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  1. snowingjimbob

    NIArms Release Thread

    Really amazing what you've done here Toadie and everyone involved. Love the new pistols you did. Great attention to detail. The little things are what impress me. Really like the new pistol reload animation--how when you pull out the used mag it will be empty if you shot all your rounds or still have some in there if you didn't. Love the animated bolt release on some of the ARs, super slick. And you've done great work with the new AK reload animations too. Good job man [emoji106][emoji122]
  2. snowingjimbob

    Aspis Gear (Spec 4 Retextures)

    Thanks for putting this out there for the community to use, I'm really digging the retextures. Also, very nice looking beards, sunglasses and shemags in your screen shots [emoji106]. Those are private add-ons or part of one of the mods you mentioned? Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  3. Really loving those sounds Sacha. So would we have to have JSRS installed and running to get those sounds or will this be stand alone included with the Apache mod?
  4. That's super sick texturing shomu!!
  5. Correct. I was thinking this was the Enhanced Soundscape thread, whoops
  6. Yes, the echo/reverb effects should work.
  7. snowingjimbob

    CH View Distance Addon

    I think it was removed so as not to clutter that stupid scroll wheel. I think you have to press "CRTL /" to bring up CHVD options. I do like it better this way.
  8. Yo Mr Lax and Mr Jokoho, super super amazing stuff you got going on here. Absolutely can't play without it now that I've gotten so used to it. I think I found one wee issue regarding the sound reverb/distant echos from rifles. The reverb echos don't work when a sound suppressor is equipped, and rightfully so, BUT when I have a flash hider equiped then the reverb echos still don't work despite the actual gunshot still being super loud. In my experience I've found two mods that provide flash hiders--SMA weapons mod and RHS mod. I tested with both mods and the echos work properly with and without sound suppressors, but both fail the test with the flash hiders equipped. Pitty too since the new update to RHS has a lot of the Russian forces equipped with the flash hiders by default. Is this possible to fix and differentiate between flash hiders and sound suppressor or is this an engine limitation that affects whatever is attached to the muzzle? I seriously love this mod and thanks to both of you for your hard work. Hope this was the proper place to post this and not in Dynasound 2...
  9. snowingjimbob

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    Incredible map here!! I found Fiona's Irish Pub and when I opened the door a little bell chimed!! I was blown away lol. Your attention to detail is without competition. Fantastic job!!! Now I gotta get a beefier PC so I can play on higher settings...
  10. snowingjimbob

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Sweet looking change log there sir. Thanks for continuing to update and improve your mod
  11. snowingjimbob

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Adacas, you've nailed it again! Love love the JPC vests you did. The amount of detail you've got going on here is amazing. I love all the gear you've attached, like the d-ring with the roll of tape, the note pad, the rubber bands on the tourniquet and radio mic, and I think the zippers on the pouches look awesome!! Oh, and also I love how you have the little strap thingies on top of the pmags--amazing detail. Love the new crow bar and tomahawk, as somebody already mentioned, and all the backpack and battle belt options. Even the stitching on the vests looks unreal. Fantastic job and thank you for your hard work and generosity in providing these for the community.
  12. Hearing your excitement for the work you've done and the progress you've made makes me all the more hyped for the release. Keep up the good work
  13. snowingjimbob

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Very impressive change log you got there, can't wait for the update!!
  14. snowingjimbob

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Looking really really good 👠I'm really digging that elcan specter and I really like the worn/chipped paint look on the 416. Can't wait for the release
  15. snowingjimbob

    Project OPFOR

    I think in the editor if you link a soldier from the Iraqi army to an opfor guy then it should work.