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  1. [ACE SP CO-8] Combat Den

    Update v2.2.0 Added Stratis terrain Added single player UI dialog for mission configuration. Multiplayer can still use lobby mission parameters. Added HK416 preset loadouts Added UI dialog for loadout presets Various bug fixes.
  2. [ACE SP CO-8] Combat Den

  3. Introduction Combat Den is a work-in-progress project to provide randomized missions using ACE 3. The goal is to have a set of simple mission types that are re-playable for single and 8-player coop. Features Single player support. 8 player coop support on a dedicated server or player hosted server. Built for ACE 3 from the ground up. Virtual Arsenal for player and AI units. Configurable mission parameters. 6 randomized mission types complete with briefing. Multi terrain support. See Links section below for details. How can I play? It's simple. A randomized mission will be selected complete with a briefing. Just play. How does it work? There are a fix set of mission types that have static objectives. However, the location and enemy parameters are chosen randomly. The design is somewhere in between Dynamic Recon Ops and BI's Combat Patrol. If you find a bug, have questions, or want to give feedback, please post. Enjoy! Links The following links contain the list of supported terrains. This list will be update as new terrains are added. Steam Collection Google Drive