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  1. WYZe1

    Post-Apocalypse mod

    nice, lookin forward to this
  2. Awesome map, it kinda looks like crisis in one of those pics, that's insane.
  3. WYZe1

    Isla Duala

    cant wait for this one, Ice why dont you just upload to sendspace or something?, im sure the rest of the uploaders will come around and get there version up eventually, but there are plently of free uploaders out there sendspace megaupload mediafire rapidcrap you get the idea.
  4. just tried the latest version and its really nice looking, but it lags so damn bad now its worse then chernarus for me, while your first version didnt lag much at all, i think its all those rocks you have now, but hey atleast it looks nice. good job and nice improvment, but if its possible to figure out whats causing the stutters that would be great.
  5. Ziggy what is in that sound mod? is it all sounds or just certain sounds?
  6. This map is really awesome, im lovin it. If anyone is interested try adding sand wind from the Nim weather mod and the Namalsk Default module. Be sure to check out the higher quality link under the picture. Results Hi Res:http://img709.imageshack.us/img709/4527/arma22009121503180373.jpg
  7. Hi Res:http://img709.imageshack.us/img709/4527/arma22009121503180373.jpg Quesh-Kibrul v1.0, NiM weather, Namalsk Module
  8. cool mod but i honestly haven't seen any of the features while playing since i cant figure out how to get them to work, is there some kind of documentation or a change log which tells me what is actually in this mod and how to use the stuff, sorry if there is one already , but this thread is just way to huge to go scrolling through it to find stuff. a few bugs i have noticed while haiving ace and acex running 1.there is no voice sound for my squad, the text still comes up though, just no sound 2.alot of the time when i start up the editor, and i place a soldier he always starts with his pistol drawn and not his main weapon 3.placing the special forces guys seem to crash the game, i think this might be a newer issue since its only been happening with a recent update
  9. incredible island, and the performance is really good also, nicely done.
  10. just put all those pbo and bisign files in with the rest of the files in the CAA1 folder and it should work fine, thats how i have it
  11. WYZe1

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

    just played a couple of matches, the game is incredible, the sound actually impressed me even more once i started playing, hit detection is very good also and there is bullet drop with all the weapons so that is a huge instant buy for me right there. Im playing on a SD tv right now though and its really hard to see stuff, the map is a huge desert like area and alot of stuff blends in, but im hoping once i get to try it out on my other hdtv things will be alot more clear and easier to spot out, Sniping is interesting, you cannot reload while you are looking down your scope, you have to unscope and then reload, so you can loose your target pretty easy, but it doesnt bother me, sniping in this game will require skill and that means less of them around, which is good imo i couldnt help myself though from thinking the whole time that i wish had of been playing on my pc, i think this game is gonna be alot better on pc already, and thats only because of how awesome it plays now on consoles. ill post more tommorow once i have more time with it i didnt hear any snaps unfortunately, but you do hear bullets go by your head and if a rocket passes you it sounds amazing, i think i might post on the beta board about suggesting bullet snaps, maybe some people will get on board and we will see if the devs reply, the sound designers have really nailed a real war atmosphere very well imo, but if they add that in there it would be amazing.
  12. well i run them with mod folders, sorry i should of been more specific.
  13. So i haven't played arma 2 in a bit now, but i just looked at my mods folder and its like 12gb lol, so much stuff in there i didn't even realize, while having all this stuff in the game makes it really amazing, i was wondering, can too many mods cause technical problems? things like fps problems and random crashes? i notice if i load up my game as the vanilla version, it plays pretty smoothly, especially with the newer betas, but once i load up my modded game, i sometimes feel like the game is slowing down, random stutters and stuff, so maybe some things are conflicting? i also notice some mods use cba, but for some reason cba does not work sometimes with the vanilla patch, and it will work with the betas, its weird and i may be totally wrong about that, but now that i have so many different mods its gonna be pretty hard what the hell is causing the conflict. Anyone else have a large amount of mods and have issuses? or am i the only one, maybe ill just start adding them one by one to find the cause, but these day i dont seem to have time for that.
  14. WYZe1

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

    ya ill play tonight and make a post tomorrow with impressions, so far it looks pretty damn good, and the sound design is probably the best stuff i have heard for a war game so it should be nice
  15. WYZe1

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

    i had two codes but i got pms and now there gone, anyways did any of you guys plan on playing it? i heard theres also a PC beta coming in december also which should be better