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  2. beno_83au

    [Release] SleepingAI

    @Play3r Your init.sqf should look something like this: init.sqf _units = [unit1,unit2,unit3]; nul = [_units] execVM "MIL_SleepingAI\initSleepingAI.sqf"; OR, just: nul = [[unit1,unit2,unit3]] execVM "MIL_SleepingAI\initSleepingAI.sqf"; Then you need to make sure your units are also named. If it still isn't working you really should post your init.sqf contents here.
  3. harper1998

    Exported Textures are Blurry

    I have a new issue
  4. Hmm I've never heard of that one before. Did you try running the installer script in the download? That should put everything where it needs to go. EDIT: I just had a thought. When did you download TPW MODS? You might have tried to download it just as I was updating it through Dropbox. Please try downloading it again just to be sure.
  5. @AirShark @mickeymen @Zakuaz Please download TPW MODS again. I've incorporated each of your suggestions. If they're OK then I'll announce the release.
  6. AveryTheKitty

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    @DnA Minor issue with the Gorka / Granit Suit's textures. On the camouflage version, the camo is in the wrong area. It should be where the dark green is. Blue arrow shows where flat green should be. Red arrow shows where camouflage should be. Please note that the camouflage is in the wrong area across the uniform, not just on the pants.
  7. I only recently found this mod and I am super interested in giving it a shot! After a couple hit or miss attempts at installing the mod, I believe I managed to do it right after I got the "TPW Initializing" message on the top of my screen when I load in. After this however, my game freezes and crashes, giving me a STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error any time I load into a mission. I couldn't find anything relating to the error and TPW combined on Google or any sort of forums, and I've tried troubleshooting the error code itself with no luck. If anyone has any insight I'd be very thankful.
  8. yxman

    [MP/SP/COOP] Asymmetric Warfare Thread

    would like to try it coop, would you please provide a proper dl mirror: http/ftp (onedrive/googledrive/etc)
  9. arthrfortune

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    the decontamination shower don't want to work like when i press the button to start the large shower but it does not work
  10. Today
  11. @Vandeanson I've been developing a mod/mission called State of Chaos, its a zombie apocalypse survival mode. I'm incredibly interested in integrating this in, and I'd be more than happy to help you with any testing that you need (I have a dedicated server and some scripting experience). Feel free to DM me if you're interested Also, I can't seem to get the stones to mine correctly. Are there specific rocks?
  12. arthrfortune

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    the decontamination shower don't want to work like when i press the button to start the large shower but it does not work also the SCBA cans are so fun even though they have no textures its still fun to shoot them and see them go flying
  13. denzo

    NO, BIS, NO.

    I found this very profound. Well said mate.
  14. denzo

    NO, BIS, NO.

    What have I started? Brothers, I wanted only to share my opinion and personal frustration with fellow players. Regardless what reason you play ArmA for, MiliSim, Life, Epoch, Ravage or just to drive tanks in to rabbits. Fact is, we all still find our niche within this one very game, which is very expansive and progressive in terms of content and community. I'm pretty proud of that. And even though there are many differing opinions here, its nice to see we are all just as dedicated. Peace.
  15. I'm making a simple Zeus mission and I want an outro for the mission that just fades to black and just shows up text, I've seen this done on a mission intro or at the beginning of missions on youtube but nothing on doing it when the mission ends, I can use things like triggers or just the mission failed or accomplished thing in Zeus, thanks!
  16. Also noticed and like this 'unfocused awareness' as tension mounts in those moments of uncertainty
  17. Basically when i execute it, my game freezes for like a minute then it crashes with the exitcode: 0xC0000005 - STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION. I use the following on the parent display: enableDisplay = 1; enableSimulation = 1; idd = 98111; On the child display i use the same. Does the parent display need to be opened with createDisplay or can I open it as a dialog, because i have been opening the parent display as a dialog. Thanks
  18. Yesterday
  19. krycek

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    As I'm not a tractor connoisseur seems I've missed the hidden benefits of this specific tactical asset. Regarding Montignac I've been to that place too a few times. I used something more archaic like my auto-legs to escape so I can't comment how would I have fared with the tractor vs Hind.
  20. R0adki11

    Where is Hand of MoscoW ?

    Not likely, most forum members like to stay with the same identity. As Moderators often get requests to merge accounts etc. As we haven't seen any of his content since the release of Arma 3 i would have to assume he is no longer making content.
  21. maxl30

    Where is Hand of MoscoW ?

    Yes but maybe he have a new account, i only want to ask for any A3 contnt of him. Or is he maybe joined a group ?!
  22. R0adki11

    Where is Hand of MoscoW ?

    As addon making is a hobby, i would have to assume Hand of Moscow is busy with other things. As you can see from his forum profile he last visited in 2013, so its quite likely he will not be returning for Arma3.
  23. maxl30

    Where is Hand of MoscoW ?

    @pierremgi Please dont comment it when you didnt have a answer, thanks.
  24. major-stiffy

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    I liked the Kujari terrain that @Vafana did so I added some of my own flavors to his release. Removed multiple marker capability. Added more stronghold and airport locations plus Added more structures to them. (but not a lot). Holster weapon with AddAction. More stuff in boat on spawn. PM to Alky
  25. b00ce

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    And the beginning of people whining about how it isn't done yet. Great work so far by the way, keep it up.
  26. maxl30

    Where is Hand of MoscoW ?

    Hey, i ask for A3 mods from @Hand of MoscoW not A2 mods, i just show them to make you understanding who i mean, A2 is long ago.
  27. pierremgi

    Where is Hand of MoscoW ?

    Not a reason! There are some sections, even on BI forum, you know.
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