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    Rosche Project Assistant. Hag_Objects Project Lead. If you need to get a hold of me, I am on the ArmA 3 official discord feel free to send me a PM (I don't bite)

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  1. Haggerty

    Rosche, Germany

    Hi @tanin69 sorry for the late response, but yes Rosche no longer requires MBG Buildings as Lancer went ahead and made his own buildings.
  2. Haggerty

    Rosche, Germany

    V2.0 released - Replaced almost all vegetation with Livonia vegetation. - Replaced appropriate CUP buildings with Livionia ones. - Replaced MBG buildings with models made by lancer. - Changed over lighting config to Livonia settings - Removed MBG buildings 3 dependency. If you find any bugs such as misplaced objects, please feel free to leave a bug report HERE.
  3. Haggerty

    Rosche, Germany

    @B.Miller Rosche is an open source map, we do not prohibit the re-uploading of it as we do not have the time to DMCA or take any legal action against others. We also encourage others to use Rosche and Hag_objects as learning tools for future modders. This being said, we would rather focus our energy on other projects that Lancer or myself are working on. If you suspect they are breaking BI's policy on monetization rules, feel free to send "infringements@bistudio.com" an email. If you suspect they are illegally re-uploading others content feel free to contact the original authors. If you need to get in contact with us for any other reasons, feel free to leave a comment on the Rosche or Hag_objects steam page as I have notifications turned on for that. You can also find us on the official arma 3 discord, where you can PM us.
  4. Haggerty

    [ MAP ] St. George Island

    Do AI path over the bridges properly?
  5. Haggerty

    Rosche, Germany

    I have an interim fix for the wheat until I can figure out a good value for the armor and explosion shielding (that doesn't destroy frames when hit with a howitzer round). With the current fix no vehicles should flip over at the expense of (non mounted) AI path finding through the wheat. AI in vehicles will continue to drive through it with no problem though. I also went ahead and fixed some warnings that were popping up in the RPT about secondary UV sets. Lancer should be pushing an update within the coming days.
  6. Haggerty

    Rosche, Germany

    It doesn't flip vehicles or fling them in the air, but if the geometry isn't done perfectly it will stop a vehicle dead in its tracks (causing the vehicle to become destroyed/stuck). In the future I may spend the time and actually do the geometry on the rock wall, but as for now we are just using the CUP rock wall with no geometry.
  7. Haggerty

    Rosche, Germany

    Fun fact I may have accidentally deleted the environment sounds when I deleted the ocean sound effect... We can push an update to the config and fix it.
  8. Haggerty

    Vegetation source files

    Myself and WA Lancer have updated some of the files to bring them more or less to an ArmA 3 standard. We've also made some changes so that it fits terrain makers needs such as making the corn model larger and adjusting the last lod for performance. Link to my updated source files can be found HERE Images of the objects. Update list: -Added Geometry lod to corn and wheat so it can be ran over. ( I may change the geometry shape in the future) -Added my own grass model. -Added a sugar beet model. -Adjusted the textures on the corn and wheat because of arma 3's lighting. -Changed Last lod in corn and wheat to optimize for performance. -Changed corn model so its larger/occupies more space per object. -Changed model for wheat. -Changed FireGeometry lod and ViewGeometry lods on both wheat and corn. -Redid RVMAT so it plays nice with arma 3 lighting and shadows. -Updated Named properties in geometries. This and the full version of hag objects can be found on the steam workshop.
  9. When I have this mod running I cant Make a server. It instantly crashes the game right as it goes to load the missions to select.
  10. That would be the easy way to do it lol. I copied all of my player profile than deleted it. Then I made a new profile pasting the old profiles info (settings/preferences). Then I reinstalled all of my mods. Only if you posted earlier .kju
  11. All mods are removed from the ArmA 3 directory yet in game it is showing my CBA in the expansions, idk if this has to do with it. I do see that the caweapeons3 has to do with CBA, but that was a thing in arma 2. Every time I disable it from the expansions it come back i assume that this is because it comes with the game. ---------- Post added at 05:15 ---------- Previous post was at 05:10 ---------- UPDATE: I changed the ArmA 3 profile and I was able to start the campaign so it has to do with the previous profile how would I set my main to the default settings? ---------- Post added at 05:27 ---------- Previous post was at 05:15 ---------- UPDATE: Issue Resolved (thank you every one who helped :) )
  12. I uninstalled NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz WEAPONS for A3, but to no avail still. The only other mods I have are: @ACRE @CBA_A3 @JayArmA3Lib @JS_JC_FA18 @Mcc_sandbox @nimitz @St_acre_volume_a3 I don't think it is the Nimits or F/A-18's because my friend has the same mods and runs the campaign fine. I have two keys in my bikey folder: A3.bikey mas.bikey these are the only ones in the keys folder. ---------- Post added at 04:40 ---------- Previous post was at 04:26 ---------- Should I reinstall my AiA because I'm thinking that it has to do with that. This specific error started happening after I reinstalled my game.
  13. yeah I uninstalled AiA I turned off the expansions associated with it, but still I am getting this error. I have one other weapons mod that I will uninstall real quick.
  14. RESOLVED: I am running the Dev Build of ArmA 3 to try and play the new campaign that has been added to the game. When I try to run the mission I get a crazy error message that is so big it does not fit on the screen. I will post a picture. So far I have done a complete reinstall of the game because I was getting different weird errors before, and now I can not even start the mission. I also checked the integrity of the game and all the files were good. I don't know if this will be fixed when the actual release of the campaign is out because it looks like it could be player side. I removed any mods that I had and ran the game and yet I was getting the same error. I am pretty sure its on my end of things, but I wanted to see if any one else was experiencing the same thing. System Properties 3.4GHz Intel Core i7-2600 Quad-Core 8GB (4x2GB) RAM Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7950 3GB GDDR5. 500W PSU 1.5TB Hard Drive ---------- Post added at 03:21 ---------- Previous post was at 03:20 ---------- http://i.imgur.com/dYfr5CH.jpg (361 kB)