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  2. wow man, i never used my account i just lurked but after seeing this i have to post. my family is from Jasło and the screenshots really feel like the real thing. i assume youre from Jasło or familiar with it. if you want to make my life complete i can PM exactly where my house was haha i hope you keep developing it.
  3. crs24


    @Jezuro Could it be programmed that newly airdropped vehicles, crates and such won’t spawn to land on the active part of the runway that called in planes land at, like how airdropped vehicles seem to spawn so they don’t land on each other? Just a thought I had since this would be a potentially bigger issue with locked vehicles blocking the runway. I’ve also seen newly called in helicopters land on the runway as well, although not as often. That could possibly be solved with some visible or invisible helipads which maybe there already are invisible ones, like the one you can see at the AAC on altis is often used by new helicopters and helicopters already tend to land in certain places.
  4. johnnyboy

    Sirens (Prelude)

    This looks super cool EO, congrats on the release. I'm going to take time out from my latest script obsession for some creepy zed adventuring!
  5. yeah i can make it an addon. only issue is that it uses “ingameuiseteventhandler”, which cant be stacked, so if its used by any other addon or the mission itself, there would be a conflict
  6. ZackTactical34

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    @snkman Sorry for the scuffle on your mod thread (maybe an admin could clear it up). As with my original post, outstanding work. I’ll continue testing to see any areas for improvement in TCL (almost like a bug reporter). Again, excellent job 👍
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  8. Victruso

    Official Zeus - Multiple bugs and concerns

    Numbers 1,5 and 6 used to be solved via the debug console(RIP, one of the best tools for the public server community) but people started griefing with it which is what probably got it removed in the first place. So that'd mean we'd have to wait for an official QoL update to Zeus, one which I'm not expecting at all.
  9. Pre-2035 AAF backed INDEP FIA fighters replacement pack for the main campaign, DL'ed missions, ect. Mods MLO Uniforms, CUP, INDEP FIA Overhauled (CUP Edition)
  10. Notes I've always seen the AAF / INDEP FIA as a really cool faction that was portrayed ingame as badly equipped and trained, but that's not really something that comes across with their gear very well, and they have access to large numbers of good body armour, LMG's like the Mk200 / KAC / LSAT and the F2000 as a primary rifle. What I went with here was something that was overtly NATO aligned, but with small elements of older ex-Soviet weapons (like the PKM as a standard LMG) to make them sound different in distant combat for ID purposes compared to a pure NATO force. I've used older Interceptor body armour, as well as chest rigs and ALICE rigs alongside M81 Woodland because it keeps the deep green tone of the AAF while matching a more contemporary low/medium poorer army well. The UN helmets and hats were used for a bit of spot colour, and to help the faction stand out a bit compared to other M81 wearing factions. The FN FAL is used a DMR/ marksman rifle to replace the M14, and the standard sidearms remain the M1911, with small numbers of VZ's as PDW's.
  11. INDEP FIA Overhauled [CUP Edition] released- This mod is a total replacement of the INDEP FIA forces, bringing them more in line with modern day equipment, weapons and uniforms. It works in the official Arma 3 Campaign and custom scenarios that use the INDEP FIA faction will be using the new faction as well. The Faction The FIA (Freedom and Independence Army) draws it's origins and name from the 1985 anti-Soviet resistance movement of the same name that fought in the Malden and Everon conflicts. The modern FIA was established out of civilians and Altis Armed Forces defectors following a coup d'etat in the capital city of Kavala, causing a civil war between the FIA and AAF to break out. This FIA insurgency cell is supported by AAF forces, so is armed primarily with M16A2's as primary weapons, with CAR-15 Carbines used in some roles. The standard support weapons are the PKM, FN FAL and RPG-32 and the fighters wear mostly M81 Woodland camo mixed in with civilian and geurilla clothing, as well as ex-American body armor, helmets and other equipment. Standard sidearms are the M1911 or VZ-61 Scorpion. Supports The INDEP FIA units are supported primarily by re-purposed and camouflaged civilian vehicles, including technicals and trucks. Faction has full Editor, Zeus, MCC and ALiVE support (faction name IND_G_F ) Also supports ACE3 Medical system. It totally replaces the INDEP FIA faction in Editor, Zeus, ALiVE and all scenarios played when the mod is enabled. Download https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1723465379
  12. thanks the notice, these command will give my life more easier. but i'm using stable build right now(due to multiplay game with friends.) so i'm just wait next update with these cool command. i'll take a look.
  13. There have been sometime now since the Jets DLC, and still no addition or altering to the flightmodels. Jets in this game are just kinda "existing" in the air and not so much being pushed foreward by the force of the engine(s). this obviusly is due to the lack of overall physics to the game, And it is true that most of those physics dont matter if you are in the infantry on the ground. But the jets in this game, is something else. My question is as follows, will there be, or is there plans to alter the flightmodel or intruduce a "advanced flightmodel" for fixed wing aswell, in the near future?
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  15. cu3b4ll

