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Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

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It has nothing to do with looking at the weapon, you don't have to look down to be distracted.

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Does anyone know the reason as to why there are no trees/bushes in the Eden Editor? I can get them with a mod but clients will need that mod to connect to the server. Could these be added at some point please? It would make mission editing more interesting as we would be able to make our own parks, etc.

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Dear BIS! PLEASE finish the content, which for a long time could be taught "to lift the trailer support" , so that we will not suffer. PLEASE!


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also it would be nice to have code like this (which is from Lowlands warrior PiP mod):


class CfgVideoOptions
    class PiP
        class 2500_meters
            text = "2500m";
            value = 2500;
        class 3000_meters
            text = "3000m";
            value = 3000;
        class 4000_meters
            text = "4000m";
            value = 4000;


will be integrated into the game. Just because.


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In my opinion, the factions aren't well balanced at the moment. "balance" can be done via realism (unless in the real world there is a large power imbalance, an accurate representation of a range of vehicles will achieve acceptable balance, as in OFP-Arma2), or it can be done with fictional assets explicitly for gameplay.

Arma 3 has deviated pretty far into fiction, so I think its fair to expect some level of gameplay balance for the sake of gameplay.

We have 3 factions, at least 2 should be roughly equal (for full-scale war among technological peers), while (for me) its fine if the 3rd faction is lacking (for asymmetric warfare scenarios).

Obviously this should mean bluefor and Opfor are roughly equal, and AAF/syndicate/FIA can suck in comparison without a problem (not that they do).


Of course, there's many cases to consider, and mission makers can exercise a lot of flexibility, but in some cases, not much can be done without mods or scripting that is pretty jarring (like giving an MRAP a 120mm cannon or something).


I'll share my thoughts, and I'd like to hear other's thoughts.


So, some special cases:

1) Waterborne/beach assaults, mission starts with players near the shore (or only a short stretch of water to cross), which can of course be supported by airpower*, so lets compare the water assets:

SDVs: exactly even

Boats: basically exactly even, HMG vs minigun armament being the only difference (and easily re skinned to look appropriate)

Amphibious vehicles: Each side has just 1 wheeled amphibious APC/IFV, Blu: 40mm autocannon, Ind: 30mm autocannon and AT launchers, Opfor:HMG/GMG

Ind also gets the strider, but its weaker than the other assets, so.. meh. Blue for can be given the AAF's gorgon wih a simple texture swap, works well on Altis, not so much on Tanoa.

Opfor is the clear loser for waterborne assaults. Bluefor and Ind are fairly equal, but I'll hand it to Ind due to the AT missiles and the strider which has some interesting features (extendable camera, laser designation)


*Airpower strength discussion for later. The source of the airpower is debatable, but multiple airfields and islands on Tanoa render this relevant. Multiple airfields plus long bays render this relevant on Altis. Static ships place able offshore for bluefor render this relevant pretty much for any map with a lot of water.


2) Airborne assaults:

All sides have adequate helicopters for deploying infantry. CSAT has many that can give the dismounted troops organic airsupport (Kajman, Xian, armed orca), while other sides basically need dedicated combat aircraft for this... up to the mission maker, neutral so far

Vehicle deployment via helicopter: AAF can deploy tankettes (Nyxs), Opfor and Bluefor can onle deploy weak MRAPs and LSVs.

AAF wins this one (note that at least for Tanoa, the Nyx has a skin that fits NATO well). Opfor can deploy Zamaks of all varieties, Nato could via scripting, but its a bit jarring (set mass and use civy retextures)

Airbone vehicle deployment via ViV VTOLs: AAF is out of this completely. Blufor can deploy the massive Rhino-UP and Marhsal, Opfor deploys just LSVs.... Blufor clearly wins here.

Overall, the blackfish means that Bluefor can deploy medium armor by air with 40mm autocannons and 120 mm cannon+ATGMs, while Ind is  sligloading tankettes, and opfor is slingloading mere MRAPs

Bluefor is the clear winner


Combine 1+2, and ones options with Opfor are quite limited for a combined arms operation without a direct overland push. The best they can do is gain air superiority and send in infantry + MRAPs with CAS support


3) Airpower without holding any land: Bluefor wins hands down, being able to operate jets from static ships. One can make offshore platforms that won't look too bad using the editor, for operating helos and VTOLs, so I'd say Opfor comes in 2nd here.

