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  1. Ulmann

    Pook BOATS pack

    Hello, thank you for mod. It is possible to change VIV coordinates in LCAC? Also I have a question, there is no plans to release LCAC standalone from mod?
  2. Hello, have you plans to add some functions from Vector 21 to RHS PDU-4? In real life PDU-4 similar in purpose. Thanks.
  3. Hello, it is possible to able ACE Arsenal in ORBAT tool?
  4. Thank you for answer, but I'm not fully understand you. I don't understand what I need to edit in action_manager.sqf. In init_arsenal.sqf I make next edit: if ( edit_loadout > 0 ) then { closeDialog 0; waitUntil { !dialog }; [Player, true] call ace_arsenal_fnc_initBox; But when I press "Edit Loadout" button arsenal dont open. UPD: Ah, my mistake, I need use call ace_arsenal_fnc_openBox instead call ace_arsenal_fnc_initBox;
  5. Hello, it's possible to use ACE Arsenal instead vanilla BIS Arsenal?
  6. Hello, I'm looking for Saddam Iraq Army for 1991 and 2003, anybody have something?
  7. Ulmann

    Arma3 Videos

  8. Ulmann

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Hello, thank you for mod, really nice. I have a question, there is no template for nametapes? Cheers.
  9. Any plans to make guntrucks?
  10. Ulmann

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Are you considering the possibility to use CBA? For example with CBA you can do more adequate work Eotech with G33 or another weapon attachments (switch between AN\PEQ and flashlight, for example) without current crutches. Cheers.
  11. Hello, I have a question, sorry if I repeat, but can't find answer. I want integrate ACE-settings into my cooperative mission to overwrite server settings (for example there is sitations when in mission I need advanced medical system, but on server (player-host) enabled basic medical system) How I can do it? Thanks.
  12. Ulmann

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    3 Kornet-M ATGM shot to side - no effect 3 Kornet-M ATGM shot in front - no effect 3 Kornet-M ATGM shot in rear - no effect Javelin in top down mode - no effect, lol, no dammage RPG-26 in rear side - no effect.
  13. Ulmann

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hello, thank you for hotfix, but: 1) Abrams still indestructible 2) Binocular M24 still have wrong animation 3) T-90 still missing "Shtora" 4) MP7A1 still have bug with AN\PEQ-15\16 (top)
  14. Very nice M-ATV, really nice to see new M-ATV model in Arma 3. Also, you did not have plans to make various version, looks like with M2\Mk.19, CROWS?
  15. Hello, thank you for new release! There is no plans to make any strichtarn (DDR, Czech) M88 retexture?