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  1. Folkward

    Project True Viking

    Thanks for your kind words. A Discord Channel is on it´s way and will be very soon available to the public.
  2. Folkward

    KSK 2035

    i´m really looking forward, looks awesome
  3. Folkward

    Arma 3 Aegis

    if you keep on improving it, that´s going to be a really awesome addition to the game! Are you thinking about a AAF texture for the Mi-48? AAF really needs a proper attack helicopter...
  4. Folkward

    NIArms Release Thread

    Not in the main menu, but after trying to pick up the Sting SMG i get this error in VA, just using CBA, NICore and MG3/42.
  5. :wub: sexy...can´t say anything else
  6. In the official ASTFOR merchandise shop, i guess :D
  7. Folkward

    KSK 2035

    What do you think about rextexturing the M4 Artillery Tank and Wy 55 ? Maybe also an HEMTT? Or the civilian truck as a retexture would be also interessting...
  8. Folkward

    KSK 2035

    Awesome work man :wub: Hopefully you will do some more rextextures of vehicles/choppers to look like german army stuff... :)
  9. Oh man, that looks so great :)
  10. Folkward

    KSK 2035

    NICE :wub:
  11. YAAAY...uhm...i didn´t know that they use leaf springs :blink:
  12. Folkward

    KSK 2035

    yeah i know...but...i like the retextures more, because of the overall fitting in the world
  13. Folkward

    KSK 2035

    The german vehicles looking great! Wonderful work! :wub: I hope you can do the Leopard (Kuma) someday too, anyways would be great to see a complet german faction in game...just amazing!
  14. oh, i´m sorry, didn´t know you wrote it.
  15. Well, it should be near to Norway, because of the history that the 'previous' guy wrote, Asteland was occupied by german forces in WW2, so it should be not that far away from Norway. Iceland btw was occupied by the british, later american forces. Just a suggestion, because the history of Asteland isn´t that worked out, to get the reason why/how the germans occupied it. If Asteland was just in a slightly different place like Iceland, it could be a bit weird that germans made the whole way to invade Asteland, but didn´t invade Britain at all.
  16. It´s getting better every time...hopefully the release isn´t far away. Great work!
  17. Folkward

    Apex Weapon Feedback

    I don´t know if it was mentioned before, but what kind of quality is this?
  18. Great work! THX. :wub: There are so few really good CSAT mods out there... I would like to see the AAF Vests/Uniforms in your camo...even the Kuma or Strider would look great....
  19. That could be mentioned before...i really was worried :P
  20. Yeah, the hope is back again ^^
  21. Oh man... that´s hard... i wish, i could do anything to help... at the moment i have a lot of time but no skill that could be useful :(
  22. These damn contracts, something i hate all my life, tons of paperwork with a lot of small written sentences <_<
  23. In my opinion it was the wrong Line of Service for me...maybe only the wrong unit, i don´t know If i remember right, a friend of mine got 400 Euro monthly in his frist year of learning a job...i got three times as much and don´t forget the 13th month pay ;)
  24. Mhm...i would say 70 % of my service time was boring in my opinion, i was pretty young (17) when i joined the army and got disenchanted after a while, sure it was easy money but also not the right thing for me