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  1. bumgie

    Dismount Where You Look

    He is being sarcastic and mocking you. That is the way he tries to help people. What he is trying to say is that you should read the link he provided: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Functions_Library#File_Path And pay special attention to the color coding used on that page. That tells you how the function will be named. Currently you are trying to call a non existing function. That is why it says: "Error undefined variable in expression: tft_fnc_dismount"
  2. Presumably the latest DevBranch release has broken suppression values for AI. I quote:
  3. bumgie

    AF Large Civilian Ship

    Looks great! The biggest issue appears to be the textures that make eyes hurt. They are very bright and even. Maybe work on that next?
  4. It would help a lot if the issue with -nolog crashing the arma3 servers would be solved. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127235
  5. Well its possible in two ways atm. Enable Icon occlusion setting in addon options and the hexagons are gone. But this is a bug, since the hexagons should be visible when you have LOS with unit using this setting. Remove the pbo that provides this functionality. This is less than ideal since configuring it in addon options would be much more user friendly option.
  6. The Icon occlusion setting is not working in the release on workshop. When I enable Icon occlusion it completely disables the hexagons showing on any friendlies. It would be great if the settings in the CBA menu could be extended. Some examples were given earlier in this thread for missing settings. I would like to see an option to disable the whole hexagons-on-friendlies feature.
  7. Can the Venator Cruise missile fired from the MK41 VLS be fired upon by AA? Will AI fire upon it? It would seem logical that such a large and slow moving missile would be fired upon by any AA assets. Atleast it would create great counterplay between the assets. Video of the missile in action(By Bulk): https://plays.tv/s/LpaOPpJbL2d6
  8. I made a missquote earlier. I fixed it now.
  9. This will break exsisting missions.
  10. CalculatePlayerVisibilityByFriendly Any idea what this does?
  11. bumgie

    ADV - ACE Splint

    Hey! Would you consider adding an option to restricting the ability to set splints in following ways: 1. It can only be set by Ace medic or doctor: //doctor this setVariable ["ace_medical_medicClass",2,true]; //medic this setVariable ["ace_medical_medicClass",1,true]; 2. The item weighs more than 0.15kg. Maybe add a heavier/older variant. 3. It only helps with limping, not aim issues etc. Maybe the older variant would only help with this? These would allow for better distinctness of the medic role.
  12. EDIT: I somehow managed to post this in the wrong place. This was meant to go to here: There is an alpha release out. This thread should be moved to completed mods section, or another thread should be created there. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1282716647
  13. bumgie

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    This has not been a very constructive discussion. Some data: Editor skill slider goes from 0.2 to 1.00 Game options skill and precision slider under each AI level change the overall range that the editor skill slider can change the final AI skill. These ranges are: Game options skill sliders for precision and skill at 0: Editor unit skill slider at 0.2(minimum)-> Unit final skill is 0.30... Editor unit skill slider at 0.5(default)-> Unit final skill is 0.31... Editor unit skill slider at 1(maximum)-> Unit final skill is 0.8 Game options skill sliders for precision and skill at 1: Editor unit skill slider at 0.2(minimum)-> Unit final skill is 0.6 Editor unit skill slider at 0.5(default)-> Unit final skill is 0.75... Editor unit skill slider at 1(maximum)-> Unit final skill is 1 So the default final skill value delta is 0.34 when changing game options precision from 0 to 1. And according to GOM that delta does not lead to meaningful enough changes in the AI shooting behavior. What is problematic is that the skill slider is caped to 0.2 at the minimum, so the AI final skill is always above the 0.3 mark. And it appears that this is not a suitable level for all players and some want to go lower. Easy "fix" would be to allow the editor skill slider go lower than 0.2, that way skills could be made approach zero if the mission maker so chose. This would of course risk the AI looking dumb as it could break the AIs other functions by lowering all skills to very small levels. This would then have to be fixed by interpolating those important skills which leads to more confusion and brings us closer to the situation before the refactoring. Another would be to add a editor precision skill slider that could go to zero, but that leads to more complexity and is against the refactored design. So its tricky anyway you look at it. With the system being the way it is now, I suggest to the interested scenario designers who want to create a good experience the following procedure: Set the game options difficulty to expert. Use https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setSkill to set each subskill individually. This does not have the 0.2 minimal limit so you can set any skill to even 0 if you want. See what the actual values are in a mission and how the AI behaves: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/skillFinal Write down some good values for irregular troops/regular troops/veteran troops/Vehicle operators Use those in each of your missions to represent different skilled troops EXTRA: There is an interpolation at work for aimingspeed. It is always interpolated to 0.5 -1.0 range: So it behaves differently from the others by always being higher than other final skill values.
  14. bumgie

    Tanks - Damage improvements

    Could Strike_Nor or someone else with better tools and knowhow test what is wrong with the damage modelling on the AFV-4 Gorgon (I_APC_Wheeled_03_cannon_F). When I fire 30 mm autocannons at it it doesn't appear to take any damage. The only thing I am able to archive is disabling the turret and occasionally injure/kill some crewmembers. Engine for example never receives any damage. I fired at it with the FV-720 Mora from about 50m.
  15. If I remember correctly, the forests are lighter on purpose. They provide a slightly different feeling compared to vt5 which has more dense forests. EDIT: This thread should be btw moved to complete section, since it has a released version out.