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  1. Did I need do something else if I already have three placed hostages on map?
  2. If I right understand, on map I have hostagegrp (squad leader in init have : HostageGrp = Group this;)
  3. Hello! I use you version of script, but when I try to check it and launch mission in editor I have only infinity loading and nothing. UPD: On LAN server same problem. I just change: fnc_release = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "Scripts\hostageScript.sqf"; And nothing else. Thanks!
  4. United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hello, I download "initial" mod from first post, what version is it? 0.5.3? Did I need to download pathces? And I have dead link for second patch. Thanks.
  5. Hello, what about make russian tropic desert uniform and equip (looks like 6B43) ? Some pics: Thanks.
  6. Ravage Mod

    Hello, sorry for doubleposting, I want to play Ravage mission on ChernarusRedux, but there some problems with loot spawn, ChernarusRedux have own open buildings (what replace original closed), any way to fix? Thanks.
  7. Hi, i'm looking for russian-style winter uniform (looks like in masi addons) but standalone, I already have TRYK, but need more, compatible with RHS...
  8. I'm looking for island with setting looks like Russia (Dagestan or Chechnya) with villages... Beketov does not fit.
  9. Project OPFOR

    Very nice mod, thank you for u work.
  10. Hello everyone, sorry, if I create this thread in wrong place. I have a question, how I can make line break in my briefing in Stringtable.xml? I try: <Original>Text1 <br/> Text2.</Original> But this don't working.
  11. User Mission Request Thread

    Hello guys, I'm looking for dynamic coop missions (look's like Dynamic Recon\Combat Ops) compatible with RHS, TFAR and ACE3. Thanks.
  12. OFP Addon request thread

    I'm looking for Data3D.pbo addons for FTA mission.
  13. OFP Addon request thread

    Hi, Can anybody re-upload Falklands 1982 mod with all last updates? Official site going down some years ago, I think... Thanks.
  14. M4's for weapon Individualisem

    What about password?