The ships can be used by other factions, but its a little jarring, and even then its just going to be heli carriers, or use more jarring scripts for fixed wing recovery/arrestor scripts.


General warfare:

1) Infantry

1a) infantry armor: The heavy torso armor vs moderate all around armor mechanic seems fine, except Opfor with tactical vests is already quite resistant at the torso, and the Apex special suits pushed the balance more towards CSAT. CSAT can also equip heavier vests from fallen AAF/NATO soldiers without restriction, while NATO/AAF can't do the same for CSAT armor (except the helmets). Giving it to Opfor here

1b) infantry weapons: AAF gets the short end of the stick generally (5.56mm standard weapons). Overall I'd say Opfor has a bit of an advantage here. Many of their weapons are better at what they are meant to do, while NATO weapons seem more general purpose (MX SW vs Zafir, MXM vs CMR, etc). An exception is the GM6 vs the LRR. The LRR is better at extreme sniping, but not by much. The GM6 with APDS rounds has an anti-materiel function that NATO completely lacks. Giving it to Opfor here


2) LSVs/technicals: Differences are minor. For Blu/Opfor HMG vs minigun. Vorona vs titan, speed, seating differences. Ind: only technicals, offroad and MB 4wd. HMG or LMG, unguided AT

Differences are minor, Independent loses, others draw


3)MRAPs: the differences are pretty minor. AAF gets an amphibious one with a gimmick (extendable camera, laser designator), but is too heavy for their helo to lift. Opfor gets one that carries 5. Blufor's lacks smokes, seats 4, is a bit more resistant to SAF. Easy scripting can give a Bluefor the AAF one. NATO MRAP camo sucks for Tanoa, is fine for Altis.

The differences are so minor here (SAF resistance, speed, seating), that I don't think there's a relevant balance issue.


4) Wheeled APCs: discussed above for amphibious vehicles. CSAT loses this one. The marid has the least armor and least firepower of the lot.

Opfor is the clear loser, Blufor and Ind are about even


5) Tracked IFVs: NATO gets only an HMG+GMG, Ind has an autocannon, CSAT has autocannon+AT missiles.

Opfor clearly wins

5a) including the slammer/Slammer UP as an IFV: Slammer wins, obviously

Blufor clealy wins if using the slammer as an IFV instead of an MBT isn't too jarring


6) Main Battle Tanks: Upgunning the slammer with the tanks DLC evened things out a bit (otherwise I'd say that Blufor is the clear loser). Still its slow. The T-141 and T-100, IMO clearly give Opfor the advantage. I suppose you can make missions/scenarios fairly balanced by giving Opfor only the T-100 and not the T-141. Rhino and Nyx aren't MBTs.

Giving it to Opfor here


7) Anti Air: Blufor and Opfor are basically exactly equal (SAMs, Radars, self propelled AA vehicles).

Independent loses, others are the same


8) Artillery: Blu and Op are nearly exactly equal with the howitzers. CSAT skins for the Zamack already exist, so its easy to make a Zamak MRL for CSAT that looks the part.

Blufor and Opfor Draw, Independent loses


9) Helicopter gunships: Independent clearly loses. The Kajman has a more potent cannon, is more durable, has a much greater IR sensor range, more payload. The Blackfoot's stealth properties are offset by its gimped IR scanner, and active radar giving it away if used. So the result is a less durable helicopter with less firepower

Opfor wins


10) Fixed wing CAS: Going to give it to the Wipeout here, slightly. The Neophron does pretty will here. Both clearly outperform  the buzzard for that role.

Ind loses, blu and Op essentially equal


11) Air superiority: Hard to say... the BW can mount more missiles. At their speeds the stealth vs non-stealth detection range difference doesn't make much difference. They've got no IR stealth. BW has a gimped IRST with half the range of the Shikra's. The Shikra is faster and can out turn it, but the BW can carry more missiles. The shikra can do more for SEAD (internal  ARM, can mount 3), BW can be more versatile for CAS as well with its SDBs. The Gryphon.... they gave it semi-stealth because of its small size. Its slower and lacks ARM missiles (although easy to add via script).

