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  1. The default 16 & 17 custom controls should be blank..least mine were. I used 2 buttons on my G25 shifter, mapped them to custom controls 16 & 17 Check these instructions out..they helped me out a lot getting this to work. SETTING UP A KEY. ----------------- The system requires you have one available key for mapping in the game options. A second key is required for using the ingame instructions.This second key is optional. To map your keys please follow these instructions:- 1.Start the game. 2.Goto "OPTIONS". 3.Goto "CONTROLS". 4.Set the key filter at the top to "CUSTOM CONTROLS". 5.Assign a key to "Use Action 17" This will be your PLANNER KEY. 6.(Optional)Assign a key to "Use Action 16" This will be your Help key.To turn on the ingame instructions Press and hold whilst outside the map until you see the confirmation in the top right of the screen these instructions will now appear in the map screen. Repeat the above to turn them off. INSTRUCTIONS. ------------- 1.Open the map,Select a unit or units and press your planner key to assign them to the system. 2.Place a Waypoint by clicking on the map. 3.Set the waypoint orders using the interface. Press DONE when you are ready to set the waypoint. 4.Repeat steps 2&3 as required. To delete the last waypoint press your Planner Key. 5.When you've placed the last of a teams waypoints,and it is NOT a Patrol waypoint, Click within the Orange halo (Zoom in!) of the last waypoint to finalize them. Patrol waypoints set automaticaly. 6.Repeat steps 1 to 5 for other teams. 7.When your plan is ready EXIT THE MAP. 8.Execute your plan using your planner key with NO units selected. To cancel your plan press your planner key again with NO units selected. To advance a team through a 'Wait' Waypoint select that teams leader and press your planner key.
  2. I tried Aircraft waypoints and the pilots did not follow the markers..but it would be pretty cool to plan a patrol route for Aircraft in real time planning...plus drop bombs on marker 4..hint hint Ground vehicles are working...the problem is they all take off soon as you set the first marker.. but they will follow their patrol routes once the plan is all setup... Infantry units work great..wish each group/unit had a separate planning key and could carry out orders like setting satchels on say marker 3..hint hint..hehe. "So here is my dilema, should I restrict access to the system from vehicles that meet a certain criteria, eg. vehicle has waypoints,or,vehicle is already manned by units other than the players group. Or, should I just leave it upto the player." IMO ..leave it up to the player. Looking forward to updates. Thank you..
  3. This addon is awesome!!!..It makes the single player experience so much better. Keep up the great work. Any chance for a future update so vehicle's work with this ? Maybe a stance option also ? Thank you.
  4. CuDa

    [SP] A day like many others

    Trying to clear crash site and the pilot trying to kill me, the other dude has no gun tho..hehe I would also like to know how you do side HQ missions. Thank you
  5. Why are there like 4 versions of 1.54 online ?...1.54.72938, 1.54.72898, 1.54.72889, 1.54.72888...which i have 1.54.72888 version...confused..hehe downloaded from armaholic.com
  6. Bullet Time/Camera..looks sweet!!..will be looking for your new update keep up this great mod.. Thank you
  7. Trackir 5 + x52 pro + Eurofighter= OMG!!! Thank you
  8. I am new to all of this stuff but my missions are in PBO form and not SQM..is there anyway to search for missions in PBO form ? Thank you
  9. Yea, I saw this to in OA..smoke & fire mod with warfxparticles together that caused that effect...took out warfxparticles mod and it was fine.
  10. Awesome launcher!!..imo, best one..The only other two things I can think of, would be when you click on a mod a picture comes up of that mod..like some modders will have a pic of their mod included inside folder ..if there was a way you could link your launcher to that pic, where you see it inside of your launcher, that would be omg so cool..because I have so many mods a lot of times i forget what mod is what...hehe..and second one would be a check all mod option where you could turn it off and on..but if you dont add these, no biggie..still awesome launcher..Thank You!!
  11. CuDa

    Tracer Effects

    WarFX Particles + TracersWAR ..works fine for me. great work..thank you.
  12. CuDa

    Shooting Range map???

    Nice job Tractorking...thank you.
  13. Same here.. error thunder lighting effect. rest of it is great tho. Thank you.
  14. CuDa

    Operation Hammer (SP)

    took me 2hrs..but iam alive..not sure what happen to my team tho..lol man i used that smoke/fire mod..that whole factory was a fireball..pretty cool..haha thank you for the mission.