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  1. Strange. I have never encountered this problem. Only one moment, I sent a message at that moment when the surge of signal activity was at the maximum value. With a low level of signal spike, I received a response from them several times: "I hear you badly, repeat the order" or something in that sense. Passed the whole company for two evenings. Check the game files may be something wrong ..
  2. lex__1

    Spectrum device UI too low

    Maybe this is due to the game settings "interface size". I have this element visible in full.
  3. You must understand with the analyzer: - which squad is in front of you - what commands to send him and on what behalf If you make a wrong choice: - well, if the enemy did not understand your signal - it is bad if your actions were recognized as a diversion. Perhaps one mistake will block the call sign and further sabotage from the analyzer will not bring a positive result.
  4. You must select an audio file with the same name as the group to which you are sending the message: if the group is "delta" (as seen on the analyzer screen), then send a call to the corresponding group - "Delta, where are you?" or "Delta follow there ...". Messages must be sent on behalf of which you were recommended to use in order to avoid suspicion of a false message.
  5. That's what this is about. The eventful final mission did not give me a hint of listening to the air. Or I missed something. If a player can easily miss something - this is a disadvantage that needs to be eliminated. I also have the impression. There is a feeling that there should have been an environmental disaster in the storyline, as a result of the accident at one of the plants in Livonia. Addressing the consequences of the accident calls for specialists from NATO and Russia to the area. Perhaps this is not enough in the plot, to reveal the potential of this part of the content. It was the elimination of the consequences of the accident that should have provoked the discovery of the roots. Not quite agree with that. Perhaps you should have tried less to hide your actions in relation to the Russian units.
  6. Keep a distance to the cable, it feels you and hides the inner core. Only a drone can come close to it.
  7. lex__1

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Did you connect your "unit" account to your "Steam" account?
  8. The "F" key will not open the analyzer interface. The "F" key to change the shooting mode - opens the menu for selecting signal types. Is like looking into a rifle's telescopic sight, this opens this screen the analyzer. But it works only in the company. In the arsenal, you will not receive it from these keys.
  9. A key - is like looking into a rifle's telescopic sight, this opens this screen.
  10. If you reset the user control settings, or create a new profile, then in the control of the vehicle and in commands for the crew, the keys corresponding to both methods of driving are set. That is, you lose one of the ways to manage. This does not eliminate the problems arising from management. Voice commands are reproduced in the chat, but in fact - this is a manual control from the commander. This does not affect the problem with the waypoints, the problem is reproduced. If you assign custom settings for driving and in crew commands, both ways of driving are available. They work well when used separately. But there are problems with the cross-use of both methods of driving a vehicle or with waypoints. It is necessary to fix the tickets that I mentioned above. 1. Resolving the last-waypoint AI memory retention problem 2. Elimination of the problem of cross control in both ways (command / vehicle control) of driving a vehicle.
  11. If you apply and use the waypoint for the crew, when the voice commands stop working. Yes, it returns the work of voice commands, but we get the problem associated with waypoints, which can not be removed or circumvented.
  12. Voice commands to the driver are blocked, if the commander had previously controlled the tank. Voice commands are played but the driver does not perform them. He will go to the designated waypoint. But read above, about emerging or related problems of waypoints section (3.). The ability to reset the control point for the crew is not, only the replacement of the crew. The player gets the need to constantly give new waypoints, so that AI has the right directions and does not start to turn the tank in the old direction or that the driver does not leave at that moment when the commander leaves the tank. For example, I am an engineer and commander of a tank. The tank was damaged, I give the command to stop. I get out of the tank for repair. The driver will begin to move the tank in the direction of the last waypoint, or will begin to do it as soon as it receives repair of the tank undercarriage. This large, tangled chain of undocumented actions and consequences is more like a mess than a control.
  13. This remains the only active option to control the tank - WASD. If you completely abandon the use of AI tank crew control assistance - this control option is not always convenient when you need to open a map or UAV control terminal, chat, etc. - the tank is stopped and has no control. A player loses a part of vehicle mobility due to inactive / blocked control methods or is forced to perform extra permanent dislocation actions inside the crew in order to regain control of the tank from an order.
  14. BIS !!!!! When will your attention be on these tickets? Put in order at least management from the commander that it would not block control of the tank. Both tickets were created on the release-candidate version of Tank DLC. Tank DLC was released with the killed management, after 1.5 years you are not able to put it in order? Are you able to answer these tickets? Both tickets were created on release-candidate Tank DLC. In which section of the forum is it still to inform or create a separate topic on them to get a response to the tickets? https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127310 https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127626 The management of the tank and the crew has a close relationship, causes a chain of problems and totally creates a poor experience of management and interaction with the tank and crew. 1. I do not know what was supposed to be done initially, but clearly the interrelation of the two tank control systems does not work correctly. Control of the tank from the commander and commands to the driver of the tank easily blocks one of the two control systems. It seems that the control from the commander automatically turns on this type of control, and there is no reverse switch - the result is that the driver will not execute commands about traffic. 2. If earlier the teams about turning left / right created a small turning angle, now it is 90 degrees. This is a lot for accurate tactical positioning. Thin \ exact Control from the commander causes a problem from point (1.) 3. The waypoint for the crew has no way to reset. Waypoint itself can be removed. But the remote waypoint remains in the memory of AI, which constantly causes the AI to move in the direction of the already invisible waypoint. When the driver of the crew gets control of the tank, he immediately goes to the last (invisible) control point. When the driver of the crew receives control of the tank, he immediately seeks in the direction of the last (invisible) control point, contrary to the last voice command to the crew "stop". This problem forces the player to perform extra extra crew commands, or to refuse to use waypoints.
  15. BIS !!!!! When will your attention be on these tickets? Put in order at least management from the commander that it would not block control of the tank. Both tickets were created on the release-candidate version of Tank DLC. Tank DLC was released with the management killed and after 1.5 years you are not able to put it in order? https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127310 https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127626