Overall, for being an "Apex predator" of other aircraft and for taking down enemy air defenses with ARMs;

I'm giving it to the Shikra, and thus to Opfor


In general, I'd say Opfor is the OP'd force... unless you want to have them cross water.


Proposed solutions to the above:

Special cases:

1) landing craft with ViV that can transport tracked IFVs, for all sides.

and continuing in spoilers, because its a long post, and many will TL:DR


Special cases:

2) A new CSAT vehicle, a light tank (but bigger than a Tankette). I'm thinking something like the LAV-25 from Arma 2, except for CSAT. Make it just barely sling loadable by the Taru (13 tons, the real thing is 12.8 btw), with a 25mm autocannon


3) An A2A variant of the Xian that has a longer radar range, can mount R-73 and R-77 on twin racks, less cargo/seating capacity)


General warfare:

1a) One of the following: Give Nato a full body armor suit too, or make vests side restricted like uniforms (at least the plate rigs that aren't the no flag variant), make armor-less CSAT uniforms that can be used in scenarios for balance purposes

1b) its close enough already I guess, maybe give NATO a 50 BMG rifle, there is already an ammo config for 50 SLAP rounds (ie APDS rounds), or add .408 SLAP rounds to the M320 LRR)

2-5) don't think anything is needed. Maybe a Pacific Nato skin for the gorgon (we've already got a NATO sand skin). Maybe implement a 50 SLAP magazine for the HMG of the Panther, the 50 SLAP ammo config already exists.


6) Bah, nothing needs to be done here, I guess. Nato skins for the Kuma would be welcome though


7-8) nothing needs to be done


9) Ungimp the IR sensor of the Blackfoot, give it a non-stealth variant with 2 external pylons


10) nothing needed


11) Ungimp the IR sensor of the black wasp, maybe give it a bit better radar stealth and a bit of IR stealth. Add internally carried HARMs (config already exists, so mission makers can change this)


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Can we get the Grass cutter object in an resizable box like the hide terrain object or trigger boxes. Would be nice if we could resize it to fit our needs.

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Please BIS, model a T-72 and implement it into A3 game. Almost at any time you can peek into your "Edita" and get reference how it looks and how to model it.

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  • Weapon systems like FAMAS-FELIN or OICW that can allow a character to shoot around corner without exposing its body.
  • HUD that can communicate with aforementioned weapon systems
  • Air-burst grenade weapon system.
  • Disposable launcher with proper animation <----- ( 17 years since OFP/CWA...still not featured )
  • Reworked inventory system that can allow a character to carry multiple disposable launcher based on weight limit.
  • Being able to walk inside a cargo of larger aircraft such as Blackfish <--- ( Joint Operations did it in 2004)
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nvidia was open nvidia physx sourens code will it bring arma3 building destruction, vehicle demage and other good things in game?

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2 hours ago, otarius-big said:

nvidia was open nvidia physx sourens code will it bring arma3 building destruction, vehicle demage and other good things in game?

Arma is already using physx since alpha..
Does Arma have that stuff already? No? Then why should they be added now?

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Probably already asked but important:

- sort vehicles by distance (nearest to farthest) in embark menu. Make the owned one more evident.

- on the same idea, sort pickable things by distance, and limit the list to ten or twenty firsts.

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Here are a few from my wishlist for the future Arma 3 or Arma 4.


  • Support reload animations for load-for-every-single-cartridges (I couldn't name it - I mean this)
  • Support alternative reload animations for tactical reload
  • Support alternative bullet inside chamber (30+1)
  • Separate animations for unload/load magazine
  • Animations for change firemode
  • Smooth transition for index finger (trigger control)
  • Support diffrent magazine model for a weapon (Is this becoming true? - Magazine Proxies)
  • Thrust reversal for fixed-wings
  • Foregrip (reduces recoil)
  • Expand vault (climb walls)
  • External animation for Aim Down Sight (leans his head to the sight, closes left eye)
  • Picture-in-Picture scope
  • Animation for bolt-action rifle (just like Iron Front: Liberation 1944, but support with the engine)
  • Advanced radio simulation (can be adjusted on difficulty)
  • Limited drone action/connection range
  • Melee / Weapon stock attack
  • Downwashable flags
  • Camouflage advantage for uniforms, weapons, any other equipments. I don't want to bring Arid Ghillie to Tanoa!
  • Malfunctions of weapons
  • Adjustable power for throwing
  • Underground structures
  • Improved gore (destroy of arms, legs and head)
  • More belivable fire effects (animations of tring extinguish, spreading fire to body, burns grasses)
  • River and ponds
  • Seasons for maps
  • Launch with only basic addons/don't load some assets (reduces loading time and useful for frequent re-launching especially modders)
  • Ability to disable wheel brakes of helicopters in Basic Flight Model and able to taxiing
  • Event Handler for expand/collapse Combo


