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  1. benouyt

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    My bad, i misunderstood, i tought you said the problem would be fixed with the mod dev branch, not arma 3. Sorry !
  2. benouyt

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Thank you for the dev update, i still have the "no entry" error message at game start sadly. Dont know from where it can come.
  3. benouyt

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    I noticed i have an error coming from your mod, the message is "no entry bin\config.bin/cfgvehicles/b_kitbag_tan.scope" and sometimes i got some other. Do you know from what it can come ?
  4. benouyt

    NB 2035 series

    What happened to this mod ? it looked nice!
  5. benouyt

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Great to read this ! It would be cool to have some arma 2 factions modernized, keeping the vanilla style and spirit, and without have to download 300 sub mods. Keep up the good work for your mod. :)
  6. benouyt

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    This is a great mod, its good to see mod who respect the original game. Do a 2035 chernarus army or is planned ? It would be great to expand the conflict to other teathers and play 2035 sandbox conflict with your mod!
  7. Thank you ! Noticed something too, i set the traffic sound to 0 and still get some ambient car sound in my game.
  8. Yes, its the 20181018 version you just posted. EDIT: actually, the sound fx seems to work even if there is the "no entry" message.
  9. Hello! First, this mod is greaaaat! it add many missing stuff to that great game ! Unfortunatly i got some bin.config problem. When i aim the weapon i got : No entry 'bin\config/cfgSounds/aim2.titles' (there is also aim3,4,5 etc...) And when its raining i got like: No entry 'bin\config/cfgSounds/rain_weapon_internal1.titles' And it seem i dont have the helmet rain sound playing then. I saw someone got the same problem, and you didnt know how to fix it but i just tell you then, hoping youll can fix it. Thank you for this mod!
  10. benouyt

    Situational Music Script

    Hello, This is script is a a good idea and work well for the few i tried yet, Id like to know how can i do for make it play custom tracks instead of BI ones ? I want it for a mission, i setted everything good for the music, the folder, the description text with cfg music etc... And changed the titles to play in MusicPlayer.sqf, but it don't work. Does someone would know how to do for that ? Tanks by advance.
  11. Hello, your mod is a great mod, i love the way we can make our own setting. I have a question: When i change settings in TPW_MODS.hpp in userconfig, do i need to restart the mission i am doing for change take effect (for example lowering max car limit or max civ limit and enable tpw crowds) or i can continue to play the mission i am playing and change will take effect anyway ? Also, another question: if i add a mod who add vehicles like this one : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27919do your mod will spawn vehicle from it ? Thanks for your answers, Cheers
  12. EDIT: sorry wrong thread, delete it :p
  13. Hello, this mod is going to be exactly what i wanted for play arma 3 but i have some question: i use that scheme of .bat : http://pastebin.com/b3adksCj I configured all path good and stuff, but i cannot get my A2OA modules to work, when i put them on custom module after A2OA path, i don't see them in game do i need obligatory to put them in Arma 3 folder or there is a way for use them without move them from A2OA folder ? and how i can use BAF, PMC, and ACR ? EDIT: i just saw that OA dlc can't be loaded, so it mean mods too ? Also all unit, Russian and other talk english (is that normal ?) And about CBA do i need to use A2 CBA or only A3 CBA is enough (i saw only a3 cba is required but i don't know) Thanks for your answer and continu your great work