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  1. thanks Snkman it's working now :)
  2. all my ennemy units are using gl4_ia by default but i need some of them without gl4 so they could use upsmon script instead. // GL4 Enemy A.I. Enhancement: // ============================================================== // Choose if the "Enemy A.I. Enhancement" should be used. // Note: Set this value to False to disable the "Enemy A.I. Enhancement" completly. // True / False, default is True GL4_Core set [1, False]; i tried setting this to false but it desactivate gl4 for all units, i tried to add some module but i can't figure how to enable gl4 only for some units.
  3. camus25555

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    i have @zeus_ai and @zcommon in my arma2 folder, are these the same mods or different?
  4. you can find all ace items here =cfg_faction_classes&options[custom_type]=Item&options[faction]=Default"]http://browser.dev-heaven.net/cfg_weapons/classlist?=ACE+with+ACEX%3A+1.5+Beta+-+Combined+Ops&version=22&commit=Change&options[group_by]=cfg_faction_classes&options[custom_type]=Item&options[faction]=Default this is the russian gas mask: ACE_GlassesGasMask_RU i don't see any beret
  5. thanks for the tip i was looking for French letter "é è à " to show in my briefing :bounce3:
  6. add this command in ammo crate this addweaponCargo ["ACE_GlassesTactical", 5]; this addweaponCargo ["ACE_Earplugs", 5]; this addweaponCargo ["ACE_GlassesLHD_glasses", 5]; this addweaponCargo ["ACE_GlassesGasMask_US", 5]; this addweaponCargo ["ACE_GlassesBalaklava", 5]; etc..
  7. camus25555

    RUM Assets

    Draper that's a great script, the new multiple bombing run is fun and the arty tool is awesome. i wish you could add helo transport from your previous script and maybe paradrop ammo crate from plane or helo that would be a all in one script.
  8. camus25555

    RH Hk416 pack 1.2 for OA / CO

    oooww new tar21 :) i like
  9. nice update and you added faces in profile
  10. this setfuel 0 and when you need the plane to take off this setfuel 1
  11. oh yea more units :) McNools i was wondering if you were able to make headgears, the one we choose in profile. Mercenaries mod use nice headgears: helm, cap, gaz-mask etc.. and it would be great in your mod.
  12. camus25555

    Dren's OA EditorUpdate

    oh nice i need this thanks :)
  13. Thanks for your mission R.Flagg, i understood how this is working now :)
  14. im trying to use ace unit in editor and i can't find them: ACE_USMC_SoldierS_Spotter_D even with editing mission.sqm it doesn't work, were they removed?