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  1. wildcatbridge

    Faces of War [WW2]

    hmmm seems like one may have to host a market in ones garden soon. Love the new update!
  2. wildcatbridge

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    just spit-balling here, but could you not have the 4x acog with its iron sights but make each one a separate vehicle position. like gunner (4x), and gunner (iron)? just going off the RHS tanks with their two positions in the commanders hatch for viewing and for using the machine gun.
  3. wildcatbridge

    Faces of War [WW2]

    alternatively (and i'm throwing this in as a thinking point not a request) people who are good at scripting and able to give this a better attempt than me (i can't script) could experiment with a system which would allow you to carry only 3 SVT mags but a load of stripper clips, and then you can repack the mags (bit like in ACE) therefore it would give a good compromise of realism and play ability. I mean i'm happy to take a stab at it but it would take a while due to A not being able to script and B working on other stuff, but hey if someone wants to take this idea and run with it, then be my guest. I'll just leave this here though for people to discuss
  4. wildcatbridge

    Global Mobilization

    Looking awesome, cant wait to play with some good old cold war era gear!
  5. Not gonna offer my services, as i'm already working for another team. I have however come up with a concept for how the civil war could start that's plausible and should hopefully keep everyone happy....or at least most of them. Send me a PM if your interested.
  6. slap....but just cause i wanted too
  7. wildcatbridge

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    If its relevant with regards to the WMIK land rovers. I have found one picture (only one though) of that very same SF GPMG dual mount being used by the SBS on land rovers. Coming from a mod group (albeit only the writer/annoyance) I can understand how much work is required. So take this not as a request, but more as an offer to provide the references (cause frankly i brought the subject up, its a dick move to then expect you to trawl for hours finding references) if you want them for A) just cause its interesting or B) cause you decide you like it and under your own choice you want to make it.
  8. wildcatbridge

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    i meant as in dual mounted on the top along with the singular one for the commander. As in the mount on the vehicle second from left. I've seen lads from the SFSG using them, and the picture above is the SBS (i also have one of them mounting it on a landie) not too sure if the SAS use it, but tbh you can never be sure these days.
  9. wildcatbridge

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    I think I saw somewhere a photo of the SBS using dual mounted GPMG's on their version of the jackal (the lighter less armored version who's name escapes me) I can try and find them again if they will be of useful reference
  10. guess you could say that they were really Ducked off.....too late?....i'll...i'll get me coat
  11. I tried to make a pattern that was based off of ATACs foliage, but made it digital, and it ended up coming out basically as the spitting image of the AAF camo from arma 3 which was a kick in the teath hahahah. Its verry difficult to come up with a 'unique camo' cause its either gonna end up looking spitting image of something that has already been done or close enough as makes no difference. Since camoflage patterns started appearing regularily in ww1 the past 100 years has seen litterally every idea under the sun be produced. Still if our camo is good enough to be mistaken for someone elses, I'd say we have done a good job at making something thats realistic.
  12. eeeeeeehhhh.....no. It's more based off ESTPAT. Although ESTPAT is based off CADPAT, ours has variations from the original ESTPAT....so you could say ASTPAT is CADPAT's cousin twice removed.
  13. wildcatbridge

    Trigger activate when target is hit

    Aha! yes it works! i was using the wrong way of calling the script, you man are a genius! thank you so much you've just solved about three days of pain for me
  14. wildcatbridge

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    as far as i know (and saying my knowledge is limited would be an understatement) The G36 is used by their 63rd Parachute battalion and their counter terrorist group (who's name escapes me). The Zastava M70 is still the most common rifle but i think its planned to be sold at some point when they get a new rifle (probably to a developing African nation) while browsing the web it seems theirs some confusion about the zastava M21 because it wasn't up to the standards they wanted, but they are still issuing them out but in limited numbers, a lack of 5.56 ammo stocks being another reason it could be limited. don't know if that helps you or not, like i said my knowledge is limited and this is all stuff i've gathered from looking round the web when i thought about making some serb missions (gotta be accurate or i get a twitch)
  15. wildcatbridge

    Trigger activate when target is hit

    wow, thank you man for taking the time to write that up for me, stupid question but i'm presuming this all goes in an SQF file? okay i decided to put it in as a script got that all working, problem is that when i activate the trigger that calls the script it just stands them all up, tells me the course is complete and an error box pops up in the top saying something about a generic errror