. You are commander of this operation. -For the main task you need to gather Intel. -Gather Intel from Interrogations, Arresting Suspects and Filling other tasks. -You decide what do to next and when. -Skip time sleeping if you plan an attack at a certain hour. -Keep an eye on your Intel. The higher it is, the more progress you are making. -NVG are not available until command will not release more finance for the operation. -You need to be at least 2 meters to an unit to have an action menu to JOIN him. -You need to be at least 2 meters to an unit to have an action menu to REST him. -0-0-1 to open transport and CAS menu. (Air support will be available after HQ approval). -Ship at the AAF support base will be available if needed later. -Death Hunter Six operator can be transferred via action menu to the cemetery. -Cemetery is the place for relax, salute and show respect to your death colleagues. -You can arrest suspicious persons and bring them to the jail. -You can sleep, rearm and heal yourself and your group at the base. -Do not rush! Island is full of mines and guerilla is waiting to attack you. -You’ve got limited resources. If you lose a bird/truck/unit/weapon it won’t be replaced. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2620113989
  2. Ibragim A: It works well! Thank you very much. Any chance somebody else about the text format, hint format or the repoistion it?
  3. Hello guys, I am making bigger mission and I need help with two things: Text position/format 1. I need to have a text displayed in upper left corner because this text will be displayed all the time. What I know use only "hint", but I would prefer use text desribed on the picture. https://ibb.co/JQjPBYN I need to have text displayed like hint, no moving, no specials just simple text, as described on the picture. all playable units setposition I have simple script "player setPos (getPos h21base)" used for transportation unit to different place. But I need that this script will transport ALL actual playable units OR units in the players group. Many thanks for help guys. Have a nice weekend, Tomas
  4. tom4_atpl

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    @Janez, thank you for answer. i will try today to start
  5. tom4_atpl

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Hi guys, I would like to start Old Man campaign once again from the beginning. All previous games I was not able to finish because of corrupted save file and unable to load game anymore. (Save file started to be very big and arma always crashed after loading it) My question is, what is the actual state of Old Man scenario after last game update. Is there still this bug? Or is is possible to avoid it somehow? Many thanks for advices and have a nice day! Sincerely Tomas
  6. Hi , many thanks for reaction. I am sending you link where I uploaded that save file which I am not able to load and play anymore. ( it is going to happen with every new save which I make) https://easyupload.io/phws63 I have no mods at all, integrity checked, celar installation of the game. Sincerely Tomas
  7. tom4_atpl


    Hi guys, I have short question: Where is the save file located for this misson? Many thanks, I wish you all the best
  8. Hi guys, I have serious problem with the game. Which made the game/mission unable to play. Playing scenarion OldMan, official scenario. I am using NO mods at all, no changes in game. Clear installation from the Steam. Anytime I am trying to load any save which I made during this mission game will crash. There is NO solution at all. I am still using my last usable save file to play it, but anytime I make a new save, I am unable to load it. Of course I tried reinstalation, of the game, verify integrity of game files, newest drivers, and etc... no help. Here you can file my Arma 3 report just after the crash. https://easyupload.io/9x7vrp Many thanks for help guys, wish you all the best. Sincerely Tomas
  9. This campaign is beatiful. I would like to ask for help. There is very good transport/attack script for helicopter. I never found out template of this script on any website. Please, can you help me what is the name? or link or just template mission of this fantastic script? Thank you in advance.
  10. Altis last offensive Description: After conflicts in Libya, Syria and Iraq, terrorists settled on the Greece island Altis. Their escalation was fast and uncontrolled, until now. You are the best Altis Air Force pilot providing air support together with NATO air and ground units. Biggest offensive in European union ever from end of Altis civil war. Expect heavy military vehicles, artillery and epic action mission. Official DLC required: HelicopterDLC Addons required: No addons needed Specials: Two different endings If you like my creation you can support me. Thank you. Steam workshop: Altis last offensive
  11. tom4_atpl

    [SP] I am pilot

    I am pilot Description: You are commercial pilot in AIRTAK Airways operated on Altis island. Flying as a captain on aircraft An-2 made in Russia. AIRTAK Airways are know as precise airline operator which strictly fly under ICAO and EASA rules and laws. Do not forget that airspace above greece island Altis is divided to civil corridors and military restricted zones which are prohibited for all civil traffic. Early morning you are flying scheduled flights between Altis airport. Nothing important, just routine flights. Safety situation on Altis after war is almost "perfect" just some terrorists and thiefs at non-controlled zone which is marked on the map. Official DLC required: HelicoptersDLC Addons required: STEAM link NON-STEAM link Specials: IMPORTANT: Fly with ATC and mission instructions! If you like my creation you can support me. Thank you. Steam workshop: I am pilot
  12. Greece anti-terrorists Description: A highly trained special Ops soldiers are sent on a mission to eliminate terrorist cells across the reservation. We are sending our best Private Military Units operating under NATO and European Union. Your mission is to establish peace and save all civilians and especially Nicos. Be prepared to contact with non-uniformed terrorists units. Official DLC required: MarksmenDLC Addons required: No addons needed Specials: Virtual Arsenal available If you like my creation you can support me. Thank you. Steam workshop: Greece anti-terrorists
  13. Hi guys, in the mission showcase -> fixed wings you are supposed to destroy 2 artillery vehicles. Meanwhile you can see at least one with "special" videoscreen via live video streaming on your right side of screen. Please check the picture. I was not able to find that sciprt in the mission editor. Please can you help me how to make this video or some script. Thank you very much for each answer.
  14. tom4_atpl

    3d object editing

    zgmrvn: Thank you very much , I owe you one beer!