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  1. Combat Den

    Update v3.6.0 Add optional support for CUP Weapons to the Virtual Arsenal. Fix config file errors.
  2. Combat Den

    Update v3.5.0 Added Bystrica terrain Added ChDKZ and Novorossiya to CUP wooded terrains Improve task descriptions
  3. Combat Den

    Update v3.4.0 Fix Destroy Ordnance task placement during EOD mission. Increase chance of enemy contact during LZ extractions.
  4. Combat Den

    Update v3.3.0 Added EOD mission Added EOD loadout Fixed Takistan RHS desert camo bug.
  5. Combat Den

    Update v3.2.0 Added difficulty setting. Refactored defend mission.
  6. Combat Den

    I think an option to increase the difficulty would be straightforward. I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the feedback. I don't know how I could make the UI optional. I'll have to think about it. I'm not sure if this would help, but you can always just play solo in MP-mode and the UI will not be present.
  7. Combat Den

    Adding an option to specify AI count or times spawn can be done. I'm curious though, are you finding the default too easy, or too difficult? As for the UI question. I'm not sure i understand. You can skip the UI dialog by typing escape. Then you should have a mission. But it sounds like you're asking for something different. Could you elaborate more on this?
  8. Combat Den

    Update v3.1.0 Added Chernarus terrain Fix weather issues Refactored defend mission Added RHS hostages
  9. Combat Den

    Update v3.0.0 Added support for RHSAFRF Added support for RHSUSAF Added support for ProjectOPFOR Added Takistan terrain
  10. Combat Den

    Update v2.2.0 Added Stratis terrain Added single player UI dialog for mission configuration. Multiplayer can still use lobby mission parameters. Added HK416 preset loadouts Added UI dialog for loadout presets Various bug fixes.
  11. Combat Den

    Introduction Combat Den is a work-in-progress project to provide simple randomized missions for single and 8 player coop. A single mission file provides a number of re-playable missions, no two mission play throughs are the same. How can I play? It's simple. A randomized mission will be selected complete with a briefing. Just play. Features Single player support. 8 player coop support on a dedicated server or player hosted server. Built for ACE 3 from the ground up. Virtual Arsenal for player and AI units. Configurable mission parameters. 7 randomized mission types complete with briefing. Multi terrain support. See Links section below for details. Support for RHSAFRF, RHSUSAF, and ProjectOPFOR. Support for CUP Weapons. Virtual Arsenal The ACE Virtual Arsenal (VA) is available in the crates at the start of each mission. You must use the ACE interact key on the crates to open the VA and custom loadout menu. RHS Support Loading RHS based mods will replace default factions. It is recommend to install RHSAFRF, RHSUSAF, and ProjectOPFOR together. However, this is not necessary. RHSAFRF replaces CSAT forces with Russia. RHSUSAF replaces NATO forces with USMC. ProjectOPFOR adds various enemy factions depending on the terrain. CUP Weapons Support Loading CUP Weapons adds a variety of CUP based weapons to the Virtual Arsenal. Links Steam Collection - collection of supported terrains Google Drive - pdo files of each terrain for dedicated server use and non-Steamers Required Mods CBA ACE3 If you find a bug, have questions, or want to give feedback, please post. Enjoy! This work is licensed under APL-SA.