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  1. Nixo

    Better animations?

    I like the new aninations and the smoothness. However, throwing grenades... It feels, too mainstream FPSish. You just fling the grenade. I ave thrown a live hand grenade and that's not how I would do it. I likes the previous arma animations but they could still be a bit inproved
  2. Nixo

    ArmA 3 System Requirements

    Hi. I have watched game-debate.com for some info on this. But it is not always that accurate. My question is, how well do YOU thing I will be able to run arma 3 here is my specs. Those which I know atm. CPU: Intel core 2 duo e8400 @3.0ghz GPU: Ati Radeon HD 7770 1gb RAM: 4gb (ddr2????) According to game-debate the CPU is 6 points GPU is 9 points which is a bit high in my oppinion, and the RAM is 5 points. Those are most likely the most important parts and the ones I know. Oh yeah and my OS is a Windows 8 but that should not have such a big impact on gameplay.
  3. A small update. Having some trouble with the rvmat files for the weapons. And progress has been overall pretty slow. For those who wish for a winter war mod, this is probably not what you are looking for. The addon will consist of finnish winter units. Soldiers mainly. Maybe a retextured bmp2. And some foes.
  4. - Possibly, I myself do like the m85 gear, since I wore that when I was in service (m85 mixed with m05). The plan is to first make the rk 62 release ready, and it will be released as a separate addon, since there is probably alot of people who just wants the rifle and play with the FDF units. Then I will concentrate on the units, The units are basically a hobby project since I have alot to do in real life. But if there is time, I will try to add m05 stuff :) As I mentioned above, the rifle is priority number one. Then I would like to get some m85/m05 units ingame in both winter and summer camo. If there is time. I will REMAKE the units, since I don't have the main files anymore.
  5. Hello, I am back! Just wanted to show you a ridiculously early WIP image :) Stay tuned for more. I bet all you finnish conscripts who has used the rk62 have been waiting for this weapon. Sorry for the low quality pic.
  6. Nixo

    FDFmod 1.0

    SitRep!? Any progress? Been wondering how it goes with the XA-180.
  7. Nixo

    daveygary's Rangers

    Really looking foreward to the release!
  8. Nixo

    FDFmod 1.0

    After being in the defence forces for some time now, the only thing I would change would be the sound of the RK. I know that you have all fired the RK a couple of hundred times during your time of service. But to me it sounds a bit, light.
  9. Nixo

    FDFmod 1.0

    Yay! Congrats. I have some off duty time atm and tested the mod. It all looks awsome. The Rk95 looks way better now! Only thing I miss tough is units without any gear. In every other way. This has made my 2011! Thanks!
  10. Yes there is a problem with the bisign file... Will update that. Stand by. It may take some time tough. :(
  11. W00w Fox :D Can't wait. Keep it up!!!
  12. May I marry your skillz?
  13. Looks really great! Just like HBO's The Pacific. Great mini-serie :D
  14. Your units look awsome dude!
  15. I don't really know what you mean? And hydration carriers are quite common. I don't know what units you have been downloading, but the there is quite many units with either camelbak or the molle type. Or do you mean in real life? And about the helmets? Explain a bit more?