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  1. Global Mobilization

    This looks absolutely fantastic! Can't wait to give it a try.
  2. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks for the update guys. Absolutely loving the older gear like the ALICE stuff!
  3. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hey man, it's not a proper RHS release unless there's someone complaining. :P
  4. Awesome! I'm pumped to finally have a western armor piece to match the T-55. Can't wait! Out of curiosity, what variant is it going to be?
  5. Will the mod be accessible for people who just want to use the terrain/assets and not the RP gameplay changes, or will those be blended into the mod?
  6. The 'M16A1E2' looks awesome! :D I was wondering, do you have any plans to implement chocolate-chip camo versions of the BDUs/PASGT gear?
  7. Ah! Didn't see that. Couldn't find it on Workshop. Thanks
  8. These are awesome man, any chance of a Steam Workshop version?
  9. Looks like it took a ride through the set of Dirty Jobs, looks good.
  10. Maybe Desert Force Recon stuff?
  11. US Military Mod

    I don't think I've ever utilized the patches myself, so I wouldn't mind it. However, the problem is that the other shoulder is generally used for unit patches (via XML), so that may be a problem. Something to consider.
  12. US Military Mod

    Or better yet.... :P Don't see why headgear wouldn't be able to utilize 'hiddenSelection'.
  13. US Military Mod

    "You Delta boys are a bunch of undisciplined cowboys." RHS's new Protecs help to make some pretty decent Delta guys. The RBA/ALICE fits in well for PT/BUAV. Can't wait for the next update. :D
  14. US Military Mod

    Not sure if it's been reported yet, but vest shadows don't seem to appear.