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  1. You have to remember that they made a kickstarter and failed to meet their goals. After that, project lead said they wanted to have a playable build before charge anybody interested in the project. It's understandable. People nitpicked to death their pre-alpha gameplay footage while funded concept art and empty promises from Takedown team. I don't think I owe them anything, but we have to respect them for try to realize such an ambitious project with little funding and few people, and have patience. It's a very hard goal to achieve.
  2. It's very hard to make a game without money.
  3. That can be true, but you can add wind deflection and improve that situation the proper way. But You said is not enough. You seem worried about those very long range engagements, and the fact is that those are a very,very small fraction of gameplay situations, and you are asking to make worse the vast mayority of spots to improve a few in an unnatural way, without properly implementing the other complementary features (wind, weapon resting, AI, damage model). From a realistic standpoint you have some guys with real life weapon experience telling that the sway is overdone,and the breath mechanic broken. From a gameplay perspective is annoying and boring. For me shooting now in Arma 3 feels hard but not good.
  4. Down8

    any news on weapon resting?

    Exactly. It woud be great to rest weapons in window ledges, vehicles, rocks, etc. Like ACE, TMR and other mods allow...
  5. Wind deflection, like in ACE mod. Realistic, challenging and funny way.
  6. Yeah, going worse. In Arma 2, the team members discovering an enemy always tell a cardinal point,a bearing or a clock hour, showing the clock. Now, sometimes a bearing or cardinal point (useful), and sometimes an ambiguous direction. I can't understand why the changed it for worse. It wan't perfect before, but at least the info was always useful.
  7. Instead of introducing annoying and big RNG sway, to counter that, they can implement wind affecting ballistics, like ACE2 did in Arma 2. A good and realistic mechanic, that make the game more challenging and funny. I always played Arma 2 with ACE almost only for wind ballistics and weapon resting,there are other cool features int the mod, but those two are really game changer features. But I guess is easier for the developers to move the scope like crazy to avoid easy long range kills, in my opinion that is very shoddy. They can experiment with it, but is a mistake to public release this tweak without having at least weapon resting in the game.
  8. I can't understand people defending this. Bad mechanics affecting fun, and no possibility of counteracting. I think is preferable to have some unrealistic long range kills, that frustrating engagements at far more common ranges. If you want more challenging shooting, this is a very bad way to go. Without weapon resting and AI balance, mixed with the bad damage model, is pretty bad decision to introduce this in the game. Pretty much.
  9. Demon's Souls and Dark Souls were before Watch Dogs. Its multiplayer ideas where clearly inspired by them, and are more expansive. They feature: - Invasions from other players into your world, while you play your SP campaign. A threat you can't avoid if you are in beneficial state in your game called "human form". (PVP) - Summon help from other players to your world to get help to beat a zone and/or a boss. After complete the objective they return to their world. SO it's not standard multiplayer COOP, it's more loose and occasional. You have to use in-game items to get that help and be in human form, but this also opens the door to invasions. - Asynchronous multiplayer: You can leave messages and tips on the ground people can read and rate in their own games, to help discover secrets, or warn about traps, dangers or ambushes. Also you can interact with bloodstains from others players, this bloodstains let you watch how they have died. Simply genius.
  10. I have exhumed Arma 2 just for this campaign! Thanks for your work.
  11. Down8

    [SP Campaign] Conquer/Control/Collapse

    Campaign with Chernarus and Takistan Missions. Nice!
  12. Down8

    The new ARMA 3 DLC system - debate

    Good points. The in-game pop ups are hideous and inappropiate in a paid game like Arma 3, at least in an honest one. It's sad that some people won't recognise how ugly is this, because they aren't going to be annoyed by them, because they have supporter editions or unconditionally purchase the DLCs. If EA is doing this, the shitstorm and critics against them would be extreme.Even though people here obviously care much less about Battlefield than Arma.
  13. Down8

    The new ARMA 3 DLC system - debate

    I have to admit I changed my mind reading good points made by detractors here about it. Like yours about better value DLCS in the past (BAF). But the mobile gaming style screen popups, its the lamest detail. Absolute immersion killer. Hard to enjoy a mission watching that kind of stuff in-game.