  • Show/place/move markers in 3D space
  • Let us handle markers more precisious
  • Usable variable name in Eden Editor (Name a unit and can be used in debug console in editing screen)


  • Smooth move for Object (Move a Object from A to B in N seconds), don't want to use neither setPos nor setVelocityTransformation for every frame
  • Expand attachTo (when attach to a selection, it will rotate simultaneously with the selection)
  • Preload Texture command
  • Aim command (let a unit aim at somewhere you want)
  • Find copilot and controller
  • Adjust fuel consumption (for more frequent refuel)
  • fadeSound but adjust on sarround system (1 fadeSound [1,0] to fade from right)
  • Add special variable that contains index just like _forEachIndex for apply command
  • Create spotlights command
  • Get all localized strings (returns like ["STR_A3_foo","STR_A3_bar","STR_A3_hoge"...])


  • Snowy terrain and assets
  • African terrain and assets (Lombakka perhaps?)
  • Quickdraw pistols (fast change weapon)
  • Manned turret for MRAPs (Easy to neutralize gunners)
  • High-quality hand signals
  • Dynamic Loadout for ground vehicles (eg Technicals)
  • VR-themed objects, vehicles, equipments (IMO dirty Offroad in VR is odd)
  • Searchlights
  • Non-steerable round parachute
  • Improved reload animations for CAR-95-1 and AK-12
  • Monoeye nightvision
  • Expand dive features (new vehicles, new suits, new underwater weapons)
  • Authentic hairs for everyone
  • Texturable Invisible Wall (easy to see, easy to debug positions)
  • Visible lasersight (Non-IR)
  • Dynamic Loadout for KH-3A Fenguhuang
  • Flashlight for handguns (partly possible now)
  • Driveable “non-Wrecked” Minivan
  • Drag and carry body feature for Revive System
  • Correct material for Virtual Human Target in Virtual Arsenal
  • Add filter by Side and Faction on Arsenal
  • Damage model and interiors for Tanoan structures (Developers promised us for once AFAIK)
  • Shotguns
  • Gun Bag (to carry extra rifle)
  • Walking surrender animations
  • RscDisplayBackground - a display with a full-screen background control
  • Landed parachute static object
  • Short variant of Van
  • Alert when a player tries to discard the changes in Options
  • CSAT Navy
  • Interior and elevators for USS Freedom
  • Jettisonable external fuel tanks for jets
  • Ability to change hull numbers and name for USS Freedom (Gerald R Ford class)
  • Navy variants of NATO helicopters (Foldable rotors FTW)

Some of ideas are already became true in DayZ?

Of course, any new features and assets are always happy for everyone.

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Need to be able to set the fuse for 84 mm HE grenades for air burst. No fuse set = impact detonation.

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Just a little addition for the content from the "Encore" update.

Could you give the Mk.41VLS some SAMs? It could use data link like the land-based SAMs can. It would make in possible to provide long-range AA fire from the ships without having to place land-based SAMs on the flight deck.

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One more time, I will suggest updating Modules.


I wish we could a Spawn AI Module family update :
- Spawn AI
- Spawn AI: Options
- Spawn AI: Sector Tactic
- Spawn AI: SpawnPoint


I will suggest :

* update garbage cleanup,
* update disabled groups management,
* enlarge spawnable units lists by adding "Pacific" versions

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All buildings, fences, map objects, etc should be in pristine condition.  Thanks to the wonderful EDEN editor scenario creators can set the stage on their own.  

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I have one small suggestion! It would be great if, on virtual arsenal, the game could "remember" my sort preference. It really annoys me that every time I enter VA, I need to set the sorting to "sort by mod".


Us, "tactical barbie" players, would really appreciate this small enhancement. 

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