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  1. holyorangejuice

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    Still seems to be the best mod out for Arma 3. Being 2020 I was hoping for so.e awesome fully finished AI mods. Sad.
  2. holyorangejuice

    Group Link - X - ( Test / W.I.P. )

    TCL still seems to be the go to as of 04 2020. I can't find a better mod. I logged in to post that I hope you come back to this project. GLX works, seems like TCL was more finished and GLX is an unfinished rewrite.
  3. holyorangejuice

    A3 Wounding System (AIS by Psycho)

    @Psychobastard I can't for the life of me get A3 working with spawned AI by Spyder Addons AI recruitment. I added this to my description.ext: class Extended_Init_EventHandlers { class Man { init = "_this call (compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'spawneda3.sqf')"; }; }; I created a spawneda3.sqf with one line of code [_unit] call AIS_System_fnc_loadAIS; It doesn't appear to do the job. Spawned AI still don't use medical. All I want is my spyder addons AI to have medical. If you are willing to share your setup I'd appreciate it. As far as an error I've encountered...was asked to post it here... there isn't much details Downloaded from Armaholic. Sqf error. fn_handledamage.sqf line 187. Number expected. Error when mission first loads up. Not sure why. Looked at that line of code and couldn't figure it out. Something about line 187 in the .sqf mentioned is tossing up an error. It doesn't prevent me from using A3 as far as I can tell.
  4. holyorangejuice


    @Gemini It seems that most AI soldiers spawn with approximately 5 mags for their assault rifle. I find that with default options on Altis or Kunduz they use up a good chunk of that ammo in a simple firefight. If it becomes longer then they run out. I guess 5 mags isn't enough for a long battle. I'm not sure the difference between ASR AI3 or VCOM AI 3.0. I've tried VCOM yesterday and it was a ton of fun.
  5. holyorangejuice


    @Gemini Thank you for the response. I figured most of my issues are from default Arma. I've been around since the first Arma title. I need a few clarifications. -I get AI that say No Ammo. When I swap to that AI they have no ammo. They run out mid firefight. What is the best way to arm them in a firefight? -Or why does OPEX not allow scripts like Command and Control to work? -Can AI mods work with OPEX? Does OPEX modify the default AI in any way? It feels like the friendly AI are much more aggressive and fight the enemy better.
  6. holyorangejuice


    Gemini, Thank you for creating such an amazing mission. I absolutely hate most Arma missions because they are so poorly thought out. I never thought fighting with the french army could be so fun. This has provided me the ultimate SP experience. I started playing this after Antistasi. I think I've been spoiled by some of the features over there. I'm hoping you can answer some questions with frustrations I'm having in OPEX. Friendly AI: [Ammunition] Friendly AI seem to have a low amount of starting ammo. What is the best way to make sure they have plenty of ammo for a firefight? -I know I can manually swap to that AI and go rearm it at the armory (SUPER TIME CONSUMING) -I know Arma has a default rearm system (Doesn't seem to work) -Antistasi has a custom rearm script that eliminates all frustration and makes the AI rearm on a command. (Does OPEX have something similar that I'm missing?) [Medics] Friendly AI medics seem to only know how to do their job when micromanaged. -AI Medic will not heal itself unless ordered to. -AI Medic will not heal friendly soldiers unless ordered to. -Antistasi has a custom medical script where the AI will even try to drag you to cover and heal you without orders. (Curious to know the best route for medics) [Combat] -Friendly AI seem to be very aggressive in search and destroy of enemy forces. I like that. -Enemy AI can seem to be very stupid at times. -Is there a suppression and morale system built into the AI in OPEX? If I fire a ton at them will they lose stats? Does smoke and bushes block their view? Other Scripts: Command & Control [C2] - Doesn't work, has some of the scripts that would make AI rearming better and easier. Just looking for insight to make my experience less annoying.
  7. holyorangejuice

    Major sound issues.

    I am posting so this thread doesn't die. I was using the same exact headset and was having issues. BTW, i sent that back for a full refund...nice little headset but for cheaper....turtle beach ear force z6a....anyway I have the sound issues with gunshot and the screeching noises claimed in the OP with both headsets. Not sure why, drivers are fine....
  8. holyorangejuice

    Game Runs Badly On Low Settings.

    Time for a new PC!
  9. holyorangejuice

    Audio problems - Hissing and helicopters

    I have issues with a USB microphone not giving my own gunshots any credit. Everything else works except that. Its alpha what do you expect?
  10. holyorangejuice

    Stratis Opinions, PC Specs & Editor Curiosity?

    Firstly, I must ask, what does everyone think about Stratis? -its a decent small island nothing fancy think of it as the utes of arma 2 'empty' compared to Chernaurs -Yeah, so is utes...ever play an arma game before? Big island and small island on release. Is this because of it being alpha and lack of optimization at this point, -Well, look at arma games of the past and you'll find what arma usually needs to run well. Also, yeah its alpha its not polished. are we limited to what we can spawn in the editor? -Yup, what do you expect? Them to give us the full shebang right off the bat? Of course its limited.
  11. holyorangejuice

    Best flight stick and pedals for cheap?

    Flight pedals to make your infantry skills better? Lol, i fly with my razer naga mouse and my razer nostromo game pad. You are not going to find quality flight equipment for cheap. Not going to happen.
  12. holyorangejuice


    B][]Excuse me, You are complaining about a game in alpha stages? Yes you paid some money but you should be thanking them for allowing you to have the opportunity to play a game early and buy it for half price of retail. All of you need to go cry to mommy and leave. Arma is a game designed to allow scripts and addons to make gameplay great. That is why it is so easy to hack without any anti cheats running. You all need to calm down a notch and go back to your call of duty if you want.[/u][/b][/size]
  13. holyorangejuice

    Sound Problems

    Hello folks, I hope you have not gone brain dead with all the "new" arma fans brought in by the dayz mod but I have played arma and arma 2 a whole heck of a lot. I started arma 3 set it to ultra and began my gaming session. I noticed that while having my headset for sound on I did not have gunfire sounds coming from my own weapon. Unsure why that is and probably not arma 3 fault. I just wanted to see if others had the same issue. It works flawless using standard speakers. I am guessing it is somehow the headset but it works fine with arma 2. On a side note I also have sound issues with the headset only on red orchestra 2. -HolyOJ
  14. holyorangejuice

    [SP] Apocalypse - Invade. Control. Conquer

    Wow that clears alot of the issues up. A few things to answer and ask. 1) You are right. I have little to no experience using this but from the FAQ seems easy enough. 2) I think i was ordering support units and from my understanding those are AI controlled only that go and fight where they want? 3) How do I build an HQ if I don't make the game start with one? 4) Explain to me how you play the game. Everyone has their own way of playing. 5) So basically, jump in, fight as a one man army, cap stuff, earn points, buy reinforcements, blah and capture the entire island right?