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  1. lex__1

    ArmA 3 AI Pathing Rant

    At the very least, the zombies, pursuing a goal, are able to jump over the fence, enter the house, climb the stairs in the house on the floors, and find them in one of the many rooms.
  2. AMD Setup Log File Path: С \ Program Files \ AMD \ CIM \ Log \ Installer.log Check whether you are trying to install the correct driver or not. How to choose the right driver http://lumpics.ru/drivers-for-amd-radeon-hd-7600m-series/#_1 Download the latest version for your video card and OS https://www.amd.com/ru/support
  3. When yoWhen you dress a vest or backpack on a doll, there are already some items inside the equipment. To see what takes place in a backpack \ vest, you have to scroll through the lists and tabs of items in the search for a long list of items and their number in a backpack \ vest. This is not very convenient, it takes a lot of time to clean the backpack \ vest of unnecessary items. Add \ change from any way that would be able to quickly clean the backpack \ vest. Or any alternative way to see the list of items contained in the backpack / vest: - contents in the backpack \ vest move up the list of items viewable in the general list - highlight items from the general list of items in a different color, by their presence in the backpack / vest - make a general tab, which will show all the contents inside the backpack \ vest in one list.
  4. So the problem is deeper, and appeared in the process of replacing old PC components with new ones. You must contact the service center for PC repair, to identify the problem.
  5. If you return back to the laptop, the old HDD and RAM - you get your old FPS? 1. If so, install a new RAM and check what the FPS will be. 2. If with new RAM, FPS is good, clone partitions and data from the old HDD to SSD. If with a new RAM, FPS has declined, to resolve the issue of choosing and replacing a good set of RAM.
  6. HD Graphics 4000 does not have its own VRAM. For its tasks, it uses part of the RAM. Probably the error occurs due to a lack of VRAM. Why hybrid system of the spirit of video cards. HD Graphics 4000 has low power consumption for saving battery power and is not designed for energy-intensive tasks. It is difficult to say why a problem arises in a game using GPU Amd hd 7600m. 1. Check the temperature of the GPU Amd hd 7600m when the game uses it 2. Check in the power supply settings of the OS, which energy-saving parameters are set. 3. Not sure if this is your version of the problem (*), but when it was a similar solution after installing the OS: - Install HD Graphics 4000 driver - Turn off the PC, turn on the PC. - Install driver Amd hd 7600m * Installing drivers in a different order caused problems with poor system performance even on the desktop. 4. Try different versions of Amd driver.
  7. 1. T-90MS - Located in the garage of the main part of the game Arma3 called T-100. 2. T-14 - Armata - Located in the Arma3 DLC Tanks add-on called T-140 Angara 3. T-15 - Armata - Not represented in the game and Mods.
  8. lex__1

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Limiting the amount of memory will reduce the time when a problem occurs. Unfortunately, this has always been the case in Arma3. Whenever the arma3.exe 32 \ 64 process reaches any limit to the ability to use allocated RAM space, or unlimited RAM space from the user or the system, the FPS tends to a low value. How quickly this problem will arise depends on the nature of the battle, the speed of movement on the map of the area, and other events associated with high consumption of RAM. It is clear that the root of the problem is in a limited Arma3 engine. Is it possible to solve this problem at the current stage, it is not clear, but most likely not. I recently installed DayZ Standalone Offline. I was curious to see the future development of the new engine. I spent several hours trying a single walk in the world of DayZ. I was impressed with the work of the new engine, and the distribution of the load on the PC components - CPU, GPU and RAM. But there is one "But", there is a drop in FPS familiar from Arma3. I hope that this is only from the server running on my PC from the DayZ Offline version. There are so many nice changes: - the ability of the character to get high and low aiming angles - high and low aiming angles, from the position of the body lying on your back - lighting, light propagation, restriction of light propagation on obstacles and other interesting solutions. Unfortunately, I have not tried it on any server, I do not like the MMO genre, sorry DayZ. Thanks to the DayZ guys for the new look of Chernarus, it was interesting to see it with my eyes. I look forward to the release of the Arma on the new engine.
  9. 1. Check out that Arma3 activates the GPU Amd hd 7600m series, rather than the integrated Intel® HD Graphics 4000 CPU. 2. You need to remember how you changed the Arma3 video settings before updating the PC to get a stable FPS. Or, if you have a previous HDD, copy the player folder "Player Name" to the new SSD, get the previous settings Arma3. The folder is in: C \ Users \ Username \ Documents \ Arma 3 - Other Profiles \ Player Name
  10. lex__1

    OFP Addon request thread

    For a long time there MRB A3 Voice Stop. This addon fully disables the AI radio protocols in ArmA 3 Why? -Coop players don´t need constant chatter. -Turning down the audio->radio slider will have you miss out on the most fun custom radio messages. -AI´s act more promptly due to the absence of chatter they need to blurp out before commiting to an action. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=876991445
  11. I always kept two versions, Arma3 and Arma3 DEV (for the test in DEV). Arma3 is installed on SSD, and Arma3 DEV is on HDD SATA3. There is an increase in the performance of Arma3 on SSD. This is not a very significant increase in performance in the overall test. But in some scenes of the game mode, where the SSD shows better performance than the HDD. On average, the Arma3 - SSD performance metric is not a panacea for solving Arma3 performance problems.
  12. This is not a very good option - to put two RAMs from different manufacturers. Even installing two RAMs of the same manufacturer, but different models for release, can cause some system performance problems. Manufacturers of RAM produce paired sets of RAM, which are selected at the factory, after a test of the stability of a pair of RAM, they are available for sale as a set. To check this, you can try each RAM in turn. Try to check whether your old FPS will return, separately with each of the RAM, in turn.
  13. Have you changed or added RAM to your laptop? What is the marking of RAM was before and what is now?
  14. What process does your work, arma3 32bit or arma3 64bit?