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  1. ThaGZAgenius

    Petition for ArmA2 WW2 Expansion

    Voted no. Would much rather see Vietnam.
  2. Ok ok ok Sounds? Are you Serious? Slow down guys. Have you no sound mods? I think the point that is constantly missed here is BIS makes games, and the community adds on. BIS makes new improved game with community input, and community adds on. This works as a partnership between the community and the actual developers of the game. This type of availability is unheard of. Name one company that gives you this type access to the developers. Other companys are garbage put out garbage, people complain, and they continue to do as they please, and put out more garbage. Jesus, have you not fucking seen Operation Arrowhead? The negativity here is laughable. You are missing the point completely. This has all been a wonderful journey. Does no one remember the beginning? OFP? If you played it, just think about the times you had on that game. Truly Epic. You should feel blessed and privileged that this software is even being made available for you to purchase. This IS the definitive military simulator. Nothing even comes close. BIS has already dominated, and now they will conquer with Operation Arrowhead. Game over.
  3. ThaGZAgenius

    3ds import

    sorry for the late response. real life sucks. thank you for your help MaxPower. I did manage to get model in arma correctly, remove animations, make selections, and completely optimize the model (the max pro optimizer is amazing), all thanks to you. So thank you once again. I always seem to get help on these forums, no matter what kind of dumb shit I am talking about. :D
  4. ThaGZAgenius

    3ds import

    Yes, I ment how to select certain parts of model in MAX, not O2. Everytime I try, it selects the entire model and not specific parts. Although, I have managed to cut the size down enough to get it to appear in buldozer. I used smooth edges. (obvious step, but I am a little rusty.) I would still like to know how to remove animations from .max models. :mad: Now I am off to find a way to "optimize" the model or cut down on polys. It is way too big. Does Oxygen2 have some sort of poly reduction tool? Or what program do you guys use?
  5. ThaGZAgenius

    3ds import

    thanks for that. I have given it a try, and it seems that the model is too big for import now. I thought that I could remove the parts of the model that are not needed to make it a smaller size, but when I try to select parts in max it selects the whole model. I cant just select one part. Any idea how to turn this off, so I can just select individual parts and delete them? Or is there a way to optimize and get count down? Also, does anyone know what the "ANIM" in the upper right corner of buldozer? Animations?
  6. ThaGZAgenius

    3ds import

    Hey Max The viewer seems to be working correctly for all other models. The model is a car, and somewhat large.(cant get buldozer back to 4view, so I can see how many polys, lol I am a f******noob.) Yes, I am viewing LOD 1.000 (this is the only one, other than cargo ect.) I dont know how to make sure the surface normals are polorized. But the Real Question is this: "Before you exported, did you reset the transform in Max? " How this this done? I did not do this before export. Can you please describe how to do this? I am not experienced in Max.
  7. ThaGZAgenius

    3ds import

    I need some help. I have imported a 3ds model into Oxygen2. When I try to view it in bulldozer I get only blue sky, no object. I do get small text in the upper left hand corner that says "anim". Anyone have any idea what could be causing this? All my other models work fine. I would appreciate any help.
  8. QUOTE: "I might just have to skip on the weapon. imagine having to clear a room of a building with that thing." Lol. Message me what server you play multi-player on. My trigger finger loves fish in a barrell. The negitivity on these forums makes me sick.
  9. ThaGZAgenius

    US Soldier Template

    Wow !! Just saw this. This is very kind of you. Excellent. I think I speak for all of us when I say Thank You for all or your contributions to this wonderful game.
  10. ThaGZAgenius

    Arma 2 MW2 Ghost?

    ok, so I will ask here. how do you use this face in mulitplayer? EDIT: ok got it into multiplayer, but once i use tactical glasses or goggles from ammo box, it removes my faces and replaces it with the glasses or goggles. Is there a way to use this face and the ACE items in ammo box on top of it without it changing my face? I have changed my ace config, that is how I got it in multiplayer in the first place. EDIT: Ok I got it working now. There was no glasses entry in my config for some reason. So I created it and all is working fine now.
  11. ThaGZAgenius

    Sound Editing

    Excellent Gnat Thank you as always. Let the work begin!
  12. Hello all, I am looking to change the sound of a truck in ArmA2. I dont really have any idea how the sound is defined. Is it in the config? Where are the default ArmA2 sounds kept? How do you change them? I have a tut for radio chatter and such, but cant seem to find anything speaking directly about creating and applying a sound to a car/truck. If anyone can offer information, or direct me to a resource. That would be cool.
  13. Ok. I have been away for awhile, but I must be missing something. I am having trouble even finding the downloads (all 5 components). I get directed to some page, or filefront which doesnt give any download. What the hell am I missing? Lol. Help me out, so I can get started.
  14. ThaGZAgenius

    New copy of ArmA 2. Patch directly to 1.05?

    Perfect! Thank you for the quick response.