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  1. Download - http://bit.ly/MarkerFilter Instructions - Add mrkrfilter folder to mission root Init.sqf _fltrFnc = [] spawn compile PreprocessFileLineNumbers "mrkrFilter\FLTR_fnc_Main.sqf"; waitUntil {scriptDone _fltrFnc}; Description.ext class CfgMarkerFilter { #include "mrkrFilter\FLTR_cfg_Main.hpp" }; Called on the player execVM "mrkrFilter\mrkrFilterInit.sqf"; Open FLTR_cfg_Main.hpp in the mrkrFilter folder Enter existing markers into one of the fields (download has file from the video, so erase any wrong info and enter your own) Change the displayname variable to edit the group name shown on the UI Cities are added automatically. Can define marker group name and which markers are in each group. Can define which side can see the markers - WEST, EAST, or Default(both). Markers entered in one of 3 arrays- By name (easiest but most time consuming), By type (for the somewhat organized), By type and color (for the very organized), As seen in the cfg from the video, you can use a different array for each marker group (for the insanely organized).
  2. I got this from Jester814 on youtube, so props to him! Heres the link for his editing playlist, I suggest watching all the videos Open your mission in the editor and insert any ammo box. I think the supply box is empty but the clear item codes will empty any box you put in. The allowdamage false is only there bc they were exploding when I put them too close together in my gun store. In the init field of the ammo box enter the code below. You can edit it to have any gear you'd like the numbers are the amount of that item. I suggest saving this in a txt file for easy reference. this allowDamage false; clearWeaponCargo this; clearMagazineCargo this; clearItemCargo this; this addweaponcargo ["srifle_EBR_F",10]; this addweaponcargo ["hgun_P07_F",10]; this addmagazinecargo ["20Rnd_762x45_Mag", 100]; this addmagazinecargo ["16Rnd_9x21_Mag", 30]; this addmagazinecargo ["30Rnd_9x21_Mag", 10]; this additemcargo ["optic_Aco", 10]; this additemcargo ["optic_Hamr", 10]; this additemcargo ["optic_Holosight", 10]; this additemcargo ["acc_flashlight", 10]; this additemcargo ["acc_pointer_IR", 10]; this additemcargo ["U_B_CombatUniform_mcam", 10]; this additemcargo ["U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_tshirt", 10]; this additemcargo ["U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_vest", 10]; this additemcargo ["H_HelmetB", 10]; this additemcargo ["H_HelmetB_light", 10]; this additemcargo ["H_HelmetB_paint", 10]; this additemcargo ["V_PlateCarrier1_rgr", 10]; this additemcargo ["V_PlateCarrier2_rgr", 10]; this additemcargo ["V_PlateCarrierGL_rgr", 10]; this addbackpackcargo ["B_AssaultPack_ocamo", 10]; this addbackpackcargo ["B_Kitbag_sgg", 10];
  3. Hope you guys like it! Please feel free to let me know if I should be doing anything differently(still new to it). Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQygf2qKIU4 Mission Template http://bit.ly/SoolieVehSelector Other links to check out http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-gui-part-1/ http://killzonekid.com/hex-2-arma-gui-colour-converter/ https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/136734-dialog-tutorial-for-noobs-by-a-noob/ https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Dialog_Control https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/User_Interface_Event_Handlers Common.hpp
  4. http://bit.ly/GomAirLoadoutSoolie Like I said, it's kind of broken. Please share if you fix it. Everything I touched in the functions, I commented. Search for "Soolie"
  5. Really love this. I overhauled the UI. Somehow broke the RscEdits and the delete button(i think from adding stuff into your updating code). Here's a video of how it looks. If you like it, it's yours. Especially if you want to fix it 😂
  6. Ok, last one. Not as many are spawning now but seems to work well with all land vehicles. Totals - B_Truck_01_box_F - 49 B_G_Quadbike_01_F - 154 C_man_1 - 259 // -------------[position, vehicle classname] call fnc_allTheSpots; // -------------[[5552,7011,0],"B_Truck_01_box_F"] call fnc_allTheSpots; fnc_allTheSpots = { _box = "Land_VR_Shape_01_cube_1m_F" createVehicle (_this select 0); _vehType = _this select 1; _veh = _vehType createVehicle [0,0,0]; _bBox = boundingBoxReal _veh; _sphereSize = _bBox select 2; _vehSize = _sphereSize * 1.2; deleteVehicle _veh; for "_i" from 0 to 360 step 1 do { for "_j" from 0 to 92 step 1 do { _relpos = _box getRelPos [_j, _i]; _empty = _relpos findEmptyPosition [5,8,_vehType]; if !(_empty isEqualTo []) then { _empty set [2,0]; _nearest = nearestObjects [_empty, [_vehType],_vehSize]; if !(count _nearest >0) then { _markerName = createMarker [str _relpos, _empty]; _markerName setMarkerType "hd_dot"; _veh = _vehType createVehicle [0,0,0]; _veh setDir _i; _veh setPos _empty; }; }; }; }; _mrkrCount = count allMapMarkers; systemChat format ["%1", _mrkrCount]; };
  7. Managed to get 52 every time without that other fnc. Crashed the game way too many times messing with this _box = "Land_VR_Shape_01_cube_1m_F" createVehicle [5552,7011,0]; _vehType = "B_Truck_01_box_F"; for "_i" from 0 to 360 step 1 do { for "_j" from 0 to 92 step 1 do { _relpos = _box getRelPos [_j, _i]; _empty = _relpos findEmptyPosition [5,8,_vehType]; if !(_empty isEqualTo []) then { _empty set [2,0]; _nearest = nearestObjects [_empty, [_vehType], 11]; if !(count _nearest >0) then { _markerName = createMarker [str _relpos, _empty]; _markerName setMarkerType "hd_dot"; _veh = _vehType createVehicle [0,0,0]; _veh setDir _i; _veh setPos _empty; _vehPos = getPos _veh; }; }; }; }; _mrkrCount = count allMapMarkers; systemChat format ["%1", _mrkrCount];
  8. I got 52 but used KillzoneKid's fnc_isFlatEmpty off the notes here https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/isFlatEmpty
  9. Still working out the object placement. Trying a bunch of different things like setting the pos in a loop with lineintersectsurfaces, vectormultiply based on screen center, using attachtorelative etc. Just working out the best way. Should have something soon(tm).
  10. Getting really close to finished with this. Going to release a beta version later tonight to be tested.
  11. Looking good. Do you mind sharing any plans you have for it? Messed with the UI a bit last night, here's what I came up with so far. (model preview rotates) Cfg for adding new objects to build menu Open/Load UI and Change/Rotate model preview UI cfg
  12. soolie

