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  1. lex__1

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    AI suppression and AI self-learning, the result at the end of the video 😀 I would like to see a similar dependence in the game, when AI can get influence from the player’s actions and get his degree of behavior in a wide range of skills.
  2. @DnA See these two tickets. In the management of the tank there are two problems that block the control or breaks the interaction with the crew. One was appointed to be corrected last February. The second was not appointed. In the second, I changed the concept, with the current changes. Both tickets are closely interconnected, and complicate the game interaction in management, cause contradictions or break the functionality of the AI. I would like to know about the possibility of corrections for them. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127626 https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127310
  3. This was not an ideal solution to the problem, but it could solve the main part of the problem — immersion during deployment. It could be a long time in the past, but remained in the game. The proposed option was assessed as unworthy, and I think that they abandoned it in vain.
  4. Press Win + R, write - cmd 1. On the CMD command line, type (without quotes) - "ping -t". - This is the IP address of www.google.com See how stable you will be getting ping and there should be no "waiting interval exceeded." 2. In the CMD command line write (without quotes) - "tracert". At all sites, there should be a stable ping without long time delay intervals.
  5. Go to https://www.speedtest.net/, check your IP address and whether the city where you are connected to the Internet is determined correctly.
  6. 1. The same wire? Is it possible to try another wire? 2. Go to https://www.speedtest.net/, check your IP address and whether the city where you are connected to the Internet is determined correctly.
  7. Any plans to fix these tickets? https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127310#1856599 https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127626 The tank commander is experiencing some inconvenience in the management and interaction with the crew. This leads to the need to perform unnecessary actions and distract from the gameplay. The confusion of actions and problems in these two tickets, breaks the normal control of the combat vehicle and crew.
  8. 1. You can try to disconnect the wire, and then turn it on again. Do this at both ends of the wire. Sometimes it is useful, since contacts can oxidize for some time. 2. Check the "state of the Internet" - there should be "speed - 1Gb \ s" 3. If possible, check the entire wire for external damage.
  9. Is your PC connected via Wi-Fi to the router? I have a younger model of ASUS RT-N16 router. My PC is connected to the LAN port of the router. For 1 minute, I get about 4700 servers in the list, without losing internet connection.
  10. Or something like this
  11. Everyone did not like the new bipod system. And the fact that these tricks remain in the game does not bother anyone? https://feedback.bistudio.com/T85691#1759524 Without any scripts In other words. Voted against what was, is, and will be in the game without a new bipod system. But the main problem was left, which had to be solved with the new bipod system.
  12. It was said at once that GM DLC would not be the same as previous DLC. What would those who have not bought GM DLC, not downloaded gigabytes to your PC.
  13. For example - On servers with CTI missions, they have long used various methods of creating and managing downloads for equipping a unit. I like the implementation in the beCTI mission from zerty, which has its own arsenal interface. Therefore, the kits created there are not editable in the Arma3 arsenal. EUTW or Liberation missions use the Arma3 arsenal interface. The methods implemented in the missions are more than I have listed. Everyone has advantages and disadvantages. People will complain less if they do not know how much BIS spends on their work, but they will understand this in the price tag for the product, for the quality of the game and the quality of the technical support work. Again I give an example of a CTI mission. CTI missions aim to maximize the use of all content and Arma3 functions. Maximum - this means that the player experiences all the existing flaws in the content of Arma3 throughout the game. That is, any existing problems or incorrectly working functions, or functions with limited interaction (do not fully reveal the interaction of the subject). Problems can be divided into any categories (for example - small, medium, large). Any division for the player does not matter, since any problems were reproduced in different situations throughout the game. No matter how much time a player has spent in the game, it is always a long line of small / medium / big problems. Any division or prioritization was an expected response to tickets. But besides the reaction to the tickets, players expected corrections or information on the progress of corrections. Often, there is no information about the progress of fixes in tickets. - Previously, it was like this - "wait, we will look at it." - Now, this is so - "sorry, there are no specialists and there is no time for this, there are other tasks." That is, it looks like - help grandma cross the road, escort her to the middle of the road. Often on forums they write in bewilderment, as it so happened that Arma2 had fewer problems and complaints, and Arma3 has a high rate of complaints. Practically there is always a similar answer: “You don’t notice how much Arma3 differs from Arma2?”. Yes, it is very noticeable, but it is not the answer to the lack of work to correct problems. If there are not enough specialists or working groups in this area, this should not be a problem for the players. I understand what tasks BIS has now, and I appreciate their efforts. But I really hope that in future development we will see a different approach in this part of the interaction.
  14. lex__1

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    This is easy to see in the editor. Create a player and several AI, or group, not armed. Create an AI enemy armed. Start the mission. AI opponent will shoot at the closest in their vector of attack. You can change your location in the group, and repeat the tests.
  15. lex__1

    Perhaps this, before aliens?

    Strange conclusion from my reasoning. And so: Maybe I do not understand something? Objects are created in Arma3 and are not related to early releases. Arma 3 Assets: 1. We have objects with severe destruction: - Land_cargo_addon02_V1-F - Land_cargo_addon02_V2-F - Land_cargo_addon01_V1_F - Land_cargo_addon01_V2_F 2. We have objects with mild destruction: - Land_Boat_03_abandoned_cover_F - Land_ClothShelter_02_F - Land_ClothShelter_01_F - Land_MarketShelter_F Both blocks of objects have a similar structure, but a different transition to the "destroyed" state. What prevents, assign the "soft" method of destruction to the first block of objects, as in the second block of objects? Why it is necessary to change the method of destruction of the first block of objects - since, the destruction of an object reproduces: - wide explosion of dynamic tank protection - receiving critical damage to the tank - obtaining critical damage to the crew - coup or throw tank. With other objects that are destroyed in a collision, such consequences do not occur. You will be surprised by the next disappointment even more. I already see old errors in DayZ-Enfusion. Some are very upset. But there is also a good work of BIS, there are also corrections of some old mistakes or changes in the interaction of functions. The main achievement can be noted in obtaining high FPS in the game and good interaction of the new engine with the PC hardware.