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Island Panthera for ArmA 2

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Version: v2.9

Release date: Dec 27 2012

Previous release: 2.61 (May 9th, 2010)


Complete readme file can be found here:


Change log


- fixed mountain heights, smoothened out terrain
- added Maleficio island on NW
- new town of Arnoldstein (based on another RL town from Cyprus, but it has nothing to do with Austrian Arnoldstein btw)
- Drulovka Army depot based on 1:1 size located in RL Slovenia, near Kranj
- tweaked satellite map data
- added roads and airports to the satellite map
- updated Soca River banks
- added rock formations to major mountains and hills
- fixes some trees to be more summer-like
- new bridges
- added a developer place (small island) on SW
- new forest optimizations, bushes and rocks offer more cover now
- various bugfixes

- fixed and now working: ladders, doors and other active stuff
- lighting optimizations
- clutter optimization

- removed dependency to Isla Duala
- added new sector: Asabana Desert (South of Fishers Corner)
- 5 new desert towns (Zappada, Cato, Foxhill, Belley and Rockburn)
- added road Koritnica-Fishers Corner
- texture and clutter optimizations
- added civilian spawn markers for Silvie/Alice modules
- couple of new FOBs (bases)
- smoother roads

- major optimizations and increased framerates (trees)
- new improved satellite image and ground textures
- improved ground clutter (grass, ferns, mushrooms)
- redefined sounds and physics for all ground types
- towns and villages feature beaten path instead of grass
- fixed entrances of Boh. Bistrica Factory (zombie addon request)
- upgraded ibr_plants.pbo to latest Isla Duala version, cut down RPT errors
- upgraded Boryana Airport with new hangar, taxi path and ILS system (AI can only land)
- couple of minor road and height fixes
Note: if you experience any problems with missions, unpack/depbo them, load them into ingame editor and save as a new .pbo (multiplayer map). That should fix any height problems.

v2.4 (March 18th, 2010)
- SBP Team internal testing version

v2.31 (October 29th, 2009)
- Skooma rebuilt as New Skooma, increased 300% for CQB fans, more realistic urban design.
- fixed floating buildings (Tarvisio, Radovljica)
- fixed urban layout of Zelezniki, Radovljica and Boh.Bistrica according to RL
- improved Jesenice Hospital
- smoothed out bunch of terrain slopes and roads
- fixed Island Church, Bled
- replaced BIS hangars from A2 to A1, working perfectly now
- improved transformation from desert (vegetation/rocks)
- added village of Nomenj
- added new road from Dreznica to Tolmin with new settlements in between
- added steel bridge across Soca at Kobarid
- improved highest mountain Triglav with new rock formations
- improved Lesce Airport (flat asphalt)
- fixed palm trunks on steep slopes
- further improvement of satellite texture, removed dark violet places

- improved terrain texture quality
- new ibr_rn.pbo instead of old BIS roads.pbo, no more CAA1 interference
- new "ILuvGreen" trees/bushes (to achieve summer look)
- added missing paa files & fixed config errors
- new villages of Livek and Radovna added
- new island added on SW, property of Druglord Ramon Vidal (Taff Grove Town & Pikia Village)
- added Northern Tropical Sector, river, villages, forests and lakes
- added a racing park Pantherion for fun with cars and bikes
- updated heightmap of fictional desert area, now more realistic terrain layout
- improved "Cliffhanger" areas with rock formations and added several lakes (as in real-life)
- added ILS/AI landing + takeoff points for Arnoldstein
- upgraded airport Arnoldstein
- improved make-shift runway in Bovec
- several terrain height fixes and roads smoothed out
- gas station Schnell and army fuel stations can now explode
- resolved bumpmapping issue with pebble texture
- removed palm tree from the middle of desert road
- added server keys for admins

- internal testings only

- major overhaul for ArmA 2 engine
- added growth, replaced all objects
- added roads
- added new fictional jungle section (SW part of map) with fishing villages
- added new fictional desert town of Skooma (SE part of map)
- added military ammo depots
- improved water color
- replaced all trees with A2, added palms from A1
- recolorization of plants
- new improved sat image
- replaced ground textures with hi-res

- final release for ArmA 1
- fixed satellite image
- added airport runways to sat.image
- removed trees off the roads, altered two bridge heights 
- smoothened out a couple of bumpy roads
- added couple more villages (real world positions)
- tweaked vegetation

Please report bugs to:



Official Site




Unpack with free 7-zip and check out readme.txt. Install is easy, unpack @Panthera to your Arma2 Root folder and run game with -mod=@Panthera parameter. Be sure to unpack all files, not just .pbos! Serverkey folder is only for dedicated server admins.

Please post mirrors and feedback on the map!

Have fun! If you have a mission for it, let us know too!

Edited by IceBreakr

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Awesome downloading now, thank you, ill post some screens later of the island.

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Just got it, awesome map. Not sure if it's an issue of me having to place a logic for it down... but landing autopilot tries to land in the water lol. Other than that great job! Lookin forward to seeing what kind of mission I can make with this.

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Great stuff, IceBreakr, had a quick test last night and it was really good,

It runs well and looks great . and its nice to see some palmtree's in Arma2,

that jungle part is a real beauty, cant wait to see your next projects,

Real quality, keep it up!

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Thanks guys, means a lot to me!

I've spent couple of weeks to sort it out for A2, its the first time BIS didn't include the objects from a predecessor :/

Anyway, I will need help with that configs for all 4 airports. I doubt I can do this fixes today, I'm packing for a roadtrip.

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Outstanding job. This island has everything! I am getting good fps after about 2 hours of testing. Thank you so much for this brillant work. I love it.


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yeah thanks for this awesome great island !!!

its a very good work with perfect details....

i will upload this to our server as soon as possible.

take this cti wich i made for panthera to test the island.

Proman for panthera

thank you Icebreaker and SBP Clan

fantastic work...

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holy chit.. running this map with all graphic settings on very high & 10k view..ive only got a ATI 3850 AGP :eek:....someone needs to take some notes from this dude.

Awesome work !!!

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Downloading now.

But only one smal question. Is the AI able to stick to the roads? Or don´t they recognize them?

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its the first time BIS didn't include the objects from a predecessor

Not true. Some OFP objects were not included in ArmA.

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Tonci87: we did a 2,5 hour MP coop on it (I'll start to release missions in a week or so) and so far AI performs well on roads. Sometimes convoys get stuck on bridges (one vehicle crosses normally, while second stops) but that is BIS's problem with A2. In A1 they work without a hitch. If I'll have time I'll replace roads in upcoming v2.1 with latest ones from BIS.

p.s. AI overturned one vehicle (vodnik) and so did a human player on our side (LAV), so I guess AI is good =) but be carefully with choppers: AI is so excited to see Panthera they put daring maneouvers and often end in hillsides after they can't pull up ;)

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Fantastic work :) One question tough, will it replace any objects in chernarus? I put all my addons in ONE modfolder, and usually play with it, and i would not want anything to change in chernarus?

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great work will put this tonight on the server and lets see.

I hope indeed you give some missions free

Keep it coming.

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