    [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    Congrats on the release. Server's running great. Who made that ui doe? <3
  13. was re-reading and missed something - copyToClipboard str _houses; _houses should be _comps now copyToClipboard str _comps; Sorry!
  14. This is my own, was originally for decorating houses but worked well with a lot of objs with diff dir/vectors/objs on tables etc Edited a bit for you to use but only uses simple objects so some checks might be needed for more advanced use. This is basically what you describe in your first post without the check for sim. I know all the worldpos and attaching detaching looks weird but I tested a lot. Building in VR and then spawning on diff terrains at diff elevations and such This is the only way I could get it to work every time but maybe you can figure something I couldn't. Can't test the edit right now so hopefully no stupid syntax errors.
  15. soolie

    script help

    copyToClipboard needs a string copyToClipboard str _cnt;
  16. Added a new video, let me know what you guys think!
  17. Working on an RTS game mode and looking for some feedback. Please tell me what you think. New video
  18. I tried. Not sure if it's what you want exactly. Hopefully it helps. Create and slide Delete
  19. Offtopic from your question but I'm also using locations to create "missions". I was doing it the same way as you but recently changed it and it seems to run better now, here is how I get them. _availLocTypes = ["NameCity","NameCityCapital"]; _locations = "(getText (_x>> 'type') in _availLocTypes)" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgWorlds" >> worldName >> "Names");
  20. Maybe something like this then? Not sure but curious so posting it anyway. while {true} do { _rightTime = daytime in [5.83,6.01,7.84,11.86,12.01,16.84,17.01,20.41,20.84,21.01]; if (_rightTime) then { execVM "test.sqf"; }; sleep 60; };
  21. Thanks for taking the time to give such a well thought out response. I think with the way I'm designing it I may need 1 version for sp/co-op and 1 for pvp (no problem!) 3d icons different colors may be a little redundant but that's fine. It would be super easy to change and the more information given to the player the better, and this would allow the player to prioritize their targets. Time acceleration, Special abilities, Squad messages and the Fog of war are all amazing suggestions that I will be adding :)
  22. if (daytime > 21 && daytime < 21.05) then { execVM "test.sqf"; }; sleep 1; so if it goes of at 21.01 it will go off again a second later and on and on for the next five minutes. If the sound itself is more than a second long it will be played over the sound before it. Does it need to be played over and over or just once for each time block?