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  1. Free Games

    Sins Of A Solar Empire: Rebellion free until 18th. I don't know much about this game, but some people really like it. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/sins-of-a-solar-empire-rebellion
  2. Well, I've seen stupidity in AI behavior, and I've seen stupidity in human-player behavior, I'd be hard pushed to favour one over the other :) AI, while not perfect, is acceptable IMO. There's the possibility to tweak it, mod it, and use numbers to give appropriate levels of challenge in non-PVP gameplay. I don't do too much online play, I just like to pootle about in my own scenarios. Changing stuff around and adding randomisation gives me surprises and keeps me entertained :) I'd say having AI in ArmA is pretty much a must, will it be perfect? No, but are human players perfect? No, so choose your stupidity and play within it :) I get huge enjoyment out of the AI.
  3. AI Spot distance

    setSkill might be the way to go. As in: _thisUnit setSkill ["spotDistance", 0.25];
  4. AI Spot distance

    That solution won't stop the units from moving slower, it'll just stop you hearing the report :) I'd suggest lowering the spot distance of the units, or adding some fog.
  5. Lack of good usermade SP content

    I only play SP, and really only my own SP missions. I seem to have a different outlook than those expressed here. For me, a mission I make has to be replayable by me, the mission creator. I do this by introducing a very basic player goal against a randomised background noise. I use tools like DAC to create randomness within limits, so for example I'll have a central area controlled by DAC with all kinds of randomised patrols and enemy. I then either use DAC to move another opposing force through that area, or maybe manually do that part. For my own team I'll often have a base team of some size (8, say) consisting of the most important group types (AT, AA, Machine gun etc), have two of each. Then each unit will have a 50% chance of spawning at mission start. In this way I have a different makeup of team members to think about. Sometimes no AT will spawn at all, other times I'm short of AA or machine guns, or medics or whatever. It makes me approach the same mission in different ways. If the enemy and friendly forces are all similarly randomised (which you can do with DAC) then I also don't know the positions, number, and makeup of the AI entities. I then give myself some simple goal within this chaotic environment, and every time it's a different experience. Add to this randomised weather, fog & time of day etc,, plus the idea of selecting everything & just moving it all around the map I can play the same mission 50 times before moving on.
  6. I'm happy to see regular large updates to this :) over time it may come up to what I was expecting to see, this update seems to address a huge problem for many people. Myself I'm not big on MP survival games etc, but I'll certainly look forward to more work being done on working ecosystems :)
  7. I don't use a HC at all, just nuts-simple SP missions I like to pootle about in. I'm pretty sure that about a year ago I could call the camera function easily, first time and straight away each time, but recently I can't after a certain amount of complexity has built up. This is also noticeable in smoke scripts that I have where they still emit (#particlesource), but don't update their parameters (which are altered via script over time). I run these scripts concurrently in a DAC environment, each script monitoring and affecting a smoke source. If DAC/my scripts/all the other 3rd party scripts are being subject to some new(ish) script scheduling process then I guess this could all add up. Until now I assumed it was my computer getting old and ArmA becoming more complex. But yes I suspect some scheduling issue now.
  8. Yeah real shame, if not for this DAC would still be my most-used addon/script suite. I suspect there's been some script scheduling change that's done this, very often I will try to spawn a camera from the console and I can wait up to 20 minutes before the script runs and I get my camera, if ever. That's the most visually obvious symptom of this for me.
  9. How to get over the fear of talking?

    As has already been discussed here, an extreme fear of public speaking can be best sorted out by initially visiting a doctor. He/she will refer you to a behavioral therapist or hypnotist. Other than that, if you wish to gradually increase your exposure to public speaking you can start by only speaking when you have some game-related information to say. Like your current position when asked, your current status, and enemy call-outs. You can't get into any imagined trouble by just doing this, and over time you will feel more comfortable saying other stuff.
  10. R.I.P John "TotalBiscuit" Bain

    Oh rly ;) I guess I could hear it in his voice recently though. He had that weakened timbre that happens in these occasions.
  11. R.I.P John "TotalBiscuit" Bain

    I was down in southern Czech Republic over the weekend for a wedding, and I met a bunch of Czechs down there who were on a hilltop lamenting exactly this. I knew he had cancer but that was when I heard he had died. I always enjoy his reviews and am sorry this has happened to him, and of of course his family & friends.
  12. Try changing the Buldozer control assigns.
  13. ^ I would suggest looking at your .rpt file for clues. Either way, you're probably looking at using DAC in it's scripted way rather than the module way, as there are definitely engine/content changes that affect DAC in its freshly downloaded state. In its scripted form, you can hunt down the errors and correct them.
  14. Wavy Gunsight

    If you're playing SP and would just like to ignore weapon sway for your own personal gaming reasons, try: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setCustomAimCoef
  15. Yes I see this regularly, particularly with complex setups or high-numbers of units. But I also see something similar in my scripted smoke effects - I believe there is some script execution scheduling problem/optimisation going on that halts 3rd party scripts when things get complex. The most obvious example of this is when I try to execute a roving camera view script (so I can look around and check things out), when the mission is getting old and with lots of things happening, the script doesn't execute straight away and will often suddenly execute at a (much) later inopportune time :)