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  1. Not sure about most of that, but if you or the server admin can edit the mission file to allow the Commander to use full Zeus access, you could (especially with Ares Achilles mod) easily edit the cargo loadout for vehicles (even dynamic loadout for air/rotor craft) as long as it's set to be spawnable in the mission itself. Though you may need to make the commander slot whitelisted if this is done, so other people can't hop into it and spawn whatever they want. I have the post in the old Liberation topic bookmarked, where Wyqer explains how to make Zeus fully operational for the mission if you would like that.
  2. I don't know about fixing the glitch, but on our server we had someone giving themself permissions by voting themselves in as admin. We ended up fixing that one issue by setting the voteThreshold in server.cfg to 9999 so that nobody could ever win a vote. (And of course, by making sure the Commander slot is whitelisted via steamID's).
  3. solex

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Quite glad to see this back up, was looking forward to it before!
  4. I've been using PBO Manager 1.4 beta with Windows 10, works perfectly fine for unpacking and repacking.
  5. I think Beketov would be a pretty fun map for Liberation as well, players play as Russians trying to take the area back from insurgents or the Americans. Also, I don't have any pictures or server reports available, but when some friends and I tried playing the 95/1 Chernarus mission, we started along the south west coast and captured the first town there. When we got to the radio tower east of there, it was hovering about 50-100m off the ground, with the enemy infantry spawned at the same level, walking in the air. Checked out the next few towns and the same thing was happening. We had all the mods, and we were using the RHS version. Ended up switching back to Altis so nobody really looked into it further, so thought I'd at least mention something here about it. Though we did previously have issues with RHS because someone forgot to get it on the server properly, which I had to fix for them. If I find out what caused the issue (I'm sure it might be something stupid and simple =p) I'll be sure to update. *Update - It was indeed something simple and stupid. Server owner forgot to put underscores in the -mod= command line for the two CUP mods. Everything works fine now.
  6. Been playing Liberation missions for a long time now, and glad someone took over to continue it. Definitely looking forward to the 0.95 release.
  7. I foresee a potential issue for some missions with the new HUD map marker aspect. Some mission makers create missions that use hidden markers and they seem to all appear in some cases, as with the Pilgrimage SP mission. Example: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3278927438185725440/E08CA6DF61DF1A25176935E35AB665A9FCBDE845/ Since in this mission in particular it creates markers for every church/chapel on Altis, I have a feeling it's showing all of these locations when wearing the tactical glasses.
  8. solex

    Undead Chernarus

    Not sure if it's just me or not, but still having an issue with the food and drinks on 0.52 and 0.53. Tried it with and without mods (aside from the ones required), restarted several times, tried it when I got the "You are thirsty" and "You are hungry" messages. I have both Pepsi and Spaghettios in my inventory. The Eat option doesn't work when selected, and there is no option to drink at all. If you HAVE to cook the Spaghettios, when I try to it says that "You don't have anything to cook".
  9. solex

    Undead Chernarus

    I've been running JSRS as well, but I'm going to try turning everything else off. Though I also seem to have an issue where it won't let me eat or drink. Edit Update: Removing ALL of the other mods I have except for CBA and ARP, hasn't made any difference. Still runs the same.
  10. solex

    Undead Chernarus

    Very nice mod, loving it so far. Fiddling around with current mods I use, because I think some are interfering with how it works. Also when I started (and restarted a few times with mods removed), I had a G17 pistol yet was provided with M9 magazines and thusly couldn't use it. If I find out which mods are conflicting or I fix the issue I'll update my post. I think it might be ACE though. EDIT Update: Turned off ACE, still have M9 magazines for G17, but they can be used with it for some reason now.
  11. Not sure if I could help at all, but if the parameter/command line you provided is copy pasted from the server, then you need to put a semi-colon ( ; ) between @ACE and @ACEX. Otherwise I haven't a clue!
  12. Ahhh, no news for quite a while, and the site still hasn't been replaced. Anyone hear anything of ONS at all recently?
  13. Still looking forward to ONS on ARMA 2 myself, as well as ARMA 3.
  14. solex

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    Love your versions of the Warfare BE ACE, Law-Giver, been using them for months now and rarely have we ever had any game changing problems. My friends and I DID have a problem with medics and healing but it was the ISIS Injury System that wouldn't let us heal properly (both LAN and Internet). We originally assumed it was the update until we turned that off. Cheers, and hope you keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next update.
  15. Very excellent news indeed, been waiting a while for this one and it looks very promising. Good luck with the work guys. Can't wait for it though, need it so I can finally get some Canadian equipment added into custom maps with my American buddies and show them what for.