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  1. Looks very nice, really needed in A3, thank you for work, can't wait)
  2. Hello, I think about it already asked, but I can't find it, sorry for double-posting. I very like CWA terrains, some nostalgia from Operation Flashpoint, but there is one unpleasant detail - size of objects. Have you any plans to edit size of buildings? Thanks.
  3. Hello, I have a question about ACE Arsenal. It is possible to delete all items (from vanilla and mods) and add only required by me things? Thanks.
  4. Ravage Mod

    Hello, GEORGE FLOROS GR Thank you for answer, but I think u don't understand me. My first answer is - Can I make trader with my custom massive of things?
  5. Ravage Mod

    Hello, it is possible to make custom trader? I want to make medic-trader. Also, it is possible to make trader without backpack? Thanks.
  6. [SP] Armed Fallout

    Also, mission requires ASR AI:
  7. 3CB BAF Weapons

    Hello, it is possible to make RHS magazine compatibility?
  8. Project OPFOR

    Hello, it's possible to disable unit randomization?
  9. Hello, I have another question: It is possible to save vehicle inventory and add it again to vehicle after respawn in MP?
  10. Ravage Mod

    Hello, I have a question, How I can add safezone to blacklist for loot spawn and furniture spawn?
  11. Hello! Really sorry If offtop, but I have a question. Now I make my own cooperative mission and wanna delete/add squads according players, so, there is two sub-question: 1) How I can check players count? 2) How I can delete already installed on map squads of AI? Thanks!
  12. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Oh, it's sadly... Also, on stable version I get some errors, looks like no Aegis icon on equipment in arsenal, sometimes silencers in arsenal disappear and not good russian translition, if you need - I can help with it, I speak russian. UPD: And absolutle no preview icons in editor.
  13. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Hello, Night515! Not so much time ago I download and install you mod, at first - it's great expansion to vanilla assets, thanks! And I have some idea, do it or not - only at your discretion. With Malden 2035 free-DLC Arma appears new objects include old bunkers, so, my idea - maybe you can make retexture of this bunkers to make they as new? Thanks.
  14. Hello, I think it's a stupid question, but... I wonna make some intro text in left bottom on monitor in my mission with various text\colours, but I have syntax trouble - I don't know how I can make it. Now I use this code: [localize "STR_When", localize "STR_WhereLocal", localize "STR_WhereGlobal"] spawn BIS_fnc_infoText; Can anybody help? Thanks.