    PRACS: SLA Faction 2017

    Surprised no one has made it yet
  16. ZackTactical34

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    What are you talking about? The whole point of my post was to show how advanced TCL was (that's why I did a side by side comparison with Smart AI Mix to prove that very fact). Obviously you didn't get that. Also, I have not anywhere near been posting on every Arma 3 discussion on A2 mods (complete fabrication). Discussing how machine learning is unnecessary by giving video evidence to the contrary is indeed relevant. Posting an AI experiment on a generic AI discussion thread for Arma like Discord is perfectly legitimate as well (it would say A3 if it were the case). You don’t get to make up the rules and call people odd if they violate them.
  17. Hi, I'm trying to make a map and everything has been working except for previewing roads in Buldozer. I'm hesitant to export the map to see if my roads are working. I am using Lappihuan's Buldozer tools, however when I hit "1" no roads appear, when I hit "2" the time of day changes to noon so the tools are working. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here, I have changed the geolocation of my map to put it in the Canadian arctic but that shouldn't be an issue. Here's my road library. I have all the referenced textures extracted to my P drive, so they should be working. Any ideas of how I can get this working.
  18. hcpookie

    PRACS: SLA Faction 2017

    Are the face blackouts a new glasses mod? Must. Have.
  19. Do you plan to have the toggle visor option work with the Arma 3 Jets?
  20. Vandeanson


  21. Laqueesha

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Just found out about that Cold War Germany DLC and it looks sick. I usually don't buy fan-made DLCs but this may be an exception. Note that the gloves won't show up if you use the USM mod, so be forewarned. The CUP M16s are very good, though a recent update made them a bit anachronistic for Cold War/old school usage as they're now FN Herstal M16s and the M16s used in the old days were made by Colt, IIRC. I myself prefer the GSTAVO M16A2 pack as they're Colt ones, making them perfect for use with old school stuff, though they seem to have very high poly counts affecting FPS in some cases if your GPU is a bit old.
  22. I know that creating explosion and impact Fx in Arma is notoriously difficult. But how hard is it to tweak Bohemia's vanilla effects via config? For instance, I need a larger, more visible version of the default bullet impact, to represent a 4-inch cannon ball. Is there a config value that would simply scale up the smoke and particles produced?
  23. oldbear

    Yet Another Arma Benchmark

    Here is a screen shot of a rather rare event in YAAB. Helicopter came back and attack transport truck. So far has happened 3 times over around 200 + YAAB runs since Tanks and Jets DLC release. Note the very high GPU usage -99,4%- in this [R3 2200G+EZ RX550 16Go 3000MHz 1080p] run using Test Standard settings, Arma3 High Quality and custom AA&PP parameters along the "Bear method".
  24. Yeah, popping up in every ArmA 3 discussion on AI and pimping your ArmA 2 mods does make y'all a bit weird. There's a whole entire forum for it over here; ARMA2 & OPERATION ARROWHEAD
  25. ZackTactical34

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    Discussing AI on a thread specifically about AI makes one a weirdo? That’s pretty odd. If you’re implying people aren’t interested, then why have I had several people inquire about the mod mix for A2 (which is what me and Chris call it)? Seems more like an issue on your end. Also, if I’m so obsessed over A2, then why did I create a video demonstrating how excellent TCL is for A3? Seems kinda contradictory.
  26. Jannings


    Hello, First off I just want to say Thank you so much for a game mode I've been searching for forever, as a mission maker I've used everything from ALiVE to custom building the whole mission and Warlords gives the intense combat oriented, easily modable experience I've wanted to bring to my players for nearly a year now. Now on to my question: Does anyone at all know if the AIS Medical System would be compatible with warlords instead of using the regular medic system im using now?
  27. God, no, please don't ask that. Basically there are a couple of weirdos eccentrics who keep popping up in ArmA 3 discussions on AI and banging on about their secret-sauce AI 'mix'. You'll eventually find out that these (collections of existing mods by other people) are actually for ArmA 2 and thus not really at all relevant to the current discussion.
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