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  1. It really would be great if BI could give some love to virtual arsenal. Your suggestions are spot on, mainly: It's really a pain...
  2. I have one small suggestion! It would be great if, on virtual arsenal, the game could "remember" my sort preference. It really annoys me that every time I enter VA, I need to set the sorting to "sort by mod". Us, "tactical barbie" players, would really appreciate this small enhancement.
  3. Nice to see some US Army love! Marines needs some attention too! cheers!
  4. looks a lot like a starship troopers bug
  5. I hate when you guys release these nice gear stuff because it keeps me stuck on virtual arsenal playing tactical barbie instead of actually playing the game... thanks guys! LOL
  6. Why do you guys always update the good stuff while I'm at work? Thanks for the CUPdate!
  7. jacobs


    Thanks for the update, you guys nailed the G36 reload animation! Really cool now! I have one constructive criticism though, the aimpoint sight is waaaay too small, you should consider resize it!
  8. I found the quality of your models and textures really great! In special, the vest is really cool. Thanks a lot!
  9. Great news! This plane makes much more sence in Arma3 than "stealth A-10 of the future".
  10. The mod is back! \o/
  11. Good to hear you are back!
  12. jacobs

    CZ BREN 2

    Nice to hear that. Which vanilla optic would you recommend?
  13. Why Israel adopted green uniforms, when their environment is basicaly desert? I